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    Criei um novo discord para AoC2 para o pessoal conversar Link:https://discord.gg/epYqyDb
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    Hello! Here i will put the scenario of World War I and if you want to see how i did it i will put the video of my youtube channel and for you to understand i put english subtitles (because im spanish) and remember to suscribe put a like and comment and well the scenario is down below, Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5y-MIkwQuY&t 1594680546008vumxlghw.rar
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    this is a project to bring Imperator:Rome to Age of Civilizations, you could help provinces completed: unknown planned features: all territory names adding or renaming government types to imperator government types adding scenarios adding all civilizations from imperator (help wanted)
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    i support this 😎
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    I ma new here i joined 9 minute ago
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    Ai dunno men? 😕 its juat kinda boring af alsi lotta people are already done i just thinking about sumthin new ya no what i mean try to add somthing to make it special . end this and make. middle. east. map more prov more action you knew lot of wars there try put .ARAB SPRING. ISIS BETWEEN 2014 TILL 2019. YEMEN WAR. SYRIA CIVIL WAR. ALSO COLD WAR SAUDI VS IRAN IT WILL BE LIT ALSO LIBYAN WAR EAST VS WEST And countries will be (TURKEY EGYPT SYRIA SAUDI YEME UEA QATAR BAHRAIN KUWAIT IRAQ IRAN AZERBAIJAN ARMENIA LEBANON ISRAEL-PHILISTINE OMAN LIBYA TUNISIA ALGERIA MOROCCO SOUTH SAHARA SUDAN. YOU CAN ADD AFRICAN HORN COUNTRIES)
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    Would someone watch if i stream making provinces,so you can also talk with me while doing it ?- Just asking
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    Thank you so much! antzz you are the best 🙂
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    if still didnt helped let me know
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    Menos provincias

    100 provincias!
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    Maps by your thinking

    I would give Catalonia France it looks so fancy with it xD nice borders btw!
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    Maps by your thinking

    Ah shit here we go again xD
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    Bloody Europe II | FROZEN

    yeah it kinda does
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    That sucks after all the scenario 395 is missing cities aren't fixed and there's a scenario feudal madness which is not complete.
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    Add mughal empire and ottoman empire, give the control of hejaz to ottoman, and control of indian Subcontinent to mughal, civil war between mughal empire and indo-pakistan union and war between ottoman and kingdom of saud
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    Thx 😊 I’ll Be Waiting For This New Update
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    Is this mod getting Traction like more people being aware about it's Existence? If not then how can i help i do want this mod to get Traction.
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    SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT! I know it was meant to be out on Friday but I had difficulties with some sea provinces surrounding the netherlands that did not want to change. For some reason, they still don't want to change, so unfortunately you will have to endure the bug for now. If anyone knows how to fix it, please let me know. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15c5S6X6ohjgY4Bclc_PyF1FuytF-xGjW?usp=sharing Here is the link to the google drive folder with all the files needed. Installing Instructions are in the main topic post. I don't really care about making a few cents off this mod so I decided to send a simple link with no ads. Maybe in the future if people care about my mod and want me to keep working on it I'll give a way you can help me. At the moment, you can try out how fighting other nations works in this mod. Keep in mind that these are small nations, so once I add Germany, France, Poland and other larger nations you will get the better feel of the "grand strategy" idea.
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    bosporus, punic city-states, carthaginian colonies, adiabene, thrace and a couple other northern greek states completed
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    completed south greece and parts of Atropatene lost count of provinces
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    300 provinces completed: all islands east of gibraltar
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    the original mod isnt this,if you are asking for this scenario he didnt put a link
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    Map Editor 2.0

    Greetings to you, dear creators! I am happy to report that russian community present you an improved version of the map editor, which differs from the usual one in that this version does not need to constantly restart the editor and manually rename the province files. This innovation will significantly reduce the time spent on creating a map and save your nerves. DOWNLOAD Installation: Download the archive attached to the post, unpack it to any folder and... start working! To launch the editor simply activate the file Age_of_Civilizations_Map_Editor.jar. You can find out how to delete all default provinces and create a map from scratch in the article attached below. this method also works with this editor. If you want to insert your existing map into the new version of the editor, just download this file, rename the file format to jar and move it to the folder with your editor, and then work in it through this file. We wish you a pleasant use and we hope that you'll appreciate our new editor Our VK group Editor in action:
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    Greater Europe Map v0.75 - DEMO out now

    I support this idea
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