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    i think i recognised the words "version" and "android" so yes it will be in android if you're asking that 😄
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    in fact turns are well optimized and they work fine with huge amounts., it just slows down when colonization is disabled and there are many neutral provinces. This game is very good, it just has some silly bugs that may really annoy but are liveable though ;D
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    How about a bloody world?
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    Finally i see Brandenburg with the right borders because in all the other mods Brandenburg doesnt have his lands in the north of Magdeburg
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    so i need to send my gmail, right? mine is trentonmichal@gmail.com
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    add polish version please
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    ok but i cant cuz in our street no animal and i havent got a pet
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    Less Provinces

    The map is already being created ... at the moment the map has Uruguay, Paraguay and half of Brazil. At the moment the map has 37 provinces. (I will add some more over time ...)
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    Less Provinces

    I cant wait when you will finish this map, and yeah where are news or ubdates? im waiting 🙂
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    Thanks 😄 but ı saw an save error and i will draw again the arabian peninsula ☹️
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    Less Provinces

    i dont have suggestion,i have question....why?

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