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    Fate of World: Remastered Edition | DOWNLOAD NOW! Hello, everyone, friends. We are re-designing Fate of World Mod, which we released 7 months ago and is still our most popular Mod. With more features, innovations and editing than the old Fate of World, we'll bring you an incredible mode. So, what features found in the Remastered Edition? - 47 New Scenarios (Totally 64 Scenarios) - Canals (such as Suez, Kiel, Panama..) - Improved UI - A more realistic new background - Around 20-30 new musics - New Icons - 80+ Events - More Formable Nations - More Leaders and Leaders Images - New Ideologies What The Scenarios Be Like? - Between 100 BC and 2020, scenarios that last every 50 years will be found. (Like BC 100 - BC 50 - 0 - 50 - 100 - 150 - 200......... - 2000) ........................ There are scenarios like that until 2100 year (TOTALLY 65 SCENARIOS)! YOU CAN LOOK ALL OF THE PICTURES OF SCENARIOS FROM HERE: http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/154243-fate-of-world-remastered-edition-download-now/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-198022 IDEOLOGIES: DOWNLOAD NOW FROM DESCIPTION OF THE VIDEO!: AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/mNGn8CD AoC2ModdingTR Twitter: https://twitter.com/AoModding AoC2ModdingTR YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/AoC2ModdingTR AoC2ModdingTR | Donate Us: https://www.bynogame.com/destekle/AoC2ModdingTR AoC2ModdingTR Ideologies Maker: @Lim10 Scenarios Makers: @PrimeMus @Kerems2434 @MuzluKebap @urdekreiz UI Maker: @urdekreiz Background Maker: @urdekreiz
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    Pequeño mod 2.0: Cinco Gobiernos

    Hola a todos comunidad hispana Pues, prefiero no rellenar, asi que mejor empecemos Cinco Gobiernos Asi es, esta vez son cinco gobiernos nuevos que traigo, que son: Socialismo Dictadura Militar Federalismo Anarquía No-Alineados Puede que creas que esto acaba y ya, pero no, pues, agregué tres nuevos escenarios y dos nuevas civilizaciones: Guera Civil Española (Versión Hearts of Iron 4) Primera Guerra Civil Argentina Guerra Fría Y las Civilizaciones son por ahora 2, pero tal vez vengan más, que son: Capitanía General de Chile Y España Anárquica Aclaraciones y sugerencias Como siempre, cada imagen son sacadas en google (excepto el federalismo, que sólo copie la de democracia y le puse una línea XD ) Las ventajas y desventajas del Federalismo y los No-alienados es igual a la democracia, debido a que no se me ocurren que añadirles, pero puedes dar recomendaciones en los ccomentarios :D. El gobierno "No-alineados" es hecho por el señor Leeb El escenario de la guerra fría es hecho por el señor Warmonger, pero edité ciertas cosas, como los gobiernos de ciertas naciones. Recomiendo ver el archivo "map", tal vez te ayude :D. Bueno, por ahora es todo, nos vemos y disfruten el pequeño mod :D. Cinco gobiernos.rar
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    i know it's strange
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    yes, i follow it
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    Could we see the progress of the provinces? Is it complete?
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    Wow this is awesome!
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    ENG : (Remember that this is an alternative scenario. I might have mistakes to you) TR : (Bunun alternatif bir senaryo olduğunu unutmayın. size göre hatalarım olabilir) ENG : Logic is very simple. Germans win WW1. And Like the WW2 scenario losing side (British,French,İtaly and USSR) fight back for their land TR : Mantık Çok Basit. Almanlar WW1 i yeniyor. ve ww2 senaryosu gibi kaybeden taraf (İngiltere Fransa İtalya ve SSCB) toprakları için tekrar savaşırlar ENG : What's new ? : TR : Yenilikler ne ? : Events (they dont interfere with your gameplay, they just start a war) Eventler Messenger events (sample : We must ready for war germany (1940)) Haberci eventler (örnek : biz alman savaşına hazır olmalıyız (1940)) New Alliance (Anti Germany, Big Turk-Arab Alliance,Allieds) Yeni ittifaklar (Anti Almanlar, Büyük Türk Arap İttifağı,İtilaflar) Note : My english is bad and i translated events from google translation there may be mistakes Download link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/17WFUTDJ4sXRKBomEaTNcWPEr3R4NNMTH/view?usp=sharing Map İmages :
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    Ideia bué legal 👍
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    Eles tiveram um mal entendido, isso não me corrigiu ❤️
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    Argentina will have half of its territory occupied by the Republic of Argentina governed by President Victorino de La Plaza and the other half German territory
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    In Conqueror's II, Modern World Scenario will be improved. (I mean, the technologies, relations, civil wars etc. will be adjusted. And provinces that have oil in real life will have more economies and the USA will have a claim on this lands. Also, there will be over 200 formable nations, so you can form so many countries.)
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    I think the following: Brazil will have all its territory and still have some territories in Paraguay. It will be a monarchy and ruled by Princess Isabel
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    you could give Chile the Patagonia they were kind of friends with the German Empire 😅
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    German reich 3 in 1600

    Hello everyone! I do new scenario, Germany does not border with France but with Poland! civilizations_editor: civilizations_editor.zip Scenario: German_reich_in_1600.zip Comment who next what era it motivates me! Sorry for my weak english! in game is german reich in modern world 😕 i'm sorry
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    Some user

    German reich 3 in 1600

    Yes, I think it's funny too lmao
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    German reich 3 in 1600

    That is the weirdest map i've ever seen….
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    So guys, I am almost done with the map, but i have no idea what i should do with south america, i gave the German Empire a bit of land, but what should i do next? Your Answer 🙂
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    Chairman Baad

    ❌ MOD DEAD ❌

    No problem. I hope Google Drive stops being dumb and lets you download and enjoy the mod. 🙂
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    Chairman Baad

    ❌ MOD DEAD ❌

    Build 7 is ready to go. Story changes: Added the 2020 and 2022 🇳🇨 New Caledonia independence referendums [🇫🇷🇳🇨 France and New Caledonia] Added the 2022 Chuukese independence referendum [🇫🇲 Micronesia] Made changes to 🇮🇱 Israel's invasion of 🇵🇸 Palestine Added scripted peace deals for the revolts in Western Sahara, Catalonia, Transnistria, and Gagauzia [🇲🇦🇪🇸🇲🇩 Multiple Countries] Converted the "Kosovo situation" event to a decision [🇷🇸 Serbia] The Far East Confederacy is now playable if 🇷🇺 Russia loses the Neo-Soviet Uprising Set the chance for 🇩🇪 Germany to become fascist to 5% Added some new event descriptions New countries: Republic of Chuuk [part of 🇫🇲 Micronesia] Other changes: Adjusted the map background colors Nerfed Fascism Bug fixes
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    Yeah sorry i fixed it
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    Bloody Europe II | FROZEN

    Hello everyone, i've come just to say that I will not release any new mods and any updates for Bloody Europe II and Age of Elder Scrolls ever. Sorry, if I disappointed someone, but I'm tired of making mods for this game and it's no more satisfying for me. If you want, you can make your own updates and post it in this topics, I don't care anymore. Thanks for being with me all this time, goodbye! 🙂
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    Tennis map

    thats actually pretty neat ngl
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    Crusade Scenarios For AoC2

    I am working on crusade scenarios in AoC2. My goal is the expand vanilla content no mods or etc. Any updates will be posted here. I started with 3rd Crusade
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    hola, he leído su problema y me gustaría informarle de que este problema, es del juego en general. no tiene arreglo hasta que lukasz lo arregle
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    It looks great!

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