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    finally :D.
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    Hello, AoC2 Community! We started the do the Conqueror's II 3 months ago and we almost finished now. We're going to announce the release date very soon.. Keep waiting! - Added EU4 Musics - Finished the all of the land provinces - Started to adjust populations (growth rates) - Started to do scenarios - Added 1.195 city names - Started to add some big rivers (It will be more beatiful with rivers) - Added Kiel, Suez and Panama Canals - All of the connections completed
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    Great attention is paid to the leaders in Norrvägen. I decided that the portraits of the leaders should depict people, and not, as is often indicated in other sources, features drawn as if by a five-year-old child. For example, below are examples of several works. The first image is the "evolution" of the portrait of the leader, Harald Fairhair, the first king of all Norway. Most often, including AoC II, its image is represented by what you see on the left. This did not suit me, but I remembered that somewhere in Norway there was a monument to this character. I found a photo of the monument on the Internet (in the middle of the image in the post) and with the help of graphic editors I processed it, coloring the portrait and giving Harald a more natural look in the art style. The result is what we see on the right. I also created a portrait of the father of King Harald the Fair-haired - Halfdan the Black (both of them have a nickname due to the appearance of their hair). The progress of the work and the result can be seen in down of post. work in fremgang!
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    THIS MOD IS WORK IN PROGRESS! YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE BETA (EUROPE) VERSION FROM THE LINK IN BELOW! WE ARE MAKING ALL OF THE WORLD! A GREAT MOD FROM TURKISH COMMUNITY AGAIN! FORGET PROJECT: ALPHA! Age of Civilizations II | World+ BETA (3080 Provinces) World+, Project: Alpha Mod, which is designed to regulate boundaries, to solve problems of fps and slow lap passing and to increase the variety of scenarios, is a mode that will be approximately 2.5 times larger than the game's own map. Today, we offer you the BETA version of this mode. Although only in Europe, there are 3080 States on the map. You can browse the features of the mode from the post below and download the mode for Android and PC from the description of the video below. Good Games! FEATURES: SCENARIOS: - Better borders than Project: Alpha! - Modern World - Middle East Civil War - Higher FPS and faster turn passes! - Yugoslav Wars - 6 Days War - 3080 Provinces! (in just Europe) - Cold War - Spain Civil War - 34 Scenarios! - Kaiserreich - World War II - New War Sounds! - Turkish War of Independence - Interwar Period - New UI! - November 1st. 1918 - World War I - New Backgrounds! - First Balkan War - 1889 - New Leaders! (Added all of the leaders for Modern World Scenario) - Napoleonic Wars - French Revolution - New Leaders Images! - Russo - Swedish War - Seven Years War - +25 Rivers! - 1650 - The English Civil Wat - Better lakes than Project: Alpha! - Thirty Years War - 1540 - Otlukbeli War - 1440 NEW SOUNDS: - 1299 The Birth of Ottoman - Crusader and Jihad - HOI4 War Sound - 1200 - Manzikert War 1071 - EU4 War Sound - 630 - Byzantine - Sasani War - Hun Invasion - 5 PICTURES: YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE MOD FROM DESCRIPTION OF THE VIDEO! AoC2ModdingTR YouTube: https://youtube.com/aoc2moddingtr AoC2ModdingTR Twitter: https://twitter.com/AoModding Donate Us!: https://www.bynogame.com/destekle/AoC2ModdingTR AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/mNGn8CD AoC2ModdingTR
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    Welcome to the Greater Europe Map project. My long term goal is to have a Europe with a ton of provinces, because why have America, Africa and Asia, when you can have a hell of a lot of provinces in Europe? My main focus in this mod is to add a lot of provinces while still keeping country borders and local borders at least kind of accurate. For example, Ireland has it's 32 counties. Right now the mod is in it's in-game stage, where I'm adding all of the provinces into the game. All of the resources added in this mod were created by me! The province map and the background map were both made by me. Here is the download link to the files needed: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15c5S6X6ohjgY4Bclc_PyF1FuytF-xGjW?usp=sharing You need to put these folders and file in: C://Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Age of Civilizations II/map (or wherever your aoc II folder is downloaded, you just drop them all in /map) It is still very buggy since I am doing the mod all by myself. If you know how you can fix a bug or have any tips, make sure to tell me! Current Version: 0.75
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    RUS Мы хоть и делали мод ранее в ВК,так то эта версия мода называется - "Pax Metropolia" .Название говорит само за себя,вы можете встречить в моде своего союзника или врага - Великую Метрополию АнтиКХ.Так же добавлена новая болезнь - коронавирус,сделана целая цепь ивентов связанная с мировой войной,а так же разные ивенты,в добавок мы добавили музыку так же перенесли музыку из HOI 4 и даже мы побили количество по странам,их теперь больше 160.Портреты к лидерам присутствует Дальше мы изменили шрифт,в добавок мы сделали обложку к моду.Изменены идеологии у стран на соответствующие,новая идеология для Панамы - Национал-Демократия Нововведений много,так что лучше попробуйте и поиграйте.Попробуй предотвратить распад НМР или построй Юнионистский Мир или же восстановить величие КБСМ,воссоздать Ебеньградское Королевство,воскресить величие СШМ и т.д.Да прибудет с вами сила (ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ - В СЛУЧАЕ ДИСБАЛАНСА СТРАН,ПРИ ВЫБОРЕ СЦЕНАРИЯ СТАВЬТЕ ПОМЕНЬШЕ АГРЕССИВНОСТЬ У ИИ) Ссылка - https://yadi.sk/d/h02OA52AX91S9Q ENG Although we did the mod earlier in the VK, this version of the mod is called "Pax Metropolia".The name speaks for itself,you can meet in fashion your ally or enemy - the Great metropolis of AntiCH.Also added a new disease-coronavirus, made a whole chain of events related to the world war,as well as different events, in addition, we added music as well as moved the music from HOI 4 and even we beat the number of countries, there are now more than 160.Portraits of the leaders present Next, we changed the font, in addition, we made a cover for the fashion.Changed the ideologies of the countries on the map,a new ideology for Panama-National Democracy There are a lot of innovations,so it's better to try and play.Try to prevent the collapse of the NMR or build a Unionist World, or restore the greatness of the kbsm, recreate the Ebengrad Kingdom, resurrect the greatness of the SSHM, etc.May the force be with you (WARNING - IN CASE OF AN IMBALANCE OF COUNTRIES,WHEN CHOOSING A SCENARIO, PUT LESS AGGRESSIVENESS IN THE AI) Link - https://yadi.sk/d/h02OA52AX91S9Q sorry for not wery well english
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    The finish of Anatolia (Asia Minor):
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    Will it release by this week?
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    Addon+ but it's AoC1 | MiniAddon+

    Yeah its an extension and i like it 😉
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    DOWNLOAD NOW | Conqueror's II v1.1

    more southern continent please!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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    Hum, try to make it all, and realese de BETA, then u only will have to answer the people..
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    Roma Invicta

    See main post (first page), here the links are updated
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    My Scenario Pack V1.0

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    It's almost the end of summer and there is no Addon+ 2.0. Why?
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    Have a repeatable event that checks if that country is a vassal and if it is not then it white peaces the two countries and makes them a vassal again. This worked for me with the Netherlands and Dutch East Indies.
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    Well I'm bored so why not say my opinions on on the zombified community here. While most of the mods are, well, Memososisi level, there are some people here with real talent. Although I have had my quarels with Reich in the past, he has probably made the second best mod for the game (I personally prefer 11:59, no matter my opinion on Vis he did great work with that). Chairman Baad is someone who really came out of nowhere are made an actual quality mod over a year after the game died. While I respect him, I can't help but feel he is wasting his talent. Now, for the turks..... well..... I think that ITurkish is a better source for that. (Yes, btw, my mod is a meme. And when Lonathan, me, ITurkish, Ramiro, Nine, Basil or a combination of which all come on and start posting somewhere, well that's my discord. Sorry Kerems kek)
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    Hola, recientemente he creado un servidor de discord para la comunidad hispana invitación: https://discord.gg/egKhhG
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    Mods with Formable Civs

    Hi people of AoC(2)! I`ve been playing AoC for quite a while now,and I speedrunned all of the formable nations. Then the game got a bit boring,and I saw the last update was two years ago,so I`m looking for mods that focuse more on formable nations rather than scenarios. Does anyone know any such mods?
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    Mods with Formable Civs

    Thank you for the help,your were clear,and the mod works now!! Thanks again!
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    Mods with Formable Civs

    It is simple: you need to put mod's file in each folder required. If I remember right, Ple2 maps contains leaders img, civs img, new scenario and formable civs.. you need to put them AoC2 folder. For example, leaderIMG of Ple2 in leaderIMG of your AoC2, this for all folder you have. For scenario you need to go in map/Earth/scenario, you need to put here Ple2's scenario AND modify Age_Of_Civilizations file (located in /scenario), open it and write here all the name of new scenario you added. For example, if you add only 1210 and 1180 scenario, you need to put in /scenario these two folder, open Age_Of_Civ file and write at the end 1210;1180; (you need to put ; too to divide every scenario). I hope I was clear, if you want more help ask me, don't worry! P.S. DON'T REPLACE THE FOLDERS! You need to copy each contents and paste in each required folder!
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    Mods with Formable Civs

    Yeah..I`ve downloaded them on Android before,but this one won`t even start downloading (Oukitel C16 Pro is the phone). And I never downloaded any on pc,so I got stuck there.
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    Mods with Formable Civs

    What is the problem? Is the first time you'll install AoC mod?
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    Mods with Formable Civs

    I downloaded the mod,but I`m stuck on installing..please help?
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    Mods with Formable Civs

    Thanks for the feedback! I`ll try my best to check out your mod once it`s done,and I`ll look at Ple2 right now!
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    Mods with Formable Civs

    Idk, but if you want i'm making mod focused on ancient world and i still adding new formable civs! Or there is Ple2 scenarios, based on medieval era, his scenarios are must to play. Idk others
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    Tomorrow will be new screenshots
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    You got my full support! But please, make regular updates about the progress of making this :)
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    finally ive been looking for people editing the background for quite a long time!
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    No, will be only new background of map
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    looks nice but needed map editor for creating new maps

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