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  1. Gostei muito do seu mod Você tem uma previsão de mais ou menos quando voce vai disponibilizar o download?
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  2. Hello. Progress, but for now only on Russian. The first version of the mod will be released in winter.
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  3. Simon Wilford

    Hearts of AoH2

    UPDATE: East Siberia is done! 9363 provinces done in total! I will update next tonight.
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  5. Akai

    553 BCE map

    Well dudes, a very acient map. I was tempted to make a 2000 BCE map but 550 BCE was just on point. As you may guess, it's a pain in the ass. I'm still making it, i will add the several tribes and hordes of asia, the african peoples, and i need some help with indian states. I'll just skip over america since we have almost no data of the tribes back then (Only peruvian and mesoamerican civs), but if you want i'll add them The greeks are city states, the same with rome and the estruscans, but if you want me to change the ideology of any other civs just ask! I'll make it world
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  6. Greece now has United all the Greeks! As this great country continues to expand so does the Greek way of life my the nation live forever and glory to our leader. NIKA!
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