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    Are you considering adding Forum Rules?
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    Hi Lukasz! Can you do something about the Google bots if you can i would be very happy! 😄
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    sir can you make thiis game online lukasz sir
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    asian bots be like

    asian bots be like
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    Some user

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    Actually getting material tommrow not sure if im going to completly to do it i have school soon and i didnt touched a book.
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    hello, Łukasz, umm, can you add thing, when you playing for more than 6 hours, the text "you have been playing for a very long time. remember the people who care about you." will be displayed, thanks
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    HelloAre you going to add a workshop on Steam and for the game are you going to add new ideologies
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    Can you do a new scenario Lukasz? please 🙂

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