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    Vis Tacitus

    11:59: A Cold War Mod

    11:59: A Cold War Mod. 11:59 is a total overhaul mod that focuses on historical accuracy as well as gameplay. Basically everything has been changed or altered, save for the core game mechanics or unmoddable pieces of the game. The feature list includes a brand new Decisions mechanic, (this will popup if your country has decisions scripted for it), a DEFCON mechanic (which is still work-in-progress), map changes, such as the 38th parallel in Korea (pictured below), West Berlin; canals, such as the Kiel Canal, the Panama Canal, and the Suez Canal. A brand new interface has been implemented. The soundtrack has been completely redone, and the list of tracks expanded to 52. There are now ~100 events, some of which are events that influence the AI's decisions (these events only popup for the AI, never the player) to ensure that it stays somewhat historical within the supported scenario: The Bear And The Eagle. Even more features such as custom province pictures for certain cities, the United Nations, and states and regions are also mentioned below. The README file. You should read it. Download Links: 0.8b (Open Beta) Download Gallery: The devastating effects of nuclear war. I think you know the moral of the story. A screenshot displaying various mechanics. Here, you can notice in the center The United Nations mechanic, which I'll be honest: It's just a reskinned HRR. Over to the right, you have the Decisions Menu, from where you can enact various decisions (if applicable and valid), and at the bottom right is a good old province picture of Washington D.C. The Panama Canal. Send troops through here I guess. A picture of 382 Italian troops using the Suez Canal. A lot of the states still have to be completed, but you can get a picture of what it looks like. States are based off of real-life administrative divisions instead of arbitrary lines. As you can tell, a lot of this still has to be completed, but Europe, a large part of North America, and Russia, and Central Asia is done at least. In case you're wondering what happened to Regions, well Regions got renamed to States, and Continents got renamed to Regions. The 38th parallel. This is 1945, and despite what the history books might have you believe, the border did change somewhat. West Berlin. Can't have a Cold War mod without West Berlin.
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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    AoC 2 | Addon+ - is an addon to the original version of our favorite game. Unlike other mods, this is not a separate scenario, etc., but a whole collection, including many upgrades of the game. Addon features: - Newly formed nations; - New scenarios; - New ideologies; - New map (meaning background, and some new provinces for Kepler-22b); - New music; - New sounds; That's all for now, but in the future the list will grow. The fashion development team consists of 9 people, and 10 beta-testers who are actively involved in the work. Addon will be released on 22th January, but for now we are working. Our Twitter https://twitter.com/addon_aoc Our Group in VKontakte https://vk.com/addon_plus Our Email addon.aoc2@gmail.com Download: Google disc (PC) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fGNfCVMSr7eh6U1P438m-mDqsLODvdkk
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    Footage of 17 units stationed in a base after being recruited (2018 colorised)
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    2 words. Online Multiplayer.

    Would be fun to have online multiplayer. Many people already really want it, and would up the replayability of the game.
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    11:59: A Cold War Mod

    Looks interesting!
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    Flag Competition

    give up i win
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    Are you tired of playing the Modern World scenario which has no relations, alliances or more government types? Well, then I present you: PRESENT DAY MOD When I played the Modern World scenario for the first time, I noticed lots of inaccuracies, such as Guernsey being fully independent, Somalia having a fully funtional government and Cuba being democratic. So, I've made this mod to make a realistic modern world. MOD FEATURES: What the mod currently includes: United Nations Revamped UI Present Day scenario Renamed buildings, actions etc. New icons New soundtrack Mod size: 161 MB Less leaders, but more will be coming soon More excitement than Modern Day + NEW UPDATE: 2019/12/30 Fixed Aaland, Saint Pierre Buffed USA Russia-Ukraine relations Social Democracy and Federal Republic types of government New color palette! Fixed the Middle East (removed ISIS, added rebels in Syria) Nerfed communism NEW UPDATE: 2019/12/30 Balanced USA Fixed Egyptian-Sudan border Reduced the size of syrian rebels Buffed Social Democracy so it's a little bit less worse France is now a republic Changed the development and tech level of countries to reflect reality Modified Anarchy and Federal Republic NEW HUGE UPDATE: 2019/01/02 Added lots of new governments (par. republic, confederation, etc) and changed the govt types of lots countries Added Novorossiya Removed Social Democracy Updated flags New leaders for Brazil, South Africa, Cuba, Ukraine and India Renamed some governments (Communism is now Marxism-Leninism, Republic is now Presidential Republic, etc.) Expanded cores and relations between countries in the scenario Updated color pallete NEW UPDATE 2019/01/06 Added leaders for Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Serbia Fixed flags Added events for some countries, focused on the current geopolitical situation of the world Removed the text file in /game/civilizations_editor due to this advice. NEW UPDATE 2019/01/07 Fixed flags (again) The text file is back, since it's apparently necessary for the custom civ to work. Added two new ages: Solar Age and Space Age Cancer is no longer a disease Mars colonization events for USA Updated Age of Information to make diseases less likely and to lower game speed Updated Age of Tomorrow to make dieases much less likely NEW UPDATE 2019/01/18 Updated the mexican president Added real army sizes divided by 50, for 10 countries Added Kurdistan NEW HUGE UPDATE 2019/01/23 Now the mod includes the whole game folder (242 MB) Added the United Nations + renamed stuff (Credits to Vis Tacitus, I've used 2 of his 11:59 files). Modified map background to fix geography and add canals Added Panama Canal, Suez Canal and Kiel Canal Added icons for new buildings Modified graphics settings (Next update the UI will be revamped!) Added HOI4 cursor (Credits to Paradox Interactive, I don't own their content.) Added 1 more event Renamed Alliances Added music from SMM (Sabaton Music Mod) Added some new leaders Added more relations Fixed regions Added more governments: Theocracy, Military Junta, Islamism and Despotism. NEW UPDATE 2019/01/24 Removed AoC.exe and AoC2.jar, to lower file size and to prevent pirating Added city icons from 11:59 (Credits to Vis Tacitus, he makes awesome stuff!) Revamped the user interface Fixed Artsakh Modified events to make the AI have an equal chance of choosing decisions in an event, to make the game more unpredictable Removed leaders and almost all scenarios to make the game lighter in file size. The only civ that has a leader is the US, but I will be adding more in the future (with a custom background). Removed Sabaton songs, they were not fitting with the theme Added 6 music files from Machinimasound, I will be adding more in the future though. Your game will now start in the "Brazil" scenario, change it to "Present Day". New font: Prototype! Nerfed New Russia Fixed continents and regions Added more province connections Added Bornholm, I will also be adding more cities in the future Borders are based on reality (what goverment controls them), not if it's UN recognised or whatever. Now everything that I did was lost, because I forgot to edit "Age_of_Civilizations" text file. Press F to pay respects. I'm coming back to the game in 2 years, still I will upload Present Day to the workshop. You can copy this entire mod and continue developing it with you want. See you soon. HOW TO INSTALL THE MOD: README.txt! Mod is discontinued. (ModDB has the lastest working version. Download it, install it and continue developing the mod if you can). ModDB Recommended scenario: Present Day Recommended settings (for more realism): AA: 50% Game Speed: 50% Fog of War: Classic The rest is up to you. Feedback would be appreciated. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any copyrighted content by Paradox Interactive in this mod. Join my club: License: Public Domain No Known Copyright Preview: Screenshots:
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    We all know the answer.

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    World War I Scenario

    World War I Here is a little tutorial on how to correctly install the scenario: Download the zip file below Copy the "1544964241155bztfsakp" folder (Don't rename it) and paste it in the folder located here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios Open the "civilizations_editor" folder inside the zip file that you downloaded Copy everything inside the folder and paste it in the folder located here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\civilizations_editor Launch Age of Civilizations 2 Hope you enjoy 😄 If you find any inconsistencies let me know and I will correct them. Download here: World War 1.zip
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Welcome home :P

    Welcome home 😛
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    Early Middle Ages 769 A.D

    Welcome to the Dark Ages! Will you be able to survive in this troublesome era? -This scenario includes all of Europe and some parts of Middle East,North Africa -Many events with most of them being historical. Here are some images of Scenario: https://imgur.com/a/Wv0pu1K https://imgur.com/a/F7dgf3l Here's the attached scenario file. 1544654062812gtyscale.rar
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    iOS version of AoC2

    Will be released ASAP but for now there are some problems to fix with the iOS version
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    Lovely Portraits Mod (In Development)

    LPM is a portrait overhaul mod, meaning I'm going to redesign every portrait in the game, including future portraits. Mostly because I'm bored and have nothing better to do. Maybe also to give to this community and to the game lol. Sure, go ahead. Use every portrait you wish, all I request for in return is credit. LPM is currently still in development, I am just one chap after all, but it's okay, you don't have to waste your time helping me lol. Example:
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    As long as a state is your vassal, I think it is only logical that the vassal complies with all your demands. Vassals must remain vassals. This is quite irritating as well since my vassals keep rejecting my peace offers when I'm at war; to the point where I just stopped calling my vassals to war altogether.
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    Some suggestions

    Hi Łukasz, I love the game so far, but there are some things I think should be added to make it even better :) Also, happy New Year Here are my propositons: 1. A new type of building: Hospital. Many people (including me) want to have an option to cure diseases. I propose a solution as the new building: hospital. It would have 3 levels lev 1- 30% of people in a province aren't touched by disease lev 2- 50% of people in a province aren't touched by disease lev 3- 85% of people in a province aren't touched by disease 2. A new diplomacy option: mediation You send a peace offer to countries at war (not your allies or enemies). It's realistic and quite useful. 3. Recruting in conquered provinces It is irritating when you attack some large country, you get rid of troops, and the nearest core province is far away. So I propose to make recruting in conquered provinces a thing, like Germany did in real life in USSR. BUT: 1. You could recruit only 25% of normal recruitable population 2. A cost of recruitment would be 1,5x higher 4. Stop with countries randomly insulting me Or make it less often. Some true story: I want to offer alliance to some civ. So I improve relations with them. In 2 turns they would agree. What happenned next? This country sent me an insult and everything went to shit. At least don't make my allies, vassals or countries with very good relations (75+ i'd say) insult me. 5. Make vassals more... vassalised The only thing that makes vassals vassals in AoC2 is paying money to their lord and having an alliance with them. Today I played as Nazi Germany. I had Poland as vassal. After some turns it declared war to USRR and I had to save it, which costed me much effort. I'd love to see a mechanic that vassal first must ask its lord to do any diplomatic option. It would add realism as well. What do you think?
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    Location of the game scenarios

    yes like a game workshop where we can upload/download scenarios, leaders, maps, flags and much more. this would be awesome
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    Can you make an update that lets you import Scenarios from android?
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    Lukasz, I'm sorry, but I think you are making a mistake by not updating AoCII further. There's no workshop, there's no iOS, the game is buggy, some people can't even launch the game, it could use more scenarios, etc. Wouldn't it be better to wait on starting on a new project for just a little bit longer?
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    This should be update 1.....something but colonies need more of a feel to them, I once said in one of my previous points that this deserves a post of it's own and here I am. Colonies should have names specified to their location, like "Ming Colombia" or "British Mexico" or that kind of stuff, away from that point, colonization is very difficult in the base game and you need to use around 74000 on your first province and after that it's like 64000 and I know it lowers with your tech level but still...anyways I think that founding your first province should be used with money, but like 40000 or 30,000 enough to get even the little countries interested in colonizing, now for every other province, it should be made with.....colonization points! Colonization Points (or maybe Founding Points?) should be earned based on your experience throught your gameplay like going into more wars grants you more Colonization Points, making alliances, vassalising nations, declaring independence to your Lord, all of these could give you more Colonization Points. Edit : Also Another Point I'd like to add is how maybe Colonies Should be countries, like EU4 , where you name your colonies, this makes my "Ming Columbia" and "British Mexico" irrelevent but this allows much more creativity and the ai could use names like Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, north america; that sort of stuff, and this expands your sense of colonization since now you have to be careful of revolts and rebels since now, with your custom name, it is recognized as a country, and maybe half of it 's resources are available to you or all of them, but this makes it so that custom civs are created when colonizing instead of how I did it manually in my mamluk gameplay.... anyways this is another point I'd like to be added in the game.
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Own Governments flags

    How to add own flags for Governments of Civilization? Each Civilization have own TAG Example: "pol" - Poland All lists of tags and Civilizations can be found: Game files -> game -> languages -> civilizations -> Bundle.properties Each type of government have own extra TAG Game files -> game -> Governments.json For monarch extra tag is: "m" Extra_Tag: "m", So the flag of Monarch of Poland will have this TAG: "pol_m" For the Horde the TAG will be "pol_h" etc. Flags location: Game files -> game -> Flags - Small flag (Required) Game files -> game -> FlagsH - Large flag(Optional) For own Civilizations created in "Civilization Creator" Game files -> game -> civilizations_editor -> 1544372214811aiomucxo "1544372214811aiomucxo" is an example TAG of your Civilization "1544372214811aiomucxo_FL.png" Democracy Flag "1544372214811aiomucxo_m_FL.png" Monarchy Flag "1544372214811aiomucxo_h_FL.png" Horde Flag etc.
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    Age of Civilizations Africa for Free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=age.of.civilizations.africa.lukasz.jakowski
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Happy new year!

    Happy new year! 😜 🎆
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    The suggestions with this simbol (---> * <----) are optional or fantasy xd 1. Brush tool for building farms, workshops, ports etc. Brush tool for assimilation and festivals etc. 2. A way to select multiple armies and move them togheter. 3. Religion. Catholics, orthodox, sunni, muslim, hellenic etc. 4. Trade mechanics for merchant playstyles. 5. This is a big one: Some type of DnD combat style. A 1000 vs 1001 and the 1001 wins its not kinda fun xd. Risk is high but you can improve it if you can. 6. Crusades, holy wars etc. 7. Navies. Block ports etc. 8. Option/sliders to edit nations/countries individually: how much income per round, population gain per round, etc. 9. Generals for armies. Look at total war rome for reference. Generals with procedural stats and traits. 1 star to 9 stars. Could be fun. Option generals in game on/off. * 10.Mercenaries. Nuff said. (rome fell because of this xd rip never forgetti) Small countries such as belgium or luxembourg can buy troops to fight in war if they have gold. 11.Experience for armies that have been in the wars. Rome total war for reference. Level 1--> + 5% more dmg/defense etc. level 2-->+10% etc. You get the ideea. 12.Wonders that give national bonuses.Rise of nations for example. 13.Bonuses for defenders in mountain/rivers passings. This is huge. Can turn the tables if you know what youre doing. (Enemy invading with 15.000 troops over river: Imma firin' mah laze.... Wipes it with 10.000 troops. Me: No u. 14. Map editor for world of warcraft type maps, game of thrones, skyrim etc. Good for nerds like me. 15. More levels for farms, ports etc. I hope the upcoming Steam Workshop allows not only new scenarios and maps, but alternate AI's and game mechanics as well. This is all i can think of. I'll post more if new ideeas come.
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    After iOS release 😛
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    World War I Scenario

    Nice :)