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    Ellerine Sağlık Reis Bayıldım Efsane Olmuş.
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    pnc beta

    You better get it back:-:
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    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

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    WorldSwap Scenario

    hello i want to know when u guys want to me to realease the ''beta'' of my worldswap scenario
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    WorldSwap Scenario

    wait im confused agust dont come after july xD?
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    How to put the game in windowed mode without opening it? Because it gives off-scale error when I open it.
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    (Ported) CivEditor - for Android!

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    Did any of you want to see Quebec in the Middle East? no? What about India having Alaska? also no? What about Vietnam in the Balkans? WHAT? you never wanted that? You know its weird right? I'm not suppose to give my opinion, but give it a look and then you can tell me if you want it or not Still doesn't convince you? Let me tell you something The scenario is Weird and thats a great fact (ITS OUT!) (update 1: added Sri Lanka and Maldives) 1566563830360fuuakioj_A (1).zip
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    There are only pakistan turkmenistan uzbekistan and several countries from the east. No India and China. This is a map of the Middle East. 😄
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    Lucas L

    una pequeña ayudita para telefoni

    Ummm, así de pronto se me ocurren dos ideas: 1.-Prueba a cambiar la escala UI al principio, en ajustes. Para mí la escala 4 es la que mejor se ve, aunque obviamente depende del dispositivo. 2.-Ve a Juegos, después al mapa "Tierra" y vete probando las escalas de los mapas a ver cuáles te van fluidas y cuáles ves bien, y quédate con la mejor se adapte a tu gusto. ¡Espero haberte ayudado!
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    Finally i reached 1300 rep lol
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    Oh no , but I will add all languages on next version 🙂
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    SUDAMAXX perdiste el tiempo :v

    Si Hablamos Del foro Mi Poder De Spam es superior En todos los aspectos Tuyos y Los De Lucas L, Asi Que...... ¡RÍNDANSE IMPERIALISTAS ! PD: Si Almenos Intentarás Invadirme Escribe Mi Nombre Bien xD
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    spanish Is it available in Spanish? Is it available in Spanish?
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    Factorial Era Mod-BETA-

    This is so far my progress with this map. :) Around 1000 provinces done so far.
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    disculpas ?

    Oh no sos el primero en pensar asi *cof cof* @Lucas L *cof cof*
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    Flag Competition

    That is not an alternate flag. That is Italy's true flag.
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    Flag Competition

    Alternative Flag of Italy
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    P.S: I re-created the theme due to problems with editing the post War. War never changes. The Romans waged war to gain slaves and wealth. The Spanish created an Empire, wanting to get gold and land. Hitler turned poor Germany into an economic superpower. But war never changes. And in the 21st century, the war was still waged to get resources that could be used. Oil and uranium. To capture these resources, China invaded Alaska, the United States annexed Canada, and the European community broke up into ever-biting nation-States fighting for control of the remaining resources on Earth. In 2077, war broke out again. In just two hours, most of the planet was reduced to ash. And from the ashes of a nuclear explosion, a new civilization was reborn. In the yard in 2275, it has been almost 200 years since the beginning of the great war. The world was wiped out. and to replace the pre-war world came a new age - the age of new civilizations. You will be boss of the ruthless raiders of the Mojave, or adept of a Christian sect? Well, the choice is yours... The basis of this mod was taken Old World Blues. We plan to move the province and a map of the original mod of the country, and maybe adapt the national focuses as events. Mod will be translated intro English. We hope for your support!
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    AoC II for iOS released!

    Now lets get some random features from suggestions. Examples like Religion and More economical stuff idk.
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    Religions and Nuclear Bombs

    something else was a new game...that means it take at least he needs 3-4 years to develop it
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    This could be a good mod if i could knew all the languages in the world
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    Ciao Ciao

    My suggestions

    Welllll, these are some of my ideas to improve the game: -better trade request: I was playing with Nazi Germany and I had all provinces of Greater German Reich exept for two siberian provinces owned by British Raj. I was the first in the leaderboard and Raj was 2th. I couldn't risk too much so I asked him to do a trade request: he gave me that 2 provinces and I would gave him 10.000.000 money. He refused.... I asked him another time with more of 10 million but he still refused. So I would like that trade request'll be better. For example with provinces trading. Also I've noticed that AI except for coalitions doesn't do trade request at all -Add a brush tool in the game, so we can select multiple provinces and build buildings/raise happiness/stability ecc in one time -Add a brush tool into scenario editor into relations so we can select a country and raise or decrease relations of multiple countries in one time -better wars: damn... how can it be possible that Pakistan conquers all of China.... or that Poland and Belgium can destroy Nazi Germany -select ideologies of our vassals when we create them -improve the importance of ideologies because sometimes it happens that third reich is friend with UK and France but is enemy with Italy, or that USA and URSS are friends -to add new editors like the goverment creator or to add suggested owners into a province instead to do it into AOC files because it's easier to make mistakes -better alliances: I've noticed that AI never makes alliances with 3 or more members. Also In the game you can't edit the name of your alliance (I think) -better colonies: as others have already said to give a name to your colonies like name of the nation + name of the region colonized like: Italian Guyana or Belgian South East Asia. Also to create a new tipe of vassal (the colony) -and lastly to add revolutionary risk into the scenario editor instead to set to 0% the level of happiness I hope you enjoyed at least one of these ideas and that at least one of these will be done. Sorry for mistakes
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    JR Rachidovsky

    Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon+

    Pls make keyboard in english
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    Age of Civilizations II is out in the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/age-of-civiliza-ii/id1453838527?l=en#?platform=iphone Happy Conquering for iOS!
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