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    My plan is joining maps of diverse creators on a unique huge one , including forgotten islands , attols and territories , but i can't do it by myself , so i ' m sharing this idea
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    Game crashes when loading a map

    I did everything as it was written in the tutorial, but the game refuses to load the map. I tried a bunch of seemingly obvious and effective solutions (I copied provincе files to folders 1 and 3 in the "scales" folder, also copied it to the "provinces", "update" and "updatePB" folders), but nothing helped. Hope, there is a solution of my problem. DarkestHourWIP.rar
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    Age of Civilization II Forum Bingo!

    Here's a game you can play every time you browse the AoCII Forums. See who can mark all the spaces first!
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    Age of Civilization II Forum Bingo!

    the whole thing is simply the truth
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    you caught me
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    Can't do that without the source cod- ah fuck it
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    Game crashes when loading a map

    And yes, the solution of this problem didn't help me
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    yeah. can u edit the map and then i make the historically accurate.
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    I am from Ukraine, but I really like Libya. I learned a lot about this country. and I know her more than mine.
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    Dave ☢

    lol u gay

    lol u gay
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    Flag Competition

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