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  1. Mega4oSS

    Nuclear Age

    Hello! Have you ever wanted to start nuclear war in age of history 2? If yes, then this mod is definitely for you, because it will add new mechanics. New buildings: Nuclear reactor - give you possibility create a nuclear warhead. Bunker - reduce damage of nuclear explosion (save most population and army) Nuclear Warheads This is what you will destroy the enemy. Once every 40 turns, a nuclear warhead will be produced. The number of turns for production can be reduced by building another nuclear reactor. Throw Nuclear Warhead To th
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  2. Hello! I hope you remember who I am.. I'm sorry that I could not answer many questions and make posts about the development of the mod. Yes, it turned out not cleverly ... Now, of course, I took a break, but lately I have begun to translate into English, perhaps I will add new languages to the game. Only now I have some unpleasantness in my personal life, so development and translation may still be delayed until the summer. In the summer of 100%, the mod will be released completely with versions 1.2 and 1.2.1. I also want to inform and thank one developer, he and other people who helped i
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