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    Chess Map

    Download : https://mega.nz/#!BhE2WKBI!ShNE93JCpVIya2SkN12ROEMbOeKgEItHrC5WD8akifE Enjoy Have fun!
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    (Firstly sorry for my English)If you was watch aoc2 alpha video you can see trade zones which can be edit in map editor This was in alpha but deleted for some reason you can see in 3:34. Why this great idea removed ? I think it is removed because bugs atleast we didnt know about no bonus or something
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    Small Earth Project

    I decided to start creating large Earth Scenarios on the small earth. Using the 1440 map as a guide, I made a small version of the 1440 map. I plan to recreate small versions of every FULL WORLD start dates. Maps that don’t have the full world is a lost cause. They would be way too small. Sadly, this is android, and if Lukasz doesn’t give an ability to release scenarios from android, then there will be no way for me to release it. Results from test: Also, I fixed Native American placements, it just isn’t shown in these pictures.
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    MOAR provinces mod

    Im starting a mod which aims to increase the number of provinces right now i finished Ireland with 82 provinces instead of 15 and more
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    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Warcraft Author: eNeXPi Update List New Map New background 2300+ provinces (for now) New civilisations (Alliance, Horde, Forsaken, Scarlet Crusader, Darnassus, Exodar, Orgrimmar, Amani Trolls and more...) New Leaders New Continents New Regions New Terrains New Formable civilizations First war Scenario Pre-World of Warcraft Scenario New Overlays and more surprises...
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    Dark Ages - Rise of Islam

    Hello There! I love to make my own scenarios in my free time. while they might not be 100% accurate i still learn a lot from doing them while having fun. I am releasing this mod mainly so people can offer suggesting to it, or even help me out with events, cores, or other minor problems. Here is the Scenario: The year is 640 Anno Domini, 8 years after the death of the Great Prophet Muhammad. Caliph Umar Ibn Al-Khattab is the current Caliph who is leading the war against the Byzantine and Sassanian Empires, The Byzantines have lost parts of Egypt and Jerusalem, Yet they still retain control over Africa and Anatolia. This is the major turning point in History, Will this world follow the Real World's footsteps and have Islam conquer Africa and Persia or will the world see a new Alternative history with new Empires taking over the Story? Europe As of Now Middle East/Asia as of now Possible things to be done. Add in Custom Leaders - Umar - Rashidun, Rothari - Lombardy, Ect. Work on spawning in various tribes / kingdoms as the game goes on. Rise of the Kingdom of Asurias The Umayyad Caliph Collapse and the Abbasids Rise Alternate history where Rashidun Caliph stays in power Current Features A new Government Currently there is a expansion event For Rashidun Conquest on Persia and Africa Rise of the Umayyad Caliphate and the Expansion under its time. various nomadic tribes can migrate - to be expanded upon later The Download If you want to help support the mod either by having suggestions ( like adding in specific tribes to an area ) just PM me on this account.
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    900 AD Scenario

    This is my first scenario and probably isn't completley correct so apologies for any mistakes. Download Link Leave some criticism so I can possibly improve. Have fun! Pictures:
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    Footage of 17 units stationed in a base after being recruited (2018 colorised)
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    I've made a tool, which converts a .png into a bunch of provinces, allowing someone to create a custom map more easily. Link to download : https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter/raw/master/AoC2_Conv_0.1.jar Link to short guide: https://github.com/Timm638/aoc2_converter If you need help ask here or come over to the discord.
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    I'M BACK

    I'M BACK
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    Future mapper


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    Łukasz Jakowski

    Age of Elder Scrolls

    Looks great! ❤️
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    How to create map (Step by step)

    Steps: 1. Download Map editor. 2. Clear all data. 3. Copy/Create bg.png (background for your map) 4. Create province. 5. Copy first province into new folder (Province is called PROV, and move it into folder that will be containing all provinces) 6. Rename your first province to 0 (second to 1 etcetera) 7. In game map folder (steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map) copy template (and rename it), and clear "cities" folder. 8. Copy your provinces into update, \data\provinces (I'm not sure if you need to copy it into provinces folder, but It works too :P) 9. Edit config.json(in copied template folder) and change values: { Map: [ { MapName: "%Mapname%", Author: "%Yournickname%", BackgroundName: "%bgname%", ContinentsPackage: "Earth6" RegionsPackage: "Earth_AoC2", NumberOfProvinces: %numberofprovinces%, MapScale: 3, WorldMap: true, Scenario: "testScenario", Wiki: "Wikipedia:Unusual_articles" }, ], Age_of_Civilizations: Map } 10. Rembmer to create background files with name %bgname%_L and %bgname%_R 11. go back to map folders and add line to make game read that map: { Map: [ { Folder: "Earth" }, { Folder: "Ashan" }, { Folder: "Earth_AoC1" }, { Folder: "Kepler" }, { Folder: "template" }, { Folder: "%mapname%" }, ], Age_of_Civilizations: Maps } 12. Run game and go to Editor>MapEditor>EditConnections and Provinces>Update every province you added. (EXAMPLE) 13. Congratulation you have created your first map 😛 Short video, if you still need help. (OS is in polish, rest is in english 😛 ) If you add new province check continent of this province in map editor, if it is "Ocean" the map will load lower scale of the province background Extra: CREATING PROV FILES:
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    Age of Elder Scrolls - is a mod that takes you to the universe of Elder Scrolls, to the planet Nirn. There will be: - A big map of Nirn; - Large count of elaborated scenarios; - New ideologies; - New diseases; - Music from TES games; - Remaded ages; - Various wonders; This mod will be developed for a long time, during the development something new will be added. We are in VK - https://vk.com/ageofelderscrolls
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    Balkan Wars

    Hey everyone! I made a new scenario which includes events too! This is a historical scenario about Balkan wars which were in period of 1912-1913. First Balkan War was against Ottoman Empire and Second Balkan War was against Bulgaria. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install? -Simply move balkanwars folder to E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations\map\Earth\scenarios ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Austria-Hungary has nothing to do with Balkan Wars, it is just added for estetics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Challenges: -Form Yugoslavia with Serbia -Conquer everything with Ottoman Empire/Austria-Hungary ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I recommend you to listen to this while you are playing this scenario: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH_l4nKL7p0&t=2s ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ balkanwars.zip
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    loading bar, some UI, End of map. : motif in HOI4
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    A Greater Europe Map

    [Moved to here] Welcome to the Greater Europe Map project. My long term goal is to have a Europe with a ton of provinces, because why have America, Africa and Asia, when you can have a hell of a lot of provinces in Europe? The map while having a ton of provinces will still be only Europe to help people with horrible computers. I feel you dudes. Current Version: 0.17 Screenshots are updated every 10 versions Regions Finished: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Northern France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Prussia, Western Poland, Central Poland Regions currently being made: Southern France, Eastern Poland, Northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania An example of my work:
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    It was 10 January 2018. Great leader of Serbia, Mr. Goktuic was checking his country. It had a bad economy and it was very undevoloped. But he still had a hope for Serbia.. Hardness: Legendary AI Agression: 125% Episode 1: Uniting Rightfully Serbian Lands Episode 2: Devolopment, Diplomacy and Stuff Episode 3: Bosnian War Episode 4: Romanian Alliance Episode 5: Partition of Italy Episode 6: Liberating Romania and Greece Episode 7: Last Days of Seperated Yugoslavia Episode 7.5: Conquest of Bulgaria Episode 8: Pointless War and Regime Change Episode 9: Austro-Tunisian War Episode 10: Crusaders of New Era Final If you click those links, the episode you want to read will be at a little bit down because of images. New story: --> cant remove it, dont know why 😕
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    San andreas: battleground gang 18+

    Карта игры GTA San Andreas. У нас будет множество сценариев о бандитских войнах
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    @Shiite disliking every post he disagrees with epic
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    1920 Scenario (RELEASE)

    Some issues I see: -Greece should have Izmir -Bulgaria currently has part of the Turkish Thrace, all of it should be Greek at that point -German-Polish border -Polish-Soviet border -Yugoslavia misses east Macedonia
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    sorry but that's wrong
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    Łukasz Jakowski

    MOAR provinces mod

    It takes time to add so many logical provinces