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    Conqueror's II - Official Trailer & Release Date
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    Ern and Vaux


    1.0: Dukes and Princes We all know and love the year 1440, but we can update it and make it more accurate. And here is the first version of 1440+ List of Updates - Smaller Duchies in France - Small Bavarian City States New Nations such as: Herzegovina Celje Three Leagues Munich Ingolstadt Landshut Passau Ajam New Updates Coming Soon, If you have any suggestions write it as a reply. Dowland 1440+ : 1440.rar civilizations_editor.rar AOC2MODDINGTR Vaux IN FOLLOWING UPDATE: - SMALLER SILESIAN STATES - REVISED ENGLISH TRANSLATION - SWISS CANTONS
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    Conqueror's II - England Series | Chapter 5Don't forget leave a like!
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    Updated World Map, 4424 provinces!

    I have also wanted to show how many provinces I added for Germany. Germany now has more accurate state lines Germany has a total of 95 provinces, I am not even done with it yet. Hamburg and Bremen are more accurately sized (don't forget Bremerhaven!) I need to add Berlin next, both west and east.
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    cause android is inferior
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    1913 - um mod em português!

    aguardo ansiosamente pelo lançamento do mod
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    Zar Hibbedat

    We need an Update.

    Everyone knows that this game needs an Update, even if it's just some (much needed) Bug fixes or things like renaming Alliances, dismantling Factions after wars, new (and better) Music, an option for mass murder in conquered Provinces, an option to make war Prisoners (in surrounded Provinces), natural Enemies (Germany vs Polen for example), Civil Wars/Revolutions, Events for some Scenarios ( like the establishment of NATO in a Cold War Scenario, which you should bring out) or just a Workshop (so other people can do YOUR Job)... think about actually trying to make the game better, Jakowski. I thought of all this in 10 Seconds and you can't think of Anything in over a Half Year...
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    Global Campaign

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/15TFTuaQOAdMDw8JtaZ5j1QvwwYgGGnuy/view?usp=sharing This is a project that I am working on to include EVERY SINGLE event from 1900-2000
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    Work in progress. Recently, I rarely worked on a mod, as... I didn't want to. For a long time I thought about how to turn around and implement the desired change of leader in the scenario with events, but everything was in vain. Having rested and "calmed down", I still returned to work. Thus, several important decisions were made that greatly affected the overall appearance of the mod. First, I finally decided to focus on the Viking setting, which means a complete immersion in the history of the Viking Age, which resulted in the removal of some scenarios (the Modern World, 1939, 1836), and with them several forms of government (Democracy, Communism and Fascism). I won't write much about this, the final list of forms of government is still attached to the comment. The second solution is the interface. The minimalistic style seemed boring to me, and I decided to do something new and a little atmospheric. So I did a lot of work on replacing all the icons in the game. The new icons are carefully borrowed from Crusader Kings 2/3, which means that the usual style of minimalism is discarded. The result of the work done on your screens. Actually, what will happen next. Now the focus is again on creating events for a scenario that doesn't have a name yet, dating back to 850. Unfortunately, the developer said that he is not working on game, so our request for a small update that would bring the ability to change the game's rulers through events turned out to be a pipe dream. But despite this, I still decided to continue working on events, so you can probably expect a really interesting scenario. While I'm working on events, my colleague will take care of the formable nations, the number of which will exceed all expectations. Release of the mod - I don't know anything and I don't promise anything, but I really want to do it on 22.11.20...
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    Release date of Conqueror's II will be announced with a trailer video 50 minutes later.
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    please @kokakolabrooooo can you write in title isn't finished to avoid more messages asking for link
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    WE ARE 4K! Thanks for the 4k subscribers!
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    I will announce the release date tomorrow.
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    W h e r e i s a n d r o i d i t h a s b e e n a m o n t h
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    i think that they are a group because they cant do all the mods together 😅
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    Hi! My friend and I have started working on a modification for Age of Civilizations II. The mod will include: -New goverment types: ‣Cosmopolitism ‣Nationalism ‣Radical Nationalism ‣Catholic Nationalism ‣National Socialism ‣National Solidarism ‣Bolshevikism ‣National Bolshevikism ‣Green ‣Autocratism ‣Parliamentary Monarchy ‣Bonapartism ‣Military Junta ‣Absolute Monarchy (Monarchy) ‣Centrism ‣Socialism ‣Syndicalism ‣Anarcho-Commune ‣Anarchism ‣Prussian Monarchy ‣Imperialism -New HUGE world map! -Some new music: ‣Szarża Jazdy Polskiej ‣Hussar march ‣Soviet march ‣Vapaussoturin Valloituslaulu ‣Njet Molotoff ‣Sakkijarven Pollka ‣Ryssalauma ‣Kevin MacLeod - Corruption e.t.c. -Renewed sounds -TONS of scenarios The best asset of this mod are TONS OF PROVINCES. The mod provides enjoyment when building scenarios, you play with the country of your choice, or you play with ideologies! :) Mod creators: -Sarekreiz (Sounds, UI, Music, Maps, Ideologies) -Boxin HD Mapping (Flags, Textures) Official release announcement: Early 2021 All likes motivate us to work!
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    Project Bespucci

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    Project Bespucci

    hi aoc 2 community!, i will make a mod that will be a map of america and some civilizations, it will be in spanish, portuguese, french, russian and english, now i have 43 provinces. I hope you like it! aclaration, i will nerf USA because it's very big in the map
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    Updated World Map, 4424 provinces!

    While I am taking a break from my map, I have added on to the base map in-game. I have added Liechtenstein, San Marino, and the Vatican City. I have also made improvements to Galicia to have the proper borders for WW1 and WW2 3 other provinces added to give Bulgaria its pre-WW1 borders A small province in Eastern Macedonia has been added solely for the Ottomans, in WW1 (I also fixed Ottoman Hejaz, not shown here) I have added 10 new provinces in all, what should I add next?
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    Updated World Map, 4424 provinces!

    When I know I am done with Europe. I did minor work there, mostly in Panama.
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    Updated World Map, 4424 provinces!

    And when are you going to do Latin America
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    why is it taking so long to release that game, we are waiting
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    Age of Emperors MOD (Coming soon!)

    that's a bruh moment
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    Updated World Map, 4424 provinces!

    It has been a whole month, people, but I am back at it again! I have added about 11 more provinces to the US, and 2 more provinces to Canada Can you spot the changes?
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    What is BSSR


    scenario editör .d
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    Dear developer. Please add to the game the ability to change the leader of the country using events. Your great fans.
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    Updated World Map, 4424 provinces!

    I added a ton more provinces to Austria, to add more historical accuracy with former borders +11 provinces Austria has 22 provinces now I wish I can show screenshots, but my newer keyboard refuses to New cities and towns: (so far, I am lazy) Bregenz Branau-am-Inn Viktring Weiner-Neustadt Hainburg-an-der-Donau Liebnitz Hallstatt Freistadt Pinzgau Kossen
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    2737 Provinces completed for EU4 - Extended Timeline Map! (Conqueror's II) PICTURE:
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    A challange for today's video about Conqueror's II! Let's guess, who will win the war!? https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugwv0POcee2qEK2b_Z94AaABCQ
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    Updated World Map, 4424 provinces!

    I am fixing the Canadian provincial borders *also fixed the Alaskan Panhandle
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    2200 provinces completed for EU4 - Extended Timeline Map! (Conqueror's II) PICTURE:
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    Some user


    I made (for fun) a scenario based on a real "revolution" of independence here in Brazil. *Called "The South is my country" that would create a union between the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. So I decided to put this union on the scenario of Brazil, which by the way, I see many Brazilians playing, and I like to play it too. Hope you like it ❤️ (Also, the flag is from the union, I didn't create it) ______________________________________________________ DOWNLOADS AND FLAGS PREVIEW: Custom Civ.zip Brazil with South Union.zip
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    1900 provinces completed for EU4 - Extended Timeline Map! (Conqueror's II) PICTURE:
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    Will u add eu4 mechanic of creation of a war units, where you have to wait to make an army? It would be really cool, i guess
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    Can you do the same in World+? i can take a screenshot 😀
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    The Rising War

    There is a image of scenario
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    The Title Might Be Confusing let me Explain. What if Prussia Never Ruled Germany, But Bavaria did? What if England Never Formed The UK, But Scotland did? What if France Never Unified, But Brittany did? there is more! let me tell you the Nations _____ Formed ______ instead of ______ - Scotland, Bavaria, Venice, Aragon, Danzig, Bohemia, Salzburg _____ Conquered _______ instead of ______ - Korea, Tyrone, CSA, Sparta _____ Never Got Conquered - Aztec Empire, Sikh Empire, Malacca, Majapahit, Maori Other - Ming/Communist Ming, Russian Empire, Holland, Ottoman Empire, Albania, Portugal, Mongol Empire, Hungary, Wallachia, Macedon, Mughal Empire, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Riga, Livonian Order, Persian Empire Also... its the same borders as WW2, and alliances/vassals. Have Fun Controlling Majapahit as Holland 1568377564047ovcnwayg.zip
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    Kekreich day #1

    I would add SHREKOSLOVAKIA
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    All of History 5000 BC-2018 AD

    Plan is, Every Civ would have it's own story-line that branches out on you or the AI's choices. Oh and Btw if you want to I am almost done with the Spartan story-line I'll upload a Greece scenario allowing you to rise from a tribe all the way to becoming greece Current Development (after about an hour of trying to get the event system to work.)
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    All of History 5000 BC-2018 AD

    srly. I'm calling it, this will be the Second Life or No Man's Sky of AoC2 scenarios. Too ambitious
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    All of History 5000 BC-2018 AD

    its hard to make i try it

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