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  1. Lukasz, we understand that working on the game is very tedious and tiring, but PLEASE, stop being a dickhead to everyone who you disagree with. If you just want to abandon the game, it would be better for all of us if you release source code.


     Please don’t ban

  2. Sir.Lucasz.

    There are many bots .

    Please suppress them.


  3. I said "pls add a tech tree similar to this picture in 15 february.His situation is " not read yet"


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    2. tww


      it is no point to give him any suggestion...

    3. ieunal61


      @tww I know...

    4. Banana


      well I mean this is just a concept drawing. 

  4. So, we can say that people are complaining about your game... And I am confused since you are working on the mobile versions mostly since that's what the game was made for and more people have a phone than a computer... And I will just state, that they say the game is unfinished... I have over 400 hours in it, I have yet to get bored with it.

    Anyways, long story short people want your game to be taken off steam because they are saying it's a scam, so I guess you should maybe do something about that.
    (I do not care if you do or do not)

  5. why did you close the discussion with Fixing bugs? 


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    2. YuraTheGreat



    3. Comrade JP

      Comrade JP

      I mean, the ios version of aoc2 has been released, so he might start fixing bugs

    4. Beter Griffin

      Beter Griffin

      Don't forget to fix the July -> September -> August bug!

  6. Age of Civilizations II is out in the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/age-of-civiliza-ii/id1453838527?l=en#?platform=iphone Happy Conquering for iOS!
  7. Age of Civilizations II is out in the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/age-of-civiliza-ii/id1453838527?l=en#?platform=iphone Happy Conquering for iOS!
  8. Hallo! It's high time for you  to answer us!!!

    If you don't want to engage in this game any longer , do you let somebody that  likes this game  fix bugs and improve this game etc...

    1. YuraTheGreat


      he won't answer

  9. My device says Łukasz is on so...  hello.



  11. Are you a bot Lukas?

  12. не, ну если все равно не начал фиксить баги, то мог бы убрать "In March" из предложения, чтоб совесть хоть как-то чище стала. 

  13. Will there be any updates or anything? where is the steam workshop that was promised, I love this game but i don't like this painful activity of yours right now

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    2. SUDAMXX


      Hahaha the photo xD

    3. 11:59 Development Team

      11:59 Development Team

      Seriously, we want answers. What is Lukasz doing? Why have there been no significant updates since release aside from compatibility with other operating systems and devices? Where's Steam Workshop? Will the Event Editor ever be fixed so that text doesn't simply run off the page (cough word wrap isn't that difficult to add in cough)? Find out more at 11.image.png.0880e7252dadba12053f6c301e308138.png

    4. TANTAN


      Is he  Lukasz ? He is handsome, isn't he?

      I think he has been spending time  having a date with his girl friend.

  14. PL:

    Witaj Panie Łukaszu chciałbym się spytać dlaczego pan przestał pracować nad Age Of Civilizations II?

    ENG (just for other countries members to know):

    Hello Mr. Łukasz i want to ask why you mr. stopped working on Age Of Civilizations II?

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