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  1. Hello Lukasz.

    While using the game editors, through trial and error, I noticed a curious condition.

    I have an scenario in 1950. I created a leader in 31/12/49 so he appears on the scenario. But he doesn't, instead, a leader that is born in 1886.

    This means that the leader that appears is not the "youngest" one.

    I lowered that older leader birth age to 85,84,83,82,81, nothing. Until I lowered to 1880, finally my new leader appears.

    This means that leaders have a "lifespan" of 70 years. If the leader doesn't reach 70 years old, he will appear in an scenario.

    Is this true? This information could be of much value for the modding community, as we will understand the game further and make more of it.

    Thank you!

  2. sir can you make thiis game online lukasz sir

  3. Hello
    Are you going to add a workshop on Steam and for the game are you going to add new ideologies

    1. davidtjk


      probably he will not do and they are mods for ideology like fate of world

  4. Can you do a new scenario Lukasz? please 🙂

    1. davidtjk










      hillary clinton no GIF

  5. The spam bot has captured the screenshot section.

  6. hi lukasz😄

    1. CassalettIV


      Hello mr. Jakowski how are you?

  7. Łukasz JakowskI

     Can you make a option  to call name of armies and color of title  .

  8. Hey Łukasz, will there ever by any update adding new stuff in Aoc2?

  9. Hey Lukaz i want to be emperor ?

    1. Shiite


      You need over 500 posts to become it

  10. Lukaz Jawoski can I be emperor ?

  11. Hey Łukasz, are you seeing what is occuring in Scenarios - Offtopic?

    This Korean user spammed alot of posts in there promoting their website

    http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/profile/18851-zynga000002/ Profile

  12. I love that! Oversimplified is an amazing channel! 🙂
  13. Jeśli nie dokonasz aktualizacji, gra przestanie być popularna, przestanie kupować i przestanie produkować mody. Jeśli chcesz stały zysk, to polecam naprawić błędy i dokończyć to, czego nie robisz (np. broń nuklearna i religie). A także dać kod źródłowy moddelom, aby mogli dokonać bardziej fajnych modyfikacji.

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