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  1. goat GIFWe are angry !

    1. kubaron8


      to stosunek pomocy technicznej  do graczy👌👎

  2. Attention!!

    We don't know what does really Lukasz is doing. But maybe he plans to surprise us for a big update.

    Let us just give our idea to make this game better anytime soon to the update.

    Ideas to be sent:

    • Release a new country from the old country's provinces and that new country would be the old country's puppet or colony
    • Can change the flag and name of a country on the spot on the game (flag editor would be included too to be on the spot)
    • Once the country and its rebels get peace now, rebels can change their self (like on my second idea) and choose their fate if they want to be an independent new country or join another country (they want to join because of its core and maybe the rebel to that country because they've been conquered) (but once you're the player of a rebel country, once you join you'll gonna control now the country you've to join. but once your not the player, you won't control it and vice versa) 
    • More!!! (Actually not 'cause I have no other ideas xD)

    So Please Let Us Help Lukasz for Ideas that to Make the Game Better

    You can send your Idea to make this game better




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    2. Exequiel


      But maybe, it happens. Because "Nothing is Impossible"

    3. tww


      lol...are you new?well..good luck for waiting update in 3-4 years

    4. Exequiel


      First of all, I'm not a newbie and second, I know that it might be impossible but I would wait until my last breath

  3. Online rly? I think u die bro anyway :( good idea for you make aoc2 free in google play for 2 days :) tthen more por ppl love ur game ") anglis fix

  4. Do you realise that ignoring us and our requests to update AoC2 isn't good? Are you really that blind to don't see you are losing your customers?! Litrrally everyone is dissapointed of you, your buggy game and your lack of any contact with us

    1. Shiite


      Most people have abandoned the game already, if you haven't you should 

    2. Lativ


      I did, but I still hope the developer will finally move his ass and get us interested in his game again

    3. Shiite


      he won't it's Lukasz

  5. Jak zrobić moda?

  6. Literally everyone is waiting for you Łukasz, I just hope you didn't mine this game for money and left.

  7. still waiting updates ):n\

  8. Make updates bro come on

    1. ITurkishmapping


      hes gonna surprise us with a big update(this is what my friend thinks) or gonna do nothing prob

    2. SUDAMXX


      I hope it is fulfilled what your friend said

  9. zdechłeś

    1. TaDziK


      umarł to umarł na chuj drążyć temat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. hey gamer, is ur next game gonna be age of wii 2 or AoC3? 

    1. YuraTheGreat


      he gonna be suck

    2. OrionsGamer


      Learn how to write


  11. Do you knew here are posts with fake documents?why you don't ban them?

  12. Lukasz, we understand that working on the game is very tedious and tiring, but PLEASE, stop being a dickhead to everyone who you disagree with. If you just want to abandon the game, it would be better for all of us if you release source code.


     Please don’t ban

  13. Sir.Lucasz.

    There are many bots .

    Please suppress them.


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