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  1. Lukasz, why did you remove my mod and posted it on your twitter without your credit? I would like to know, can you respond to my PM?

  2. Did you see that man? We finished 4036 provinces. 🙂 

  3. Hi!  How are you !!😉

  4. https://www.google.pl/maps/place/Mercedes,+Soriano,+Urugwaj/@-33.2563769,-58.0535174,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x95a53e0d8e33bc8d:0x74bc3820d25f79ac!8m2!3d-33.2605084!4d-58.0187988?hl=pl
  5. Yes, capital have higher growth rate of everything. Just develop much faster than normal provinces.
  6. Has your game worked before? If so, maybe try removing the config.ini file from the game files. Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II
  7. Game files -> music Game files -> Age_of_Civilizations Age_of_Civilizations file example for my_music.mp3 file: All_This.ogg;my_music.mp3;Black_Vortex.ogg;
  8. Pls make map editor for Europe Map



    I think the game is 40 subject matters missing. So l think Łukasz Jakowski must make a age of civilization3 


    And here are feedbacks that You should refer to it


    Maybe 40 feedbacks.



    the existing ones in Age of Civilization 2.




    10 percent economic growth, 5 percent population growth


    Add General


    The General has a mobile point of 5.0 

    allow to be obtained by use


    The General has a mobile point 3.0. 

    allow for use and dismissal


    The General has a moving point of 1.0. 

    Use the Matton retention point.


    The general's level is up to 10.


    General's level one. General's level one. 



    General Level 1 Party

    Add 0.5% more military attack.

    Add 0.5% military defense.


    Through combat and training, 

    You can get an experience value of 1.


    If you're 20 years old, the general's level is high.

    It's going up


    It can only be put into a land unit.


    After 70 years, it is gone.


    vanish by 0.5% of the battle.



    technical ability


    Per 0.01 skill 

    > 0.2% increase in military defense

    > 0.2% increase in military attack power


    ex) Your country's technology 1.0 

    The enemy's technological prowess

    My Military 10000 vs Enemy Military 10000

    |10000×{(120/100)<-Army attack buff)}×[{(100-10)/100}<-Enemy's Defensive Buff}] vs 10000×{(1110/100)<-Enemy's Attack Buff)}×[{(100-20)/100}<-Army's Defense Force]=>

    10000× 12/10 × 9/10 vs.

    10000 × 11/10 × 8/10 => 10800-8800=8000 



    When we send troops from land to sea, 

    Add charges (shipbuilding)


    dissemination system 


    Supply is not only foreign land,

    It does not make it available on the land of the same country.


    And supply is only a port, a supply station.



    No more ocean-wide access.


    Add Tribute Bureau System


    Only money can be collected.


    a secular system

    Not only money, but the diplomatic score of the underworld,

    Enable adjustment of moving scores.


    Addition of Military Training


    > 2% increase in military defense

    > 3% increase in military attack power

    > After 50 without training, every 2 tons 

    3% reduction in military defense

    2% reduction in military attack power

    The training takes three turns.

    >A military attack through training is up to 30%.

    It can be increased.

    >A military defense through training is up to 20%.

    It can be increased.



    economic development and assimilation system 


    I can't do it at once with brushes or regional bundles.

    Make it happen.


    Add leader hereditary system


    Every five years of democracy and republic.

    The leader changes automatically.


    When we're outside of democracy, republicanism,

    Leaders change automatically every 80 years.


    Every time a leader changes, his name changes.

    Let me set it up.


    leadership ability value conversion


    We're going to have to figure out what the leadership is capable of.

    It is divided into diplomacy, politics, military and charisma. 

    And all of these capabilities range from at least 10 to 1.

    It can be up to


    on the increase of diplomacy

    >Add 6% diplomatic points. 

    >5 The chance of success of the alliance proposal increases.


    in the course of politics

    >Add 6% moving point

    >3% building construction cost, assimilation cost reduced.


    When the number of troops increases by one,

    >3% additional military defense.

    >3% additional military offensive force.



    When charisma increases by one,

    >The pace of national corruption increases by 20 percent.


    in the event of a decline in diplomacy

    Six percent of the diplomatic points are added.

    The chances of success in the alliance proposal of >5 are reduced.


    in the event of a political decline

    >Add 3% more moving points

    >3% building construction cost, assimilation cost increase.


    If the number of troops decreases by one,

    >3% less military defense

    >3% less military aggression


    If you reduce your charisma by one,

    > National corruption increases by 20 percent


    Added national corruption


    per ton of inflation

    Corruption Increases 2%


    Corruption per ton per loan also increases by 1%


    Corruption per ton increases by 0.5% when war fatigue is over 80.


    Happiness is under 50, corruption per ton increases by 1%.


    Corruption per ton increases by 2% when the capital is lost.


    If corruption increases by 1%. 

    > Increase the rate of rebellion by 2%

    > 2% reduction in tax income

    >Reduced military defense by 0.3%

    >Reduced military offensive power by 0.3%



    Added the religious system, race and culture.


    the dominant state and the controlled state.

    If the system of religion and race and culture are different,

    than at the same time


    Increase in costs of assimilation; increase in rebellion.


    in the religious system

    Add Buff and Debuff to Different Religions


    Navy Additions


    Can only be created in Pro Vince with ports.


    When moving troops on land into the sea,

    Cheaper half the money of the navy.


    In the naval battle with the Army,

    20% military defense and military attack. 

    Add 10%



    Admiral Addition


    Admiral, you're going to have to take point 5.0. 

    allow to be obtained by use


    Admiral, you're going to need a mobile point 3.0. 

    allow for use and dismissal


    Admiral, you've got 1.0 moving point. 

    Use the Matton retention point.


    The admiral's level is up to 15.


    The Admiral's level is 1 per capita. 



    per admiral level

    Add 1% more military attack.

    Add 1% military defense


    Through combat and training, 

    You can get an experience value of 1.


    If you're 20 years old, the Admiral's level is high.

    It's going up


    It can only be put into the Navy.


    After 70 years, it is gone.


    vanish by 0.5% of the battle.



    the addition of the emperor's authority in the Holy Roman Empire.


    The emperor's authority is increased through reform.

    the emperor and the state belonging to the Holy Roman Empire.

    Decrease in War


    Decommissioning the Holy Roman Empire on the 0th


    30th day, the emperor can ask for war.

    However, I get a diplomatic grade.


    60 days, Holy Roman Empire.

    the subjugation of the emperor's kingdom.


    One hundred days, one Holy Roman Empire.


    Another increase of 10 per increase in prestige


    adding trade system


    Once we put the zoning in, 

    the addition of trade power to the unit of the region


    per trade power

    > Increase population growth rate by 0.05%

    > Economic growth rate increased by 0.1%

    an increase in income of 20


    The war has forced the trade power of the other region. 

    Take up to 25% of them. 

    It can be sent to its own region by trade power.


    Trade power is compared to the existing trade power at the time of the port installation

    an increase of 1.5 times


    Trade power increases by 1 per 1,000 economic power in the region.


    addition of trade policy


    In free trade, trade is more common than general trade.

    >Double the country's trade power

    > Double the income of trade power


    Partial free trade is more common than general trade.

    > 1.6 times more trade power in the country

    > 1.6 times the income of trade power


    In case of limited free trade, it is more common than general trade.

    > 1.2 times the country's trade power

    > 1.2 times the income of trade power


    It has no effect on general trade.


    Watchdog trade is more than general trade

    >a 1.5-fold drop in the country's trade power

    > 1.5 times the income of trade power


    When trade is banned, trade is more common than general trade.

    a three-fold decline in one's trade power

    > Double the income of trade power

    >Two times the rate of technological increase


    Add Military Assistance System


    Military support is based on the presence of its own military personnel.

    There is a military option to send as a Providence choice.


    After the selection, the countries supported 

    with the right of way in the country of support.

    The soldier turns into a country where ownership is supported.


    Adding a Modernization System


    This effect occurs when certain technical skills are applied.


    >Add 55% Attack Power 

    >Add 45% defense capability

    >Add 50% increase in population, 

    >Add 55% economic growth rate


    Add a variety of military types




    Production: 5 price per unit, maintenance: 2 price


    no effect


    a mounted soldier


    Production: 20 price per unit, maintenance: 5 price


    >30% more military attack than infantry

    >20% less military defense compared to infantry

    >10% increase in military offensive against shield troops




    Production: 15 price per unit, maintenance: 5 price


    Available from 0.35 or higher technical skill.

    20 percent more military attack than infantry

    >20% less military defense compared to infantry

    > 7% reduction in military defense against horseback disease

    > Explosive technology (instead of moving)

    2% economic power reduction in the number of artillery in the next Province,

    Next to Province, the soldier was responsible for the attack 

    Reduced military attack by half.

    {ex)The economy is 5000-(1/50× 20000)= 

    It becomes an economic power of 4,800. 

    Military personnel are 10000-(1/2 ×20000)= 

    The number of soldiers goes to zero. For your information, I calculated without the other buffs.})


    shield soldier 


    Production: 10 price per unit, maintenance: 3 price


    >35% increase in military defense compared to infantry

    >30% less military attack than infantry

    > Increases military attack on artillery by 10%

    Every soldier in Province with a shield

    More than a quarter of the time.

    Add 20% ERA



    Infantry on land. Shield's five-ton shift.

    One turn can't move.


    In the ground provins, the artillery will move three-tone,

    One turn can't move.


    the addition of a soldier's morale


    For every 0% to 1% increase in fraud,

    Increased military offensive power by 0.5%. 

    0.2% increase in military defense


    Every time the fraud goes down from zero to one percent,


    0.9% reduction in military attack power

    Decrease military defense by 0.5%.


    Added military complaints


     Military dissatisfaction 50


    There's a random military presence in Pro Vince.

    of different ideologies or subordinate to the state. 

    rise in revolt of the state


    Added military maintenance buffs


    Less than 10% of the military maintenance cost.

    1% less military complaints per turn,

    5% less fraud per turn


    Military Maintenance Expenses 

    If the cost of maintaining the troops is less than 10% and 50% 

    Every 50 percent to 1 percent drop, 


    2% less fraud per ton


    When military maintenance costs exceed 90%. 


    >Increases fraud by 5% per ton


    Added large army and combat penalty


    More than twice as many as our troops.


    >Increases military attack power by 10% on enemy troops


    Decrease military defense by 10% in our armed forces.


    More than three times as many as four times as our troops.


    >Increases military offensive power by 20 percent to enemy troops


    Reduced military defense by 15% in our armed forces.


    More than four times as many as six times as our troops.


    >30% more military attack on enemy troops


    20 percent less military defense for our armed forces.


    More than six times the size of our army.


    >Increases military aggression by 50 percent against enemy forces


    Decrease military defense by 30 percent in our armed forces.


    between large armies 

    Added duration of battle in battle


    Three times the difference in each other's armies.


    > 20 percent reduction in battle period


    Four times the difference in each other's forces.


    > 40% reduction in battle period


    Five times the difference in each other's army.


    > 60% reduction in battle period


    6 times the difference in each other's armies.


    > 80% reduction in battle period


    Every 50,000 soldiers in combat.


    > Increases duration of battle by 10%


    In battle in the castle


    > Increases gender rating by 20% during 1 day fighting period


    > 30% increase in the duration of battle when the gender rating is 2 days


    If there's a war of Garylia of the General's character,


    >When a grade is raised by about one degree, 

    20 percent increase in combat time



    Add Regional Attendance


    25 tons per region.

    Use a diplomatic point of 0.7

    Add your own core to the area.



    the addition of an economic alliance


    0.9 Offerable for technical skill or higher than 0.


    Available for half the price of a trading country


    2% more opinions per turn with your country


     20 percent increase in the chance of alliance success



    the addition of World War II


    Both the attacker and the defense.

    Occurs when hot steel is present


    One and a half times as much war fatigue as a normal war.



    with an ally of the powers or powers. 

    Inter-border distance from possible alliance success,

    It's war, diplomatic relations are severed.

    Remove factors



    Add Resources


    Earn as much as the economy per turn


    3 production and 1 maintenance per shield unit required

    Five production, two production per artillery unit



    Add deal


    Upon transaction request 

    Exchange resources and money for transactions



    Add tension


    Limit 200


    a decrease of 160 after the end of the world war


    In case of a merger per Province without a core

    a tenfold increase 


    Decrease by 1 per turn


     1 increase in tension 

    Increased AI militancy by 2



    Add war justification


    In the declaration of war, other religions, cores,

    colonial objective, hostile country and invasion.


    a different religion


    > Invasion and defense states

    Create justification for different religions




    >The core of an invasive country is a defensive state

    Generate justification if present


    colonial objective 


    An invasive country is a modernized country.


    Create a nation-time justification


    a hostile country


    > Opinion - Generate justification for a country less than 10



    Add penalty in case of invasion without cause of war


    Increased tension by 5


    Friendly nations and allies,

    the Holy Roman Empire

    Decrease 10 Opinions with the Empowerment


    Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

    the 15th reduction of the emperor's authority


    General Added Capability Values


    Guerrillas: General Capability Level Increase by 20% per Battle Period


    Strategy: 1% increase in military attack per general level.


    Mountain: General Skills 1 Party 

    1% increase in military defense in mountain ranges and hills


    Plain: General's Capability Level 

    1% increase in military defense on flat ground


    Desert: General Capability Level 1 

    1% increase in military defense in deserts and reflectors


    Forest: General Skills 1 Party 

    1% increase in military defense in jungles and forests


    Cold: General's Capabilities 1 Party 

    1% increase in military defense in tundra



    Add Admiralty Capability Values


    Avoidance: 2% increase in military defense per admiral's ability.


    Strategy: 3% increase in military attack power per admiral's ability.


    Continued: 20% increase in duration of battle per admiral's ability.


    Land Defense: Admiralty Capabilities 1 Party 

    2% increased attack on land units



    addition of troops


    Flayer's got his own ratio.

    Production after setup


    Flayer sets the name himself




    the limit of military defense


    all military defenses beyond the general's capability.

    The agreed-upon variation is 0% to 90%.



    the threshold of military aggression


    The limit of military aggression is

    General's ability is greater than -100%.

    The difference between the original number of troops and the enemy. 

    There is no excess of the original number of troops.



    That's enough.


  10. Pls make map editor for Europe Map

  11. its january 2020 now

    steam workshop is 1 year late.... please deliver it eventually?

  12. lukasz jakowski can u add a update that is "History Mode" U Can Disable Or Enable Sometimes If U Country Make Something Out Of The Real History Them Like U Are Germany And U Maked The Kaiserreich Scenario The History Will Be Changed. The Update Is: History mode u can enable or disable, in scenario editor u can make the history of scenario, if u espectate from like Year 5 to 2000 the history will be the exact and in the year of 1936 will be exact of 1936 and 2000 too, if u want can u make this update? 
    - Germoney The Attacker

  13. Hi! I made a Cutting Room Floor page on AoC2 if you don't mind.


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