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  1. AoC2/AoH2 has an astonishing community, but someone responsible needs to lead it, or the game will die forgotten and community will abandon the game. You have created a geniously simple, casual - yet challenging and interesting game. But now you are just acting like you didn't deserve the luck to get the first players for the game. You don't update the game, don't port it to other platforms (porting to mac wouldn't be that hard, and would give you a huge boost in community.), don't listen to players. A community of this size and this type is gold and would make literally any other game skyrocket, but you just... forgot about your creation? You came looking just for money, as I see. A replacement for your game may eventually appear, that would be better and without a greedy owner - and this will leave AoC in shambles and fires. Wake up. Don't be a lazy gold-digger.

    Port the game to mac - it should be pretty easy as you've already made an ios version and is worth doing so.
    Start releasing updates.
    Listen to the community.

    Mojang Studios, the owner of Minecraft once was in a state like this (crisis of 2016). And yet, they released a good update, started listening the community, porting the game to literally every fridge, and what do we have now? The most popular and strong game with golden community.

    Conclusion - I hope the creator of AoC2 reads this and takes off the blindfold that is preventing him from not being a lazy fat lard mining the gold out of slowly dissolving community.

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