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  1. ===============================

    the things that existed in age of civilization2 




    a 10% increase in economic growth; a 5% increase in population growth.


    the addition of General


    The general's got a moving point of 5.0. 

    make available by writing


    according to the characteristics of the general 

    Add Different Point Bonus


    according to the characteristics of the general

    Add Military Defense


    according to the characteristics of the general

    Add military offensive force


    In addition to the general's level system.

    Add Multiple Points


    technical ability


    per 0.01 technical force 

    >A 0.2 increase in military defense

    >A 0.2 increase in military aggression


    ex) their own technical skills 1.0 

    > - 적 력 기술 0.5

    My military 10000 vs. the enemy's military 10000

     |10000×{(120/100)<-Army Attack Buff)}×({(100-10)/100}<-the enemy's defensive buff}] vs 10000×{(110/100)<-the enemy's offensive buff)}[(100-20)/100}<-Australian Defense)]=>

    10000× 12/10 × 9/10 vs.

    10000 × 11/10 × 8/10 => 10800-8800=8000 



    When you send troops from land to sea, 

     Additional charges (shipbuilding)


    dissemination system 


    It's not just the land of other countries.

    They are not allowed to supply their land.


    And it's only a port, a supply station.



    Now, you can't spread it all over the ocean.


    Added Torture System


    Only money can be collected.


    a secular system

    Not only the money, but also the diplomatic scores of the underworld,

     Enable movement score adjustment.


    Adding a Military Training System


    >A 3% increase in military defense

    >A 2% increase in military aggression

    >per ton after 50 ton without training 

    3% reduction in military defense

    2% reduction in military aggression

    The training takes two tons.


    economic development and assimilation system 


    You can do it with brushes or a bunch of areas at once.

    Let me.


    Adding a leader succession system


    Democracy, Republic, every five years.

    The leader changes automatically.


    Democracy, outside the republic.

    Leaders change automatically every 80 years.


    Every time a leader changes, his name changes.

     Let it be set.


    I'm not going to be able to do this.

     They are divided into diplomacy, politics, military and charisma. 

    In addition, all of these capabilities can be up to 35.


    in the event of an increase in diplomacy.

    Give another 2% diplomatic point. 

    It raises the possibility of the success of the alliance offer


    in the event of an increase in politics.

    Give another 2% moving point.

    >1% of building construction costs and assimilation costs are reduced.


    in the event of an increase in military strength.

    give an additional 1% of military strength

    give an additional 1% of the military offensive.


    When you increase your charisma by one,

    >National corruption also decreases the rate of increase by 1%.


    in the event of a drop in diplomacy.

    The diplomatic point is down by 2%.

    The chances of a successful alliance offer are down.


    in the event of a decline in politics by one

    >2% of moving points are reduced.

    The cost of building and assimilation increases by one percent.


    in case of a reduction in military strength by one

    >1 per cent of military defense is reduced

    >1% of the military offensive force is reduced.


    If you're going to decrease your charisma by one,

    >National corruption also increases the rate of increase by 1 percent.


    Add state corruption as well.


    If corruption increases by 1%, 

    >A 1% increase in reactionary rate

    a 2% drop in tax income


    Add religious systems, races, and cultural rights.


    the dominant state and the ruled state.

    If the religious system, race, and culture are different,

    in the same


    Increase in assimilation costs Increase the Rebellion Rate


    in a religious system

    Add Buff and Debuff for Different Religions


    Navy Additions


     Only in Pro Vince with ports can be created.


     When you move a soldier on land to the sea,

    make half of the navy's money cheap


    In the naval battle with the Army, the Navy added 20% defense and 10% attack rate.


     the addition of the emperor's authority in the Holy Roman Empire.


    The authority of the emperor has increased through reform.

    a state that is an emperor and belongs to the Holy Roman Empire.

    a decrease in times of war


    Deconstruction of the Holy Roman Empire on 0th


    At 30 days, the emperor's country can request to join the war

    However, I have a diplomatic score.


    60 days in the Holy Roman Empire.

     the subjugation of every nation of the emperor state


    It becomes a Holy Roman Empire in 100 days.


    And every increase of 1 increase in prestige 10 increase.


     Add Trade System


    Once we had a local bundle, 

    the addition of trade power by the unit of the region.


    per capita trade power

    a 0.05% increase in population growth

    >A 0.1% increase in economic growth rate

    an increase in income by 20


    The war has forced trade in the other region. 

    Take up to 25%. 

    You can send it to your area by trade.


    Trade power is compared to conventional trade power when building ports.

    a 1.5x increase


    Trade power increases by one per thousand economic power in the region.


    Add Trade Policy


    trade in free trade is more common than in general trade.

    a double increase in the country's trade power

    a double drop in the income of trade power


    Partial free trade is more common than general trade.

    >A 1.6-fold increase in the country's trade power

    a drop of 1.6 times in trade power


    In limited free trade, trade is more common than in general.

    a 1.2-fold increase in the country's trade power

    a drop of 1.2 times in trade power


    It doesn't work in general trade.


    Under surveillance, trade is more important than general trade.

    one and a half times the country's trade power

    >A 1.5-fold increase in the income of the trade force


    trade is better than general trade when prohibited

    a threefold drop in the country's trade power

    a double increase in the income of the trade force

    >Two times the rate of increase in technology


    Adding a Military Assistance System


    Military support is based on the presence of the country's armed forces

    You can choose the military to send with the Provence option.


     After the choice, the state that's backed up is... 

    with the right of way to the state you've applied for.

    The soldier's ownership is turned into a supported country.


    Add a Modernization System


    This effect occurs when a certain amount of technical skills are available.


    >Add 50% Attack Power 

    >Add 50% Defense

    >Increased population growth by 30%; 

    >Add 50% economic growth


    Add a variety of military types



    no effect


    a mounted soldier

    >A 30% increase in military offensive power over infantry

    >A 20% reduction in military defense compared to infantry



     Available from 0.35 or higher technical skills

    >A 20% increase in military offensive power over infantry

    >A 20% reduction in military defense compared to infantry

    >Exact artillery technology (instead of not moving)

     2% reduction in the number of artillery in the next Provence,

     The soldiers in the next Provins were killed in the attack. 

    Reduced military attack by half.

    {ex)Economy is 5000-(1/50×20000)= 

    It's a 4800 economy. 

    A soldier is 10000-(1/2 ×200)= 

    The number of troops is zero.For your information, except for other buffs.})


    a shield soldier 

    >A 40% increase in military defense

    >Reduced military attack power by 50%

    >All the soldiers of Provence who were armed with a shield were killed.

    One-quarter or more of Provins.

     Add 20% Defense



    Foot soldiers in land Provins, shield soldiers, five-tenths of a mile.

    I can't move a turn.


    In land-based Provins, the artillery moved three tons,

    I can't move a turn.


    Adding a Military Maintenance Buff

     10% or less of the corresponding military maintenance costs;

    1 increase in military dissatisfaction for every 1% or so.

    (If there's a military complaint,

    Fifty days, you've got a random military presence on Pro Vince.

    of different ideologies or subordinate to the state. 

    There is a rebellion in the nation.)


     Military maintenance costs 

    If less than 50% of the maintenance cost of the corresponding army is in question 

    Every time you're 50% to 1% smaller, 


    >2% reduction in fraud (for every 1% reduction in fraud)

    2% reduction in military aggression 2% decrease in military defense 2%


    When military maintenance costs are above 90%, 


    >A 5% increase in fraud

    (A 5% increase in military aggression for every 1% increase in fraud)

    5% increase in military defense)


    I'm going to end

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