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  1. Any news from AoH3 :D?

  2. Hello Mr.lukazs, I have question. How can i change the limit of leatest army in the game? 

  3. These provinces have wrong growth rate(100%)
  4. Hi can you add Antarctica to the game pls


  5. Łukasz Jakowski

    Change Icon

    In the Goverments.json you have something like that: "Extra_Tag: "m"" Instead of "m" use unique character, for example "z". Extra_Tag: "z", Name of icon: crown_z.png Then add new icon to all of these folders: UI\H\crowns\ UI\XH\crowns\ UI\XXH\crowns\ UI\XXXH\crowns\
  6. Lukasz, please see my forum post for help 


  7. Hey Łukasz, pls change the game "Age of Civilizations". Or I will don't wait Age of History III

  8. Łukasz Jakowski


    Fog of War is set to "Full"
  9. Witam chce odpalić grę na steam klikam play i nic pomocy!!!!

  10. Lukasz changing the name won't save the games reputaiton, working on the game will.

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    2. Saurie
    3. LildawgGaming


      Mojang had to call their smaller game "Mojang's Scrolls" instead of just "Scrolls" because Bethesda threatened to take the name to court over it sounding like "The Elder Scrolls". Similar thing probably happened here. And yes, it is very stupid.

    4. Banana


      Why did you have to change the name?

  11. Lukasz why are you changing the name???

  12. gdy wchodze do jakiejś zapisanej gry to włącza mi się ponownie menu a gdy wejdę to nie działają mi tury 

    proszę o pomoc 

  13. Bro you could at least post something like "haha prank" i unistalled mod just to see what you added lol

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