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  1. Well, this sucks... I guess I will play it just for the fun of conquering the whole world in a boring way
  2. There was no update since December Is the game abandoned
  3. K is close to J and I is close to O... hM maybe the right keys were missed
  4. Even the South Korean leader is messed up jAe
  5. Cristi20404

    Trading bug

    It's a core province You can buy a province while the core is in construction This happens after a war but still you need 60k-150k to buy 1 province
  6. JOM JONG-UN!!! this name is hilarious
  7. Cristi20404


    It seems that it works after a few months but I can't close the pop-up and this means my game can't get to the next turn
  8. It means that you don't have to look on maps on the internet to assign correct provinces The template will help with assigning provinces easily (hope this is what he meant)
  9. Cristi20404


    They don't seem to work!? I just added lots of events in my WWI scenario and I prepared myself for 1914 and not even an event happened in that year I need this to be fixed so I can play scenarios properly
  10. I feel the game will be complicated, but it's fine
  11. Every game that I'm in, France would attack only Germany in turn 50-100 Or maybe it's just me
  12. Imagine the pain, at least you can connect a keyboard and mouse to the console, but it needs keyboard and mouse support
  13. Cristi20404


    I don't know if it's a bug or a suggestion, but France in the modern day scenario, always , ALWAYS attacks Germany and wins the war... Can't France attack someone else somehow
  14. Idk about you but I rather have more content than multiplayer...
  15. Cristi20404

    Vassal Bug

    I had England as a vassal and I didn't see any request of declaring independence, and they just declared war on me
  16. Oh yes I experienced this accidentally with my ally My ally was in war with someone and I tried protecting them by putting units at their border with the enemy and then the enemy declared war on me
  17. That glitch is there since the release, hope it gets fixed soon
  18. France is getting killed by Burgundy
  19. Yes , I have that issue too and I couldn't make an alliance because I was at war with a small landlocked country
  20. Yes but somehow atwar isn't that complicated with diplomacy so I don't know how diplomacy should work
  21. You have to deal with it sadly , otherwise there is no way you can play multiplayer Edit: But if 70% of the players ended turn the turn would end, well I don't know
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