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  1. Sure, go ahead. Just make sure you link the mod and my channel in the video.
  2. A huge mod that adds a new map, several new nations, and several new scenarios. The map is small, only about 49 Conquerable Territories, but I don't plan on making a bigger one. Additions: -The Chigonian Region Map -Several New Nations -Several New Scenarios How to insert the mod: Place the "Chigonian" Folder in the "Maps" file. Also replace the text file there. While in maps, pull the Chigonian-L and Chigonian_R files in "backgrounds". While still in maps, go to the data folder and place the continents package in the continents folder. Place the custom nations in the civilization_editor folder. Note: I am honestly getting tired of explaining this over and over. So if you need help, come to me. Chigonian Region.zip
  3. Note: I am not a brony. I am just a fan of the universe Hurricane Hunter03 has created. So I recreated it here. I suggest you check it out. It is pretty awesome. I will leave the Playlist here. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjFmCqwJiZTGqKvjykV-3p2tlmoFiGfzo The plot: World War 3 had ended in a Russian Victory and had dominated the world. However their rule didn't last long as they fell apart and the world was rechanged. Meanwhile, a portal in southern Germany opened. Which brought a new race into the world. The Equestrians... Who immediately set up a colony. The German-Equestrian Skirmish occured, resulting in an Equestrian victory. The Equestrians get to remain on the planet with their colony, however, Russia is beginning to rebuild back to its former glory. Iran has become extreme anti-equestrian. And China doesn't seem to fond of the Equestrians either... Features: 4 new nations. A brand new scenario. Future Features: Different Scenarios and more nations based on the different timeframes in Hurricane Hunter03's universe. How to: 1. Open Steam Client. 2. Right Click Age of Civilizations 2. 3. Click on the Local Files Tab. 4. Click "Browse Local Files". The custom nations within the Custom Nations Folder goes into "game" -> civilizations_editor. The scenario within the scenario folder goes into maps -> Earth -> scenarios. Make sure to take the individual folders within the Custom Nations and Scenario folders out first. Equestrian Arrival Mod.zip
  4. My first custom mod. Features: Adds a new custom empire. "The Lildawgian Empire". Adds a new leader. Me. (Yes, that is actually me.) Adds a new scenario featuring said empire. This mod is small, but I plan to do bigger mods at some point. Instructions: 1. Download and Extract Files. 2. Enter your Steam Desktop Thingy. 3. Right click on your AoC2 game. 4. Click properties. 5. Click the "Local Files" tab. 6. Click "Browse Local Files". Where to put each file: In game you'll place the "1553394404738bgjqayyr" folder in civilization_editor folder, you'll place "lildawg.png" in the "leader_IMG folder", and "1553394472568schahdqx" file in "leaders" The last file, simply named "lildawg", is the scenario. You go to "maps" then "Earth" then "Scenarios" then you'll place it there. Lildawgian Empire.zip
  5. Random Guy: LILDAWG PLAYED COMPUTER AOC2?! IS THIS THE RAPTURE?! THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!!! Lildawg: It's true. 😄 Notes: 1. I still prefer Android because it loads quicker. Giving me another reason to ask why the game isn't compatible with my device anymore. 2. I will do a series on computer version if asked.
  6. No I's? *Lthuana Intensifies.*
  7. Ever wanted to have Vytautas the Derp as a useable leader in Age of Civilizations 2? WELL NOW YOU CAN! How to install your Vytautas the Derp: 1. Download the picture onto your computer. 2. Open up the Steam Application. The one that gives you a list to allow you to start up your games. 3. Right click on Age of Civilizations 2. 4. Click properties. 5. Click local files. 6. Click browse local files. 7. Click on the folder that says "game". 8. Go to "leaderIMG". 9. Plop Vytautas the Derp into the folder. 10. Open up the game. 11. Go to editor then Leaders. 12. Create a new leader. 13. When typing the image name, type "vytautasthederp.png". 14. CONGRATS! YOU CAN NOW USE HIM ON ANY COUNTRY! 15. Play a game and spread the love of Lthuana! 16. Profit. Vytautas the Derp of Lthuana His actual stats: 25% on everything except administration and military upkeep. -25% on military upkeep and administration.
  8. If you try to ally someone and you are both in the HRE, you get a positive bonus to ally with them. If one of you are, and the other isn't, it gives you a negative bonus to trying to ally with them(This applies if you aren't but they are as well). It is easier to ally people of the HRE if you are in the HRE than people who aren't. In other words, it makes allying other HRE members easier as long as you are a member yourself. If you aren't, or are and trying to ally outside of the HRE, it is harder.
  9. Germanic Empire: I defeated Rome and built an empire. Currently my largest one to date. I decided to make a map for it.
  10. My largest Empire in 5 AD as Suebi.
  11. Me, My Ally the Ottomans, and some of the Great Powers I will go after in Part Two.
  12. Chapter 5: Aztec Empire: SURRENDER OR DIE! Australian Tribes: ALRIGHT POWERFUL SIR! WE SURRENDER WITHOUT A FIGHT! Aztec Empire: Good... *Aztec Empire Then Vassalizes Muisca. A large power in South America. Aztec notices Oyo landed in South America.* Oyo: This land is mine! Aztec Empire: Hello Oyo... Oyo: Who are you? Aztec Empire: THE ALMIGHTY AZTEC EMPIRE! Oyo: Hello... I am the almighty Oyo!!! *Aztec Empire begins vassalizing the South American Kingdoms.* Oyo: ... *Aztec laughs maniacally.* Oyo: Someone so powerful, that he can force others to give in without shedding a single drop of blood... No... I won’t be outdone! Aztec Empire: Try your best LITTLE EMPIRE. Oyo: Little?! How dare you?! Liberia(Aztec Africa): Oyo... I suggest you don’t fight him... You will get crushed easily... Oyo: Hate to say it, but you’re right... I will be back though... Ottoman Empire: Countries are preparing to colonize the Americas, some have already landed... Aztec is not gonna be happy about that... Part One of the series, A Terrifying Alliance, ends here.... Part Two: Colonialism in the Americas...
  13. Kenya declared their independence in 1963. Actually, two Kenyas did. The Northern Neko Led Kenya, and the Southern Human Led Kenya. It is only a matter of time before war breaks between the north and south. Helden der Welt Stats: Neko Kenya was supported by The USA, Soviet Union, China, United Kingdom, and France Human Kenya was supported by Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Argentina. War ended in Neko victory. (Yeah, the Soviets and Americans kinda screwed over Human Kenya’s chances of winning.)
  14. Sorry I haven’t been really working in this one guys. I have been busy with ither projects. I will get back to this eventually, just not now.
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