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  1. Update 1.2 is gonne mostly focus on new governents and new scenarios. So be on the lookout for that.
  2. No problem dude. I may do a major flag update in the future, but flags are not a major focus right now.
  3. Refer to what I said earlier about flags right here.
  4. Original Scenario and instructions to download scenario: Changelog: -Changed the relations between the nations in the Americas. -New Governments. -3 New Themes for Heart of Roma, Great Outback, and Remnent. All made by TeknoAxe. -Rebalancing of some governments. (Specifically Imperialist and Militant.) -New Scenario based on the first map. -Some secrets... Hmmm... -Other minor things I may have forgotten. XD Link to Mod (Because it is too big to post.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UodvvSo_OdzXar1Mab-opYR1RQvcir9h/view?usp=sharing
  5. There is a reason I did not add events. I want the player to build their own story within the scenario and want complete randomness to what happens in-game. However if it is indeed highly demanded, I will make a second scenario with events.
  6. Note: The update is not ready yet, this is just an announcement for said update. Read the instructions here for downloading the mod: Changelog: -Heart of Roma Theme -Several new governments, mostly from dividing the Monarch Based and Americanism Based Government Systems. There are however some completely new ones for some of the nations. -Governments of a bunch of nations across the world have changed. -Reworking of some of the governments. Specifically Militant, which was underpowered, and Imperialist, which was overpowered. -A Scenario based on the Classic Scenario that led up to the whole mod. Now with all the new governments that have came in the area. -Shortened Discovery View, to showcase that the world needs to be re-explored. Planned Changes Still in Progress: -2 More New Nation Themes.
  7. I don't plan on making completely new modded flags. There are 107 Unique Countries in this mod that I would have to make flags for. There is a reason I am only adding a few theme songs at a time. I will be updating flags through the editor to try and make them unique though. Just don't expect modded flags.
  8. My footage is terrible because my computer is terrible. Cannot run a different recorder without it breaking part way through, and then sometimes even forcing me to reboot the whole computer. Yes, it does need a little work. Will change a few flags around and add more themes to the various nations. This is my first mod and I am still figuring things out.
  9. Patch 1 MUSIC PLAYS AUTOMATICALLY NOW! The patch should be available now. If not, let me know.
  10. Here is a video showing off the mod:
  11. So, The Dust Settles has been made into a full blown mod. I have a trick for full on mods that I will share with you. First the story: In 2052, World War 3 broke out and destroyed society. Thankfully, the fallout wasn't as bad as they initially thought it would be, so humanity was able to rebuild within 100 years and take back most of the planet, except for most of Africa. With the less sparsely populated World and even less resources than we once had, wars are more common. Notes: -Africa and Australia was added. However... I ALSO ADDED THE AMERICAS! MEANING THE WHOLE WORLD IS AVAILABLE! -A new Royalty Free Sountrack made by the awesome folks at TeknoAXE. Certain nations will get a theme song. I have already given a few some, but I would like YOU GUYS to decide which nations should get one in the next update. 😄 More on that below. -New darker and Gloomy map to fit the ruined world theme. -New Governments, will most likely add more in the future. -And of course, new nations and leaders. Which brings the mod up to a total of 107 Nations, 106 of which have leaders. Future Plans: -I will be porting the previous and more classic versions of The Dust Settles over into the mod, meaning you can play in the classic "Western Russia and Eastern Europe" setting from the first ever scenario. How to install the mod, and my trick for having mods. Step 1: Open My Computer and head into your Local Disc. Step 2: Click on "Program Files (x86)", then "Steam", then "SteamApps", then "common". You should be in a series of folders that say the names of the games on your Steam. Step 3: Create a new folder, name it anything for right now. Step 4: Go into your Age of Civilizations folder and select all of the non-folder files. Copy them into your new folder. Step 5: Add the folders from The Dust Settles Mod into the New Folder. Now what I just did here is have you make an alternative file for the mod. The game looks for the file called "Age of Civilizations II". This means that if you rename your original AoC2 folder to something else, and name your mod folder to "Age of Civilizations II", it will look in that folder instead, which runs the mod. Then if you want to go back to the original game, do the same thing. I do this with all of my mods, which is how I am able to switch between the regularly and very easily. Unfortunately, the mod has gotten so damn big, I cannot upload it on this forum. So I will have to upload it to another site for download. Here ya go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19e6gwATBYgxYAta1cePDmY69Xg8g8IYJ This mod was alot of work... I hope you enjoy it. I plan to update it as time goes on. Also, give the guys who made the music you hear in the mod a visit. https://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe
  12. I already know about the drama caused recently. I am not gonna answer.
  13. I have been thinking, "What if I could make my own The Dust Settles Achievements?". Well I have set up some challenges. Some are easy. Some are hard. Some may be difficult beyond hell and back. But can you beat them? True Rome: Annex Rome as one of the 4th Rome Nations. (Holy Roman Empire Nations) Whin Wins: Annex the capitals of Maidengrad and Iron Legion. Mastery of All Communism: Annex the capitals of Maidengrad and Red Dominion as Turkish Commune. True Iberian People: Form Iberian Decendants as Northern Iberia. The Irish Isles: Unite the British Isles as Renald. True Death: Annex the Capitals of The Confederation, Northern Empire, Maidengrad, Iron Legion, Germania, Iberian People, White Star Empire, George, Heart of Roma/Way of Peace (Both supposed to be Rome), Whin, Watership, Korika, and Yerva as The Death League. True Royalty: Annex the capitals of all 4th Rome Members as Royal Spring. Heart of the Romans: Annex the capitals of Gaul, Watership, North Star Empire, and Korika as Heart of Roma. You sunk my battleship: Defeat Watership in a war while they are still in the top 3, and you are not in the top 10. Survived the Worst: Defeat your rebellious puppets as the Cuzodi Dynasty. Ancient Traditions: Conquer all of the British Isles as Doreval. Invaded During the Winter, and Succeded: Play as either Germania, Western Bloc, Gaul, or Death League, and annex Moscow during the winter months. (Note, this means Annex Moscow between December-Febuary.) Russia's Punching Bag: Playing as Iron Legion or Maidengrad, kill Whin before turn 50. (That means nothing left of them. Don't even leave the tiniest piece of territory.) No, I am Rome: Annex Moscow as Heart of Roma or Way of Peace. Size Doesn't Matter: Form Russian Decendants as Whin. United Tribes of Everybody: Annex every territory as the United Eastern Tribes. Neutral Territory does not count. Stalin would be Proud: Annex Berlin as Maidengrad. Napolean's True Heir: As Gaul or Western Bloc, become a republic and set your capital to Paris, and then Annex Berlin, Madrid, Moscow, Rome, Stockholm, London, and Istanbul. Hope you can beat some or maybe all of these challenges. Here is a link to the scenario, can't wait to see how you all do. :3 http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/91232-the-dust-settles-bless-the-rains-update/
  14. I was a big fan of the original Nirn map. But now it has been cut out? Why? Why couldn't you keep it in?
  15. Can you please name all of the universes included within the Universal Clash scenario? I don't recognize them all.
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