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  1. Status report: Alright, it is about time I start work on a new start date. 2180 is now officially underway. Be prepared for a future update. 2180 will include some new nations and some nations who are now destroyed in certain places. Prepare.
  2. So I haven't been updating the Dust Settles. Mostly because the game has had a bunch of bug fixing updates I didn't want to deal with. So recently I ported the scenario back over into the vanilla game, and redid all the governments to now have the scenario be completely vanilla. So far the full map scenario is the only one I did. However you may find some extra nations in the game files not in the scenario. I am definitely not planning on adding more start dates to expand on the lore of The Dust Settles. *Giggles.* The Story: 2050 was a bad time to be alive. The Third World
  3. Imperium is finally out. Basically Imperium is an old scenario I decided to update. It is a ridiculous and very unrealistic Alternative History with so many different changes that this world would probably never exist. Inspired by several alternative histories like Kaiserreich. Features: -One very unrealistic scenario. -Over 160 Playable Nations. -Events for some nations from 1936-1937. -Completely Vanilla, no custom nations or modded government types. -Some Releasable Nations. Imperium.zip
  4. After alot of forgetting, I have finally finished a version of the Small Earth Project I said I would finish long ago. Also I originally said I wasn't gonna do regional scenarios, but I changed my mine and did all except Football War. (Both of the nations from that scenario are in the same territory on the small map.) Plus, some of the Regional scenarios look too silly to not release. (Specifically Sengoku and Ancient Greece have very few territories.) So far the only full world scenario I have made is 1440. These surprisingly are tedious to make using the original map as reference. Waste
  5. Here is The Dust Settles Mod Full Release. Finally! It includes: -Previous Dust Settle Scenarios + the regular one AND a new one with a different start date. -2 Maps, the new map and the old map. (It only changes how it looks.) -Different governments. -Over 100 Custom Unique nations. -Over 100 Unique Leaders. -28 Themes for certain nations. More start dates, themes, governments, and nations will come. Someday. Right now, I am tired of the mod. So I am gonna work on something else for a while. If you wanna know how to install the mod. Check th
  6. Been through a spam bot situation before like this on another forum. In fact, that is the reason that forum shut down. It is annoying and I hate it alot.
  7. So recently I went back into an old Flash Game Series known as Warlords. A bunch of races live on a continent known as "Beneril" and peace is wished for, but very hard to achieve because the races constantly want to kill each other. We have: The Human Alliance The Night Elves/High Elves The Wood Elves The Orcs of the North The Orcs of the South The Men of the West The Undead The Mountain Trolls and The Demons who wake up every time there is a conflict. Plus The Marcolites and The Arnolds in later games. One big thing in this world
  8. Hello. Permission to use this map in my mod, The Dust Settles? Would love to use this for one of the planned regional scenarios.
  9. Cannot access the mod. It says I need permission.
  10. Update 1.3 is gonna be a very important update for The Dust Settles. Several Major Things Planned: -Finishing up the new governments and fixing their symbols. -Flag update for alot of the nations, though don't expect me to get them all. (This one was heavily requested by you guys.) -Getting the previous scenarios into the mod, from when it wasn't a mod. (Western Expansion and Bless the Rains Updates.) -Getting a better and more readable font. (Not guarenteed.) -Getting better loading menu phrases. -Many nations are getting new themes. I currently have about
  11. To install the mod, instructions are here: The Dust Settles Mod is now on update 1.2. Adds even more ideologies, changes a few more flags, and the biggest change: Adds several releasable nations. The video down below explains it all better than I can type: The next update is something that had been requested quite a bit. A FLAG UPDATE. So be ready for that.
  12. I don't have the mental capacity to try and learn how to do that. If demand is high, I can try and get someone who is skilled at porting PC scenarios to Android and have them do it for me.
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