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  1. Here is The Dust Settles Mod Full Release. Finally! It includes: -Previous Dust Settle Scenarios + the regular one AND a new one with a different start date. -2 Maps, the new map and the old map. (It only changes how it looks.) -Different governments. -Over 100 Custom Unique nations. -Over 100 Unique Leaders. -28 Themes for certain nations. More start dates, themes, governments, and nations will come. Someday. Right now, I am tired of the mod. So I am gonna work on something else for a while. If you wanna know how to install the mod. Check this link out: Mod: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h4KDWiAaCZJAuVkOg1-QpeBUt_oE0PYo/view?usp=sharing So yeah. I hope the link works, have fun.
  2. Been through a spam bot situation before like this on another forum. In fact, that is the reason that forum shut down. It is annoying and I hate it alot.
  3. So recently I went back into an old Flash Game Series known as Warlords. A bunch of races live on a continent known as "Beneril" and peace is wished for, but very hard to achieve because the races constantly want to kill each other. We have: The Human Alliance The Night Elves/High Elves The Wood Elves The Orcs of the North The Orcs of the South The Men of the West The Undead The Mountain Trolls and The Demons who wake up every time there is a conflict. Plus The Marcolites and The Arnolds in later games. One big thing in this world are The Demons. They are really tough in the regular game, and so they will be here too. Scenarios: A Divided Beneril (Non-lore): Every province is independent. Early Days of Beneril: This is what Beneril was probably like many years before the first game, and before the Human Alliance got greedy. The Human Civil War: The Human Alliance at this point had gotten super greedy. They broke their alliances with the elves, and have caused multiple wars. Humans within the alliance start a rebellion and form The Men of the West. This is still before the first game. The Undead's Rise: A Necromancer begins raising the dead and building an army. Eventually the Undead destroy what is now known as "The Forest of the Damned". This is STILL before the first game. The First War of Beneril (Warlords: Call to Arms): The Demons have awoken finally and tensions shatter into war. Meanwhile the Orcs divide into the Orcs of the North and Orcs of the South due to disagreements. This is the scenario based on the first Warlords. In canon, the Demons and Undead lose, but anyone else can win and the outcome will remain the same. Whoever wins builds a short-lived empire that falls apart. The Second War of Beneril (Warlords 2: Rise of Demons): In between the last war and this war, the Night Elves become the High Elves, and the events of the spinoff Warlords: Heroes have already taken place. The Demons awaken after sensing more tension between the races, causing a second war. This is the second game in the series. In canon, The Demons lose, but anyone else including the undead can win and the same outcome occurs. The winner has a short-lived empire that falls apart before the next game. Alternative Second War: In the game you can unlock a final "Joke Race" that is overpowered beyond balls known as "The Arnolds". It is a clear reference to Terminator. This Scenario includes them. The Third War of Beneril (Warlords: Epic Conflict): Many long years have passed since the events of the last game and peace has been enjoyed, however as tensions rise, a group of humans from across the sea set up a colony on an island north of Beneril. They brought "Thunderous Weapons" that accidentally awoke the demons a third time. This starts a third war, and these new people are called "The Marcolites". This is the third and final game in the series (So Far), and is my favorite one. I have no idea if there is a canon victor for the end of this one, as I couldn't find one. War of the Titans (Non-Lore): Had a bit of fun with this one. A world where The Arnolds, Marcolites, and Demons dominate Beneril. Peace in Beneril (Non-Lore): An assumed look at what Beneril looks like after the events of the third game. I assume a short-lived empire rules the area then falls apart. The warlords map is small and for the purposes of this, I kept the map small. There are only 29 conquerable territories, which makes this map perfect for if you want very quick games. Plus the sea provinces should make things interesting. I delved deep into the lore of Warlords expecting to just have enough to create three scenarios based on the Three Wars of Beneril, but was plesantly surprised that there was so much more that I missed when I was younger. So I took advantage of that and built scenarios based around lore and not just around the games. Also, enjoy fighting the demons, they have kicked my rear-end many times because they are tough and like to be aggressive. I will update this scenario as I discover more and more of the lore. Maybe even a scenario based on Warlords: Heroes, the spinoff game. Read the Read Me for instructions that comes along with the map. Beneril Map.zip
  4. Hello. Permission to use this map in my mod, The Dust Settles? Would love to use this for one of the planned regional scenarios.
  5. Cannot access the mod. It says I need permission.
  6. Update 1.3 is gonna be a very important update for The Dust Settles. Several Major Things Planned: -Finishing up the new governments and fixing their symbols. -Flag update for alot of the nations, though don't expect me to get them all. (This one was heavily requested by you guys.) -Getting the previous scenarios into the mod, from when it wasn't a mod. (Western Expansion and Bless the Rains Updates.) -Getting a better and more readable font. (Not guarenteed.) -Getting better loading menu phrases. -Many nations are getting new themes. I currently have about 20 planned nation themes. -Retextured map. -Some changes to the menu. Specifically changing the title from "Age of Civilizations II" to "The Dust Settles". This update is going to mark a turning point in the mod. Mostly because the mod is gonna actually feel and look complete. This technically should be the 1.0 update but I am dumb and didn't plan the mod that way. Plus I need something to get me off my a** anyways, so working on this mod is the perfect excuse. Just prepare. :3 P.S. the world IS meant to look that dark. Mostly because the world IS pretty dark. I will leave the old map in if you guys prefer that over the new one.
  7. To install the mod, instructions are here: The Dust Settles Mod is now on update 1.2. Adds even more ideologies, changes a few more flags, and the biggest change: Adds several releasable nations. The video down below explains it all better than I can type: The next update is something that had been requested quite a bit. A FLAG UPDATE. So be ready for that.
  8. I don't have the mental capacity to try and learn how to do that. If demand is high, I can try and get someone who is skilled at porting PC scenarios to Android and have them do it for me.
  9. Update 1.2 is gonne mostly focus on new governents and new scenarios. So be on the lookout for that.
  10. No problem dude. I may do a major flag update in the future, but flags are not a major focus right now.
  11. Refer to what I said earlier about flags right here.
  12. Original Scenario and instructions to download scenario: Changelog: -Changed the relations between the nations in the Americas. -New Governments. -3 New Themes for Heart of Roma, Great Outback, and Remnent. All made by TeknoAxe. -Rebalancing of some governments. (Specifically Imperialist and Militant.) -New Scenario based on the first map. -Some secrets... Hmmm... -Other minor things I may have forgotten. XD Link to Mod (Because it is too big to post.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UodvvSo_OdzXar1Mab-opYR1RQvcir9h/view?usp=sharing
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