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  1. I already know about the drama caused recently. I am not gonna answer.
  2. I have been thinking, "What if I could make my own The Dust Settles Achievements?". Well I have set up some challenges. Some are easy. Some are hard. Some may be difficult beyond hell and back. But can you beat them? True Rome: Annex Rome as one of the 4th Rome Nations. (Holy Roman Empire Nations) Whin Wins: Annex the capitals of Maidengrad and Iron Legion. Mastery of All Communism: Annex the capitals of Maidengrad and Red Dominion as Turkish Commune. True Iberian People: Form Iberian Decendants as Northern Iberia. The Irish Isles: Unite the British Isles as Renald. True Death: Annex the Capitals of The Confederation, Northern Empire, Maidengrad, Iron Legion, Germania, Iberian People, White Star Empire, George, Heart of Roma/Way of Peace (Both supposed to be Rome), Whin, Watership, Korika, and Yerva as The Death League. True Royalty: Annex the capitals of all 4th Rome Members as Royal Spring. Heart of the Romans: Annex the capitals of Gaul, Watership, North Star Empire, and Korika as Heart of Roma. You sunk my battleship: Defeat Watership in a war while they are still in the top 3, and you are not in the top 10. Survived the Worst: Defeat your rebellious puppets as the Cuzodi Dynasty. Ancient Traditions: Conquer all of the British Isles as Doreval. Invaded During the Winter, and Succeded: Play as either Germania, Western Bloc, Gaul, or Death League, and annex Moscow during the winter months. (Note, this means Annex Moscow between December-Febuary.) Russia's Punching Bag: Playing as Iron Legion or Maidengrad, kill Whin before turn 50. (That means nothing left of them. Don't even leave the tiniest piece of territory.) No, I am Rome: Annex Moscow as Heart of Roma or Way of Peace. Size Doesn't Matter: Form Russian Decendants as Whin. United Tribes of Everybody: Annex every territory as the United Eastern Tribes. Neutral Territory does not count. Stalin would be Proud: Annex Berlin as Maidengrad. Napolean's True Heir: As Gaul or Western Bloc, become a republic and set your capital to Paris, and then Annex Berlin, Madrid, Moscow, Rome, Stockholm, London, and Istanbul. Hope you can beat some or maybe all of these challenges. Here is a link to the scenario, can't wait to see how you all do. :3 http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/91232-the-dust-settles-bless-the-rains-update/
  3. I was a big fan of the original Nirn map. But now it has been cut out? Why? Why couldn't you keep it in?
  4. Can you please name all of the universes included within the Universal Clash scenario? I don't recognize them all.
  5. Me: Since this update is mostly about Africa, I should think of a name that would fit... Brain: Bless the Rains Me: PERFECT! This update adds: Africa and the Middle East + New Nations within those regions. New Leaders! FORMABLE NATIONS! Basically this Update adds Africa and the Middle East to The Dust Settles. Africa is a more open continent compared to Europe and The Middle East. Most of it is open for the taking, which could allow an interesting colonialism of Africa in late game. Or a massive African Superpower to dominate everything. Next Update: Warlords of the East/Desert of Hope (Asia and Australia) I will include both continents in the next update. I have some interesting ideas for this. The Dust Settles Bless the Rains.zip
  6. All land is taken by a country. I made sure of it by playing through and seeing if the nations were each sending 10 soldiers to specific islands. By the end of my testing, I wasn't seeing any more tens.
  7. Hmmm... Yup, a Islamic France seems absolutely normal.
  8. Note: There are no custom nations in this scenario. Just plop the Scenario into the Scenarios Folder of Earth and you’re good to go. Imperium is an alternative 1936 where a few things have gone differently. Let's go! In the 1860's the American Civil War rocked America so badly that neither the Union or the Confederates were able to remain stable. With this, a group of very radical imperialists overthrew both governments. With this, the American reign of terror began with the war against Spain. Of which the Americans took the Phillipines and Cuba. In South America, The War of the Triple Alliance ends with a surprising Paraguayan Victory by a crushing margin. Another war against Paraguay was declared by even more South American countries, but it ends in an even worse defeat. Soon Peru, Brazil, and Argentina began declaring war on their other neighbors to build up power to fight Paraguay. World War 1 started like it normally does in our timeline. However, many key things change. 1. Italy joins the Central Powers. 2. Spain joins the Entente. 3. America joins the Central Powers. 4. Brazil, Argentina, and Peru fight both sides. 5. Paraguay joins the Central Powers. 6. Mexico joins the Central Powers. 7. Most of Africa rebels against their European overlords. Almost every single rebellion succeeds. 8. Sweden joins the Central Powers. They take out Norway and Denmark. World War 1 ends in a crushing victory for the Central Powers. South America remained unchanged, but the rest of the world did change. The biggest elephant in the room was the 50+ African Nations that made life hell for both sides. Every nation that succeeded in their revolution got to keep their independence. France was humiliated by this defeat. They lost Burgundy, Provence, and Brittany to the Germans as a way to weaken them. Though that would be temporary and they would gain it back. Italy gained Greece. Which was much more than they expected. Spain and Portugaul didn't lose anything as they lost most of their colonies in the Great African Revolutions. Britain loses a ton of land throughout the world, but got to keep most of India. Mexico got to annex all of Central America. Russia would be forced to give up some land so Germany could make some puppets. Sweden got to annex Norway and Denmark. The Austrians, Bulgarians, and Ottomans would all annex lands in the Balkans. World War 1 ended in suck a humiliating defeat for the Entente. In France and Great Britain, a communist revolution would rise to power in the 20's. France's original government would escape to their last African Colony of Algeria, while Britain's would escape to Canada. The Communist British managed to get a hold of India early on. Which would lead to a massive revolution their by the Vij, a group dedicated to the freeing of India through military force. This war is still on in 1936. In Russia, the Soviets and White Army would encounter a third contender for Russia. The Muscovite Monarchy was formed by a very powerful family who was close to the Tsar. With this, they were able to maintain some of the remaining Tsar's Loyalists and escape into Siberia, where they eventually came back out from hiding and won the war. This formed a very brutal Absolute Monarchy, known as Muscovy. In Italy, Mussollini would still rise to power. Though this would end up in civil war instead of just a simple takeover of Italy. China goes a similar route to how it did in our timeline, however a new Government would rise in Beijing to challenge the Communists and Nationalists. The Nationalists would make Shanghai their home. Beijing was led by a group of Chinese folk who saw the Japanese invasions as a blessing. A way to unite a broken China plagued by civil war. Their ideas impressed the Japanese so much, that the two eventually became allies. Solidifying a foothold for Beijing. Africa in 1936 is absolute hell. Wars being fought by the many newly independent African nations would bring together and tear apart several empires in the matter of months. Angola would rise out of the Ashes of a Wartorn Africa following the ideas of Communism. However they are having trouble getting through this hell of a continent. Bulgaria would entirely fall to a revolutionary Wallachian Group. Uniting most of Romania and Bulgaria. Wallachia would eventually unite with a very powerful Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire is in a great position. The Great Depression barely affected them, and they crushed many revolutions within very early on. They would even invade and counquer Persia successfully. Austria on the other hand, is experiencing Ethnic Tensions. Civil War may break out soon. Many other smaller things have also happened, but I won't get into those. You can probably discover the changes yourself. World War 2 will erupt due to events. If the war erupts correctly and without any interference, the two sides should look like this. (Only major nations are included here.) The War will erupt in January of 1938, so if you are a nation on the list, especially Germany, you should be prepared for war. The Coalition: French Commune Rome Great Britain Muscovy American Empire The Allies: Dominion of Canada France Germany Ottoman Empire Wallachia Neutral: Japan, Beijing, and Various Allies. China as a whole. Sweden. Switzerland. (Duh.) Austria. All of South America. Mexico. Imperium.zip
  9. Did you know I have a YouTube Channel? I have been playing lots of AoC2 stuff lately, but this is my current series I have been recording. Enjoy.
  10. Glad to see I made it in. Can't wait to play it on my channel. 🙂 One more thing, my flag looks like it has been spiced up a bit. 😮
  11. Yeah, I prefer to be lazy too.
  12. The information is all in one picture RIGHT HERE. :3 And Yes, I wish to be Uganda. If that isn't allowed though, then I live in America, capital needs to be Salem, Illinois since that is actually my home town.
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