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  1. Btw, if you need help in Eriador and Rhovanion, send me the current status of these regions on dc, and i try my best to do some noncanon countries and cities (If you need this kind of help)
  2. Okay, if the demo is released, i finish the stuffs for Raj. Ooh yeah, more Numenorians, i like it.
  3. Okay bro, I've few issues. So, you make provinces in Cloudforest? Because i need them to make the Sultanate of Raj. If you don't want, not big deal, i can accept that. I just asking. Good luck with the release! And happy new year 🍾
  4. Hi! So, i said, i gladly help with this mod. Aaaand i love Dorwinion soo much. Cuz of these, i created some stuff for Dorwinion... Firtsly, the Flag of Dorwinion: (Not my best work but thats all i can do with dorwinion) Secondly, i created Dorwinion map, to your province map: (I used some sources and a little self creativity for names, i hope you like it) Bye!
  5. Okay, well i literally don't find good ideas for easterling flags, so i decided to use a simple design. I hope you like this Khand flag...
  6. Niceee, anyway ig the chinese civil war borders: Or, the viet war borders:
  7. Ideas: 1: Remove the soviet occupation zone in northern Iran, and add these smol countries 2: Put Manchuria under soviet control, and give them chance to make a decision about it (ex: They can give Manchuria to Kuomitang or PRC, or set up a Manchu puppet) 3: Better Chinese civil war border: East Turkestani Revolt, Chinese warlords under Kuomitang control (like Ma Clique), Free Tibet 4: The WP and NATO are not exist in '46, and Yugoslavia is didn't part of WO (But Albania yes...) please fix it 5: Create British, Soviet and US occupation zones in Japan (Or make J
  8. Heya, so i decided to create a funmade flag for Lossarnach, cuz i very love the Lotr universe, and i like your mod (aaaand i saw few good Lossarnach flag concepts)! I hope you like it, and you can use this. Keep it up!
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