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  1. Thanks! 🙂Also new story coming either tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Just took a look, really cool mod you have there.
  3. CHAPTER 1 - First Conquests The day is January 1st, 1836. The United Kingdom has been feeling ideas of conquering the world. They had a large amount of influence on many continents and they were ready to unleash their feelings. Queen Victoria had been aware of the growing imperialist situation in her country and she had begun to use the ideas. Very soon, the whole country was sprouting these imperial objectives and the military was ready for anything. On January 29th, Britain began to improve relations with the great powers of Europe. These were France, Spain, Prussia, Aust
  4. Chapters CHAPTER 1 - First Conquests
  5. One time, I was playing as the French in the 1440 scenario and I created an alliance with Naples, both of us were superpowers at the time. Our alliance name was European Militaristic Pact but we had an economic alliance. 🤔
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