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  1. Your map is well made but sadly lukasz has abandoned this game sad but true and i heard he's making another game. Soo you should propably make maps on hoi4 instead.
  2. Lukasz you fucking moron il pirate your next game lol

    1. Chairman Baad

      Chairman Baad

      You won't pirate anything. There won't be a next game.


  3. Basicaly your mod name is "inspired" from addon+ ...cool you just replace the o with i nice its okay do my name is inspired from agario game just replaced the a with e lol
  4. AgerioPH

    Another bug-_-

    idk what to call this but when you zoom in the map just messed up i tried everything to fix it but yea
  5. Soo i just discovered this thing were the australian natives and papaua have maxed out tech very early also im playing this in normal 1440 scenario
  6. Hello! My name is AgerioPH on youtube and Rainezzz in discord and im showing my nation philippines its lands and economy are big if you saw screenshots below soo ya enjoy and bye from pinoy mobile gamer 🙂 This is The fullest extent of lands that my nation conquered using scaring tactics or simply conquering. I'm also showing my countries Economy which is Strong and big 😄
  7. If you meant ingame yes you can by unions or formations or vassals that you created and play as but if you meant changing it directly nope propably gonna be added but as of now nope
  8. Hello im gonna show you how to add leader and flag images on android this thing is bit complicated in my opinion soo ^^ for leader image ^^ and flag images
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