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  1. It looks like a flag from some North korean school tbh
  2. Yo man whats the mod about?

  3. can you release the Mini mods of yours? it will make the game 10x better
  4. I don't think so. if you make a scripted War then it probably won't work.
  5. I am on pc and when I change the UI, it crashes. Can you help?

  6. Can someone Explain to me how it is more advanced?
  7. He told us that he decided to abandom the game which means no updates anymore.... well he might be creating AOC III
  8. Ahh i can't get how to change the UI and i need help...I mean the Menu stuff and the basicly UI
  9. Me too.... i Really need someone to help me with the UI. It's Slowing my Development a lot
  10. the event spamming of the decisions makes me want to kill myself.... pls fix it
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