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  1. When you open the link it gives you error 404. Plz fix
  2. Maybe because Addon+ is not other mod's content? And also, stop trying to defend him, he might have learned from his action but he doesn't deserve someone to defend him
  3. But why? And btw i really respect his decision to credit the mods that he took content from, i guess we can call it a day?
  4. Overall, you seem like a pretty nice guy who wants to help animals and to be honest i feel rude for doing what i did. But PLEASE, PLEASE credit the mods that you took content from, or better: Try to make stuff on your own. Addin+ can become a great mod if you would make stuff,not steal. Listen, i still have hope that you could fix this whole mess. And another thing, Please don't go crazy, i feel like you're losing it and it's starting to scare me. I hope you're ok.
  5. Defend yourself how much you want but we know the truth, I told you that you could fix the mod's reputation but it's too late now.
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