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  1. Can someone Explain to me how it is more advanced?
  2. He told us that he decided to abandom the game which means no updates anymore.... well he might be creating AOC III
  3. Ahh i can't get how to change the UI and i need help...I mean the Menu stuff and the basicly UI
  4. Me too.... i Really need someone to help me with the UI. It's Slowing my Development a lot
  5. the event spamming of the decisions makes me want to kill myself.... pls fix it
  6. ahhh why do i get when i download only the events foldier?
  7. IlanFX

    Paint mod

    I don't know but i think it makes the icons a little bit Nicer
  8. Probably when it's going to be V.1.7 I'm gonna release it. But untill then i gotta figure out how to Change the province backround and how to Change the GUI i mean the UI
  9. i don't know.... i hope i could disable that the A.I won't attack randomly
  10. IlanFX


    Bots are taking over this forum. Lukasz please do something!
  11. I am developing it i haven't finished. More like a week i am gonna to release it
  12. Ahh how do i change them? I can change them only to land
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