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  1. i don't know.... i hope i could disable that the A.I won't attack randomly
  2. IlanFX


    Bots are taking over this forum. Lukasz please do something!
  3. Ahh how do i change them? I can change them only to land
  4. How did you change the backround of the map?
  5. IlanFX


    Yeah i know that already but If lukasz made a navy system it would be much better to Think about Building your navy to be able to invade. 
  6. IlanFX

    Paint mod

    What is the mod about?
  7. It looks great but the font with the colors Kills my eyes
  8. Hmm Events are one of the most important Stuff in a mod, altho i really like the look of it (and i also have the original mod on hoi4) You have a lot of potential. I am really looking foward to it.
  9. I don't think he will do any of this... altho i really want to see it in-game
  10. IlanFX


    We need navy added to the game, it's impossible to enjoy the game if your enemies are navaling invading you second after second. Please me a navy system so we can have a navy control over a navy province so your enemie won't naval invade you second after second.
  11. ;( Seems i was late...this mod is already created... Well seems i gotta find another idea again...
  12. IlanFX


    Ahh Of course
  13. What if germany world war 2 (i don't know why i posted this i just saw what if)
  14. i blue daboodi dabooda
  15. i made an 867 Senario that i want to be in the base game.
  16. oh oof i wanted to make one. but i won't be able to make it untill 10 on july. and i'm not good with borders. so yeah.. sorry i can't...
  17. IlanFX


    i see only 3 posts... so i am the fourth!
  18. IlanFX

    Help me

    whats his email?
  19. Sorry. but i see that unknown people don't get that much attention. i am creating a new mod. because world war 3 isn't the topic for me.
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