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  1. can you give me your discord please?

  2. OFFICIALY, PROJECT IS STILL ALIVE. There are 5 of us who working on this project. Yesterday we ressurected this plan. :)
  3. Did i just kick you out of diskord server? Sorry bro. I didnt saw these messages. Can you join again?
  4. Ok, i will pass the torch....who wants to continue?
  5. Its too late, i already gave up. I posted picture here with current progress, so you guys can continue.
  6. Ti ces da mi kazes sta treba da radim i sta je balkan??? Valjda je bitno da se zarad balkanske istorije u mapi nadju i zemlje koje okruzuju balkanske teritorije. Jer nikad nije bilo balkan balkancima, vec su na nase prostore dolazili i drugi. Prvo to treba da shvatis, pa onda pisi komentare magarcino.
  7. Maybe you remember me from the past few months. I had (still have) huge idea for map creating of Balkan countries with parts of countries around the area (turkey, italy, austria etc) We formed team of few men, and started work. At the begining, i was on project all by myself. But later, few guys jumped in. Only two of them really supported project. Big thanks for them. Rest of them were just....observe. So i decide to get rid of them. And i came here to inform you about progress of the project and ask what next to do? This is map of current progress.
  8. Traje. https://discord.gg/8fuFDke
  9. Join our group in diskord. https://discord.gg/8fuFDke We started balkan map with over 4500 provinces.
  10. I don't have time for this. :) You're right. You are "special little boy" , i'm sorry if i hurt your feelings.
  11. Diskord me nalozio onaj turcin da instaliram. Da se dogovaramo tamo. Sve je to isto sranje, poslao sam ti zahtev na diskordu. Imam i telegram, ali nepotrebno je i to da imamo. Dosta je diskord. Ajde pa se cujemo.
  12. You dont have to. Thanks anyway.
  13. I guess you are wrong. 😝 You got triggered by dislike hah? Why you edited comments? Pffff, i have no time for this. Bye bye moron.
  14. Zdravo brate moj, izgleda ostaje balkan balkancima. :) Vidis da ovima nije zanimljivo. Elem, rado prihvatam tvoju ponudu. Konacno neko ko zeli isto sto i ja. Fora je u tome sto nemam komp i ne mogu preko editora da napravim mapu. A zeleo sam da napravim ogromnu mapu balkana, jer realno samo mi je zanimljivo da osvajam dok sam na balkanu. Sta mene zanima da sa srbijom osvajam po africi. :) Zato sam napravio ovoliko provincija, da osvajanje duze traje. Mozemo ako hoces, da podelimo posao. Ja crtam, ti ubacuj u igricu preko editora. Izgubio sam interesovanje odavno, dzabe crtam kad
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