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  1. This is so far my progress with this map. :) Around 1000 provinces done so far.
  2. Agree, after all, imagine how many turks have balkan origins because of bloody history and devshirme. Have you ever think about that? For example, your (in my opinion) biggest nba star Hidayet Turkoglu have serbian origins, and he speaks serbian very well. Serbian culture is mix of turkey and slavic culture. We have the best meal on the earth, and we owe this to turkey. Ofcource, we modded something, but in general, we love, eat, drink same things. Even some serbian words, words we use in speak are turkish words.
  3. Oh dont get me started about European Union. :) We are "just" nearly 20 year "candidates" for EU. We just need to give everything they want. Kosovo, Vojvodina (other province of Serbia), Sandzak region (non existing province, ex province of Ottoman Turkey) , we need to accept everything they want, and one day maybe we will be part of EU. But no tnx. We will keep Russia as our allies, in Balkans we have Romania, Greece and Hungary in the last few years. (Have no idea how the fuck they became our friends) , western civilizations can go to hell. :) We are not the same, we are traditional nations, we share different views from western world. As you said, even though turkey have own reasons for syrian war, you found way to be humane. Offer home for 4 milion people. In Serbia there are around 3000 refuges from Syria. And we are not part of that EU program for refugees. I feel you man, we are in the same shit with western world. They dont wanna understand us. So we should stick together. 5 years ago, in balkan were catastrophic floods. Serbia was literally under water. Bosnia and Croatia also were heavy damaged. You know who offered help for saving thousands of life??? Not EU. We helped each other. Balkan nations, even though we were enemies in biggest war after ww2. You are right, europe does not give a shit about us. So we must stick together. My wish is that turkey leave NATO, and form alliance with other non sided countries.
  4. Hmmmm, i dont agree on that. My point of view is that Turkey enter syrian war, just to fight PKK. :) Prove me wrong. :P And i agree you must fight for your country, against separatism in your territory or nearly territories, but it hurts that Turkey have double standards. How come PKK is terrorist organization, and KLA (so called Kosovo Liberation Army) is not terrorist organization. I must remind you that Turkey recognize Kosovo independence, one of the first recognizations in 2008 was from Turkey. How you support separatism in other countries and fight against it in your own country. I am Kosovo born Serb, lived there until 1999, and be sure i know what im talking about. Serbs are much better friends of turks than albanians. (Even though turks and serbs slaughter themselves in countless wars in history) :-) In my city (where i was born) there were some number of turks. We were like brothers, we even go to the same schools, in the same classes. Learned 2 languages. Native (Serbian or Turkish) , and one foreign (Serbian or Turkish, depends on ethnic origins) :) So, my point is that im not that sure Turkey just wants to clean up Syria, yep they wanna clean up threats to Turkey. :) I believe Syrian government didnt even call for turkish assistance. Dont get me wrong, i would also do the same if im serbian president. I would clean up bosnia from radical islamists, cuz they are threaths to serbian country. You know how many unofficial camps of Isis are in empty villages in bosnia? A loooot. So i understand turkish side of syrian conflict, but i think you fought for your own good. Not syrian.
  5. Agree on that, Erdogan is doing best he can to improve Turkey, but also there are rumors that his family bussiness is worth over 30 million dollars so far. Also there are rumors his son was transfering oil to ISIS. These are just rumors, i believe most of them are fake. But i would love to see explanation how his family gained that money. We in Serbia also had one "Erdogan" who claims all the best about himself, how Serbia is progressing every day, how our lives are getting better every day. And some number of his claims are really true. But forbidden topic is how the fuck his brother, and rest of the family became one of the most powerfull families in Belgrade (so far, just in Belgrade) Vučić is the name of that family, and one of them is our president.
  6. You think Erdogan is different? After some other man takeover turkey, Erdogan will also be ocused for coruption, murders and some other activities. I dont say Gulen is innocent, i just said that all politicians are same. Assholes who fight only for power and money.
  7. True true, we all have some Gulens in our countries. Battle for power my friend, our lives are on the table.
  8. Tnx, unfortunatly as i said, i cant edit map because i dont own pc, all this drawings are made with android phone. My plan was to team up with some other modders so we can add that map into game. But i guess this project will be pushed back for a while.
  9. Daaamn, nice. Are you interested in collaboration? I have one map that im working on for weeks, but i dont have resources (pc) to import it into game. Its about huge balkan map with realistic territory and provinces numbers. When i finish it, it should gave us number of more than 5000 provinces. Take a look.
  10. Because this attention whore is going to ask you to prove those claims with pictures of feeding fucking animals. :) I even join his discord server, just to see what he force people to do. Pathethic. :)
  11. Finished Republika Srpska (99 provinces in Bosnia) , and added Turkey into map. (Parts of Turkey) PS...Yellow territory is federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (100 provinces) , i need to do that soon.
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