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  1. Any news?
  2. @SuzemaAny chance in the future we could see an Alexander the Great scenario? Or Third Century Crisis?
  3. The map with Akavir included was causing trouble?
  4. Update 0.2b is really good, I am enjoying the game. As for bugs or issues: 1. Some factions have no name (Fatimids for example). Suggestions: 1. Justinian's Conquest Scenario (565 AD) 2. Alexander's Wars Scenario (336 BC) 3. French Revolutionary Wars (1792 - 1803) 4. 1st or 3rd Crusade Era (1095/1189) 5. More leaders.
  5. Any news on updates? Lovely those new governments. A Napoleonic Era scenario would be cool too. Awesome mod guys keep it going
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