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  1. I want to join, i am from canada, my capital would be somewhere in ontario. and here is my flag. and also my ideology is obviously communist.
  2. So, the Great Powers are strong nations in Age of Civilizations 2, but what if i were to change that and make everyone else stronger than them, well thats exactly what i did 1570062624271qajatiob.zip
  3. you might have to wait 5 more days until there could be a chance for the review to be uploaded.
  4. i'll add sealand and other smaller nations with no provinces, they will not have the lands in modern times until the creators adds them in which is in like 1 year or so
  5. Yes it does work, Great Job!, i probably won't use it because i like making my maps from scratch but still a great tool to use
  6. Did it work?

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    2. WorkPlease


      ok. hope you find a solution.

    3. SovietPuns


      I think i have fixed it, i will release the update soon

    4. WorkPlease
  7. i'll try and fix that, i want the smaller nations to stay powerful.
  8. Germany, France, UK, Russia, China, Japan, USA: OP Luxembourg, Andorra, Slovenia, Kosovo, Albania, North Korea, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Isle of Man: Dead But What if It Changed Germany, France, UK, Russia, China, Japan, USA: Dead Luxembourg, Andorra, Slovenia, Kosovo, Albania, North Korea, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Isle of Man: OP A lot of Smaller Nations Start off with Big Boosts, It Makes them Better than Top 20. They also gain land at the start if they have 1/2/3 states. Most OP: North Korea - Slovenia - Luxembourg Least OP: Transnistria 1568508270375zfgpkond (1).zip
  9. The Title Might Be Confusing let me Explain. What if Prussia Never Ruled Germany, But Bavaria did? What if England Never Formed The UK, But Scotland did? What if France Never Unified, But Brittany did? there is more! let me tell you the Nations _____ Formed ______ instead of ______ - Scotland, Bavaria, Venice, Aragon, Danzig, Bohemia, Salzburg _____ Conquered _______ instead of ______ - Korea, Tyrone, CSA, Sparta _____ Never Got Conquered - Aztec Empire, Sikh Empire, Malacca, Majapahit, Maori Other - Ming/Communist Ming, Russian Empire, Holland, Ottoman Empire, Albania, Portugal, Mongol Empire, Hungary, Wallachia, Macedon, Mughal Empire, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Riga, Livonian Order, Persian Empire Also... its the same borders as WW2, and alliances/vassals. Have Fun Controlling Majapahit as Holland 1568377564047ovcnwayg.zip
  10. Its not, i'm adding them right now
  11. don't you mean Paris Commune Free Socialist Republic of Germany Soviet Saxony Socialist Republic of Chile Asturian Socialist Republic Anarchist Aragon (also thanks)
  12. like how you do with every scenario, the file name might look different but it doesn't do anything to the file, i'll try to edit the file name tho.
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