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    PANTIC reacted to JR Rachidovsky in War Of AOCII Community I Scenario "December 1"   
    POLAND and Add Capital On Bialystok Or Warsaw
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    PANTIC reacted to Pazdański in War Of AOCII Community I Scenario "December 1"   
    I wainting!
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    PANTIC reacted to Lucas L in War Of AOCII Community I Scenario "December 1"   
    Great idea! I'm waiting for see the final version of the scenario 😉
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    PANTIC got a reaction from Johnson jack in War Of AOCII Community I Scenario "December 1"   
    15 civil now
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    PANTIC reacted to memososisi in Scenario states of India (IND)🇮🇳 🇮🇳   
    Could I review your mod on my YouTube channel? 🙃 My YouTube Channel: Memososisi Gaming 😋
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    PANTIC reacted to Aryan in Scenario states of India (IND)🇮🇳 🇮🇳   
    I meant Kerela for some reason it was autocorrected to Mereka
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    PANTIC reacted to PANTIC_TIME_NEWS in War Of AOCII Community I Scenario "December 1"   
    so what you mean
    Well, everyone in the Society of the age of civilizations has seen World War I or II, but have you ever heard of community War?
    What's a community War?
    Anyone in the community, we take information from him, like from any country, and so on, we create a war scenario between them.
    Over sixty-eight people.
    new flags for them
    Alliances, winnings, loss will have a good story
    I'll leave you with some pictures . you understand better.



    Now we have 13 people in the scenario
    You want to be part of the project, choose the colors and design of your flag, and says which country you're in  comment
    Edit*1 nov 
    21 Ppl in scenario
    Those pictures beta scenario cuz we don't have Enough PPl
    Form where U
    Just choose your capital and flag and from which country you will be added
    פשוט בחר את ההון והדגל שלך ומאיזו מדינה תתווסף
    Simplemente elija su capital y bandera y a qué país se le agregará
    Basta escolher sua capital e bandeira e a qual país você adicionará
    اختار عاصمتك دولتك و شكل الون علمك و سيتم اضافتك
    NEW UPDATES Check page 2 (Edit nov30) 
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    PANTIC reacted to SES in I want make Scenario can everyone says what country he's from   
    Argentina is white
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    PANTIC reacted to Pazdański in I want make Scenario can everyone says what country he's from   
    Poland only POLAND!!!😎
    EDIT:  Maybe 1812-1815 (Napolenic Europe) 
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    PANTIC reacted to Lucas L in I want make Scenario can everyone says what country he's from   
    Spain hehe
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    PANTIC reacted to Lucas L in Partida v:?   
    You're welcome!
    (=¡De nada!)
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    PANTIC got a reaction from Lucas L in Partida v:?   
    i'll gracias 
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    PANTIC got a reaction from JR Rachidovsky in I want make Scenario can everyone says what country he's from   
    Go to 
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    PANTIC got a reaction from Lamôni TTW in Alternate World War 1 Scenario (WIP)   
    u know waht 🙂 i'm fall in ur love XD Just kidding.
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    PANTIC got a reaction from heoya in World war I Mod Ww2 scenario :)   
    🙂 in the scenario u play Ww2 in ww1 scenario: ) pics & link

    download link
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    PANTIC got a reaction from Anonymousss in Alternate Axis Victory (Japan vs Germany Cold War) Scenario (UPDATED)   
    Damn boi xD
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    PANTIC got a reaction from heoya in Scenario states of India (IND)🇮🇳 🇮🇳   
    Thanks bro
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    PANTIC reacted to Anonymousss in Alternate Axis Victory (Japan vs Germany Cold War) Scenario (UPDATED)   
    This update was suggested by Nizar Producciones. Big thanks to him. Anyways, this is an updated version to where I added a few improvements such as a fascist middle eastern country, Spain gets more colonies, and Japan gets a little more land. I hope you like it. 
    This is the updated map.                                                           This is the download.
                         I                                                                                                 I
                         I                                                                                                 I
                        V                                                                                                V
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    PANTIC reacted to Lucas L in Scenario states of India (IND)🇮🇳 🇮🇳   
    Good work!
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    PANTIC reacted to Aryan in Scenario states of India (IND)🇮🇳 🇮🇳   
    Assam has northern Bangladesh and Punjab is too big. Kerela should probably be communist (their leading party is Marxist). Do not take this as criticism, I am just trying to help out. Nice flags.
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    PANTIC got a reaction from heoya in Scenario states of India (IND)🇮🇳 🇮🇳   
    Scenario states of India version 1
    This scenario is about the states of India or the Civil War 🎌
    This scenario has a few errors and the reason is not from me but from the design of the map 🇵🇱
    In the next update we will try to add pictures of the leaders we will try to fix the border ❌
    X x X
    Details about
    Civi" 22
    Year" 2021
    Author" PNC Tareq

    Links download
    Follow us on YouTube
    " Od ki 3n "
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    PANTIC reacted to heroder55 in 1171 SCENARIO   
    I see you don't like mapping the HRE. As for now, it looks too powerful.
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    PANTIC reacted to LildawgGaming in The Dust Settles (A Post Nuclear War Scenario)   
    The year is 2175. It has been over 150 years since World War 3 broke out, turning the world into a nuclear wasteland. The setting is Eastern Europe and Western Russia.
    Several nations have risen from what's left of humanity.
    Northern Empire - Based in what was once Finland. Monarchy.
    Zarnith - Based near St. Petersburg. Democracy.
    Red Dominion - Based around Estonia. Communist.
    Union of Lith - Based around Lithuania. Monarchy.
    Royal Spring - Based around Belarus. Monarchy.
    Atlantia - Based around Ukraine. Democracy.
    Republic of the West - Based around Bulgaria and Romania. Republic.
    Watership - Based around Istanbul/Constantinople. Republic.
    The Confederation - Based around Moscow. Monarchy/Emperor of Holy Siberian Empire.
    Children of the Sun - East of The Confederation and Zarnith. Monarchy.
    United Eastern Tribes - East of Everything. Tribal.
    Whin - Based East of The Confederation and Atlantia. Monarchy.
    Maidengrad - Based around Volgograd/Stalingrad. Communist.
    Iron Legion - Based around Kazahkstan. Fascist.
    Northern Empire - Built out of the remnants of the Finnish, these people see the Finnish as the great ancestors who were robbed of success. While a Monarchy, they are quite totalitarian in nature and get along with the Fascist Iron Legion.
    Red Dominion - From the remnants of Estonia, a ruthless Communist Dictator took power. "The Lord" seeks to make everyone follow the Estonian lifestyle and culture.
    Zarnith - Formed by the benevolent leader, Zarnith, he is seen as a god by his people. He honestly doesn't care for rule, and the only reason he is in power is because people love his generosity. He has attempted multiple times to resign and hold elections, but his people have convinced him otherwise in these troubled time.
    Union of Lith - Formed by 4 Lithuanian decendents, the nation is stable and quite balanced. They prefer to be neutral but will fight whenever necesssary.
    Royal Spring - A monarchy that has similar totalitarian type basis, however doesn't get along with the Iron Legion unlike the Northern Empire. In fact they are very hated and have a Communist situation up north.
    Atlantia - A democracy founded by 100 Ukrainian Decendants. Elections are usually held to replace the 100 members. The members don't control any specific region in the nation, they just move around to where they are needed to help with the internal structure of the nation.
    Republic of the West - A Republic founded by Bulgarians and Romanians. The nation is in deep trouble of corruption as President Kam continually abuses his power and wins elections with fraud.
    Watership - A republic ran by the people. However isn't socialist in nature. The nation runs alot like the USA of Ancient Times, however doesn't have a President.
    Maidengrad - Once known as Volgograd. The nation was once ruled and run entirely by males. The women of the nation were treated poorly. One day, a woman by the name of Desi escaped the country and ended up in the Red Dominion. Inspired by the ideas of Communism, she returned and inspired other women to rebel. Volgograd entered a short period of war and destruction. Maidengrad, led by Comrade Desi, won the war. While communism is originally supposed to be based around the idea of the people being equals when owning everything, women are more powerful than men in this nation.
    Iron Legion - The Iron Legion formed from Kazahk Decendents. Led by a man only known as "The Iron Legate", he seeks to conquer the known world and dominate everything with an Iron Fist.
    Whin - In a tough spot. With the Iron Legion and Maidengrad ready to pounce, they seek friendship with others to help them in times of war. Whin is an Absolute Monarchy with a King who hates the fact he became a king in such a difficult time for his nation.
    The Confederation - A Parlimentary Monarchy, and based around the center of the known world, The Confederation is a group of small states who lead a religious sect known as "The Holy Siberian Empire". The HSE lead the Remaining Christian world and are always in competition with The Children of the Sun.
    Children of the Sun - A theocratic monarchy led by "Tsar of the Sun". His people are usually untrained, but pack a punch with heavy numbers.
    United Eastern Tribes - Once seperate tribes, a Chief known as Jeb went on a massive conquest and united the tribes. With more tribal weaponry than all of the rest of the known world, it will be a micracle for them to survive.
    Members of the HSE:
    The Confederation
    Red Dominion
    Union of Lith
    Royal Spring
    Currently the scenario is being played by three close friends to help test it. So far it seems to be going well. Expect a release soon.
    Planned Future Features:
    -Unique Governments built specifically for the scenario. (Will be hard but I will attempt it.)
    -Expansions into various parts of the world. First one will be Europe after the scenario is released.
    -Unique Leader Portraits. (Will most likely have friends do this one. If you wish to represent a particular leader, come speak to me.)
    -More Scenarios based on future and past events. (Probably won't come till much later.)
    Future Government Types (If I do get this to work.):
    -Maiden's Communism
    -Traditional Soviet Communism
    -Totalitarian Monarchy
    -Parlimentary Monarchy
    -Advanced Tribal
    -Leaderless Republic
    -Traditional Democracy
    -Delayed Democracy (Zarnith is pressured into keeping his position as leader of his nation.)

    Current Release: (Nations, Leaders, and Scenario)
    The Dust Settles Scenario.zip
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    PANTIC got a reaction from CoolieZN (🇧🇷) in The Way to 2027 - Cenario   
    God dammit hell yeahhh 😆✌
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    PANTIC reacted to CoolieZN (🇧🇷) in The Way to 2027 - Cenario   
    Hello, Guys! This is an cenario that focuses mainly on events. Most of them, decision events. These events are going to lead to 2027, an special year to my cenario, because some things are going to happen in 2027...
    Lore: The year is 2020, things are changing, many countries are starting to think that socialism is a good idea, the world is in a way to a global ideology conflict and some countries are going to take advantage of this... But your decisions can change the fate of the whole World... 
    • [10/22/2019] Daily Update:
    13 events added, some non-decision events and updated diplomacy, focusing on random events about economy, development and etc. 
    • Current Progress:
    45 events; Improved the inital diplomacy; some non-decision events, EDPBE (Economy, Development and Population Bonuses Events) 

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