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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/app/603850/workshop/ I found this
  2. Thailand also gain some part of east Myanmar And North of Malaysia
  3. You can see in the right buttom of the image it said "Territorial Losses of Siam 1867-1909"
  4. Actually that map is Rattanakosin (Siam) before lost territories to Franch and Britain
  5. 2868 Union of Socialist Soviet Republic or The Soviet Union invaded many countries. But then the nuclear factories has been exploded in Asia, Africa, Europe and both America 10 Jan 2920: Vientiane: (Cough) What happened to this world? Last time i remember that Soviet Union occupied me, whatever i should explore for someone that is still alive ???: Well. Somebody just found me Vientiane: Huh? Vientiane: Thailand? New Siam: No... i am New Siam Vientiane: How long have you been here? New Siam: I just got out from bunker Vientiane: Let's explore for others New Siam: Yeah good Ideas.... New Siam: Jeez. Southern part is filled with Radiation Vientiane: You should go for Eastern Vientiane: Noone at northern part and China is filled with Radiation ???: You found me New Siam: Are you... Khmer: Yes. I am Khmer and this is my territory New Siam: Are you going to explore for others? Khmer: Yeah sure New Siam Whatever. Let's going for explore At the same time. Great Viet: Heh. I am still alive... Oh look! Vientiane. I should invade them, hehe... END OF EPISODE 1 To be continued... (This is badly done episode, sorry)
  6. You maybe should change Siam to Thailand because Siam changed to Thailand since 1939. By the way the map of Thailand is not accurate it is actually this big https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thailand_in_World_War_II#/media/File:Kingdom_of_Thailand_in_World_War_II_map.png
  7. http://quick-facts.co.uk/politics/ideologies.html I hope this will helps you
  8. He wasn't online for 181 Days now i don't know what happens to him right now
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