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  1. Guys, in this forum, there are too many thiefs lol 🙂 But I see, everybody just messing up with Turks, for example Leeb said bastard, in the top of the topic, somebody said crusade etc. I am a Turk too and I put a really effort for the game. Pls be more respectfull.
  2. Congrats on the fabled 1,000

    1. Shiite


      By his own words, he doesn't want to go on this website ever again.

    2. Beter Griffin
    3. Shiite


      I feel like this is a good memorial to his time on here though

  3. He dies every two days guys, we must do sth

  4. Yep, i already translated it a while ago.
  5. Ummmmmm, what does that mean again?
  6. Appreciate it, but this game is already too dead, Too little updates, multiple bugs and no end in sight if these bugs will be fixed or new suggested features will be added to smooth the experience. Its good you released IOS but if you could actually start updating the game again, that would actually make at least some hype come back, there are plenty features i want implemnted and bugs fixed,balances released and events added. Theres too many things to list but the community has already pointed them out, and yet they have not been delt with. Deal with these problems and you could maybe actuall
  7. Press F to pay respects to forum

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    2. Shiite


      he's not dead either reeeeeeee

    3. Lonathan


      You exactly know im not dead Goktug, we talk on discord all the time.

    4. goktug14


      but anyways this forum is dead

  8. kek, I didn't expect you to be that surprised
  9. No thanks, I'm not active much on the forums nowadays, so I just decieded to have some fun
  10. They're not as prevalent, just leave them
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