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  1. That looks so cool I'm excited to play it!
  2. I don't understand what In the heck is going on but it looks good enough
  3. Yes I know that but if you press "Fine" you won't get what you want But declaring war is mega expensive
  4. I agree when you have a big empire transporting armies fast enough to react to attacks is a real challenge there should be some kind of railroad mechanic like @Hallucination suggested to transport armies faster
  6. Lonathan


    Nah I think it should be hospitals
  7. Lonathan

    Wtf ?

    A local tribe joined you're army!
  8. Yea but it depends there should be a feature where YOUdecide not the puppet!
  9. Well they mostly don't accept it and like i said if they say no then you will be tangled in a messy war
  10. What? I can tell English isn't you're mother language (it's not mine either) But I don't understand what you're saying
  11. You should post this on scenarios not here Good scenario tho
  12. Kinda hard to read since it's in Spanish But thanks anyways
  13. OH MY god that was just what I was looking for THANKS
  14. Honestly I would love to make ancient scenarios but I can't find accurate maps at all it's so hard to find those kinds of maps
  15. YOU TALKING ABOUT ME? Yea I have exams so later
  16. That would kinda complicate the game But political parties and elections are a great idea it would make the nation that are democracies way more fun to play
  17. If This is implemented well this would actually work really really well Great suggestion!
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