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  2. I Donna know maybe? I think we should stop talking too much about unrelated shit so we don't get banned
  3. Why? I never did anything wrong. I didn't mass like my posts using my alt-account to raise my reputation (I mean sure I liked 2 of my posts using my alt) But still why would lukasz ban me?
  4. @Don_Colasanti You are the meme God of this forum
  5. Not really I think I make ok content on the forum I'm not really offended
  6. Chexier makes good mods Change my mind
  7. Damn we just entered into some telltale games shit here Guess PEWDS fits this one too..
  8. Bud it's the about the community Reputation you get not the Amount of Posts
  9. I Think that pewdiepie profile picture really fits now doesn't it.....
  10. Who? The top ones (other than lukasz of course) Are me - @ITurkishmapping And @Shiite
  11. OH ok then But I gotta tell you reputation doesn't matter what matters is whether you contribute to the community or not It's all just numbers
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