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  1. It's over! We all know it now don't try to hide it!
  2. I know this is spam butt.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. More proof.. ITurkishmapping more like I Turkish N-Word am I right boysss
  4. Your secrets have been revealed...
  5. Yes inflation effects income a good amount, there are several ways to get rid of inflation so here are the ones I use : 1-Give gifts to allies 2-Have a large army 3-Investment, Invest in population, development, Population growth, Economic Growth, Etc 4-Do More research 5-Invest In goods 6-Lower your taxes
  6. HI

    1. Lonathan


      Idk why 

      Tis a good scenario tho 

    2. JustAnUser


      Maybe it's because of the fact that it's the EUIV start date -or 4 years earlier, i don't remember-. But i think some of the borders are wrong. For example, Serbia was a vassal of the Ottomans with about 2 provinces in 1440.

    3. Lonathan


      I'm not sure it's still a good scenario tho 

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  7. Dopety dope currently writing the script for episode 2!
  8. AHA I see,using your alt to like my posts...
  9. Y know I could just use an alt-account (like you and @Shiite) do and like all of my posts to be an Emperor but I'm not that kind of scummy
  11. Well.... I studied now and I'm ready to keep posting!
  12. Fine disagree all you want that's not my point is you're saying people are dumb for caring about it yet you call it dumb anyways? I know you just ment to just to disagree but you worded it like a hostile attack
  13. Oh boyyy I wonder what I have to do..
  14. Pretty simple make supply lines more prominent and better because at the moment supply lines honestly have zero affect on the game sometimes they do damage but you have to mess up really hard for that to happen so here's my suggestion -If an army gets surrounded that army has a certain number of turns to get out or it dies, the number of turns can vary on easy: 3-4 Turns Hard:1-2 turns, Etc -You have to have a port to make a sea landing, That way enemies don't land in the middle of nowhere and Surprise you
  15. I'll keep posting despite the fact that I haven't studied and yet I have a physics exam tomorrow!
  16. Got you there LIAR Emperors don't go to school..
  17. This reminded me I better go study rather then refreshing the forums since I have a physics exam tomorrow lol
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