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    Oh my god I can't help but to laugh If u literally go to any of the topics on this forum 90% (and I'm not over exasperating here). You will find me ITURKISH or Shiite always commenting and we always seem to argue we are like the three pillars of this site that always seem to be around
  2. Lonathan


    هههههههه إنت مش فاهم هههههههه
  3. Lonathan


    لا انت
  4. Lonathan


  5. What a neat fun scenario! Definitely looking forward to playing it!
  6. 1000000CE 2 :Electric Boogaloo is the sequel nobody asked for and yet here I am! If you don't what the fuck this is when I made one my first scenarios on this forum was a weird scenario called 1000000CE it was only made after I messed around with the editor when I was bored it had absolutely no context and was really stupid so now that I have a lot exams I decided to mess around with the editor again.. And made this I made it a liitle better this time but at the moment it's just europe But I'm planning on doing the whole WORLD! It's gonna be a big project of mine 🙂 Keep in mind tho this is gonna take a while I plan to work on this as soon as I finish exams!
  7. Yea, like I said exams.. So Europe for now
  8. That's exactly what I want I can barely find ancient maps but for more recent maps those are easier to find
  9. I very much like historical accuracy Too but I do think geacron is historically accurate enough tho
  10. I see you have taken my advice and posted this on the right thread?
  11. IN all honesty it doesn't have to be THAT in my opinion geacron is accurate enough
  12. Nice lukasz! Sad that I can't download this tho 😞
  13. Thanks dude really appreciated!
  14. Lmao why do people care if you think it's stupid then leave it alone let the people who actually give a fuck alone
  15. Yea I always wanted to do that shit!
  16. I have wanted that for such a long time! Glad someone brought it up
  17. Lonathan

    Illusion 100

    Damn That's some Assassin levels of Ilusion!
  18. I agree building your economy is very very tedious and repetitive
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