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  1. hey @Trans-Amur can you explain to me how to change minimum army to attack an province with images pls? i dont know the exact smali and exact line where its noted
  2. "4. Contact with the support." surely Lukasz will hear your call for help
  3. can someone help me? i cant open the jar file. (i have java installed)
  4. still dont know how to do this on pc. i dont know how to convert .classes archives into .smali. dk even how to use dex2smali (program he recomended)
  5. sorry, i definitelly dont know how to do this, can you upload an exe of the game where the minimum army required to attack is 1000 and minimum agressivenes is 0% please? (no game files, just the .exe archive so i can replace mine)
  6. hey i dont know how to use dex2smali can you recomend another app for that or even explaining better how to convert an .classes file into .smali on pc please?
  7. what the name of the dex file that i should decompile to increase minimum army to attack? theres a bunch of .dex files. (i extracted the game exe)
  8. i have a suggestion. try to do as minimum provinces on africa as possible it will make the scramble of africa more realistic and fast to happen before random nations start colonizing it than the european powers. doing this also makes the colonization of africa faster because in original game is still 1930 and africa is not totally colonizated
  9. i have a sugestion make a separated province for berlim
  10. AWESOME finally a good ducking map. do a 1880 scenario
  11. i want to report a bug. i downloaded this mod because it has less provinces in all continents including africa. i ever like creating a late victorian era map like 1880 on the colonization of africa era on aoh2 vanilla with colonization of africa but there are so many provinces in the original game that they finish colonizing africa in 1922 or something similar, so this map interessed me. so i created once a 1880 map with the scramble of africa (that is actualy pretty cool to see in spectator mode the powers colonizing africa every time in a different way) on your mod but i noticed the bitish w
  12. make both maps the smaller one and the big one
  13. Hey make an update that instead of the generic aoh2 civilization forming, do like the system of EU4 that you need only some key Provinces. like to form Russia you won't need to take their entire territory just to form Russia, just have the Provinces of Moscow, Novgorod and that another province from ryazan, so to form civilization you put only key Provinces of that country because the aoh2 current system is boring. I wanted to form Russia once as muscowy and conquered all whole f*cking siberian Provinces and all important european Russian cities but don't formed just because I didn't taked tha
  14. there are some bugs on this map like wrong continents or unfinished scenarios but the worse one is double provinces that is 2 equal provinces in same place, i think i will create my own version of this map with a bit more provinces and when i finnish i will publish and give the background credit and the idea credit but before i will give you the map to test and rate. : )
  15. im sorry but i didn't understand, i paste the background map on archive folder and put his name on img2ame? and what next? wait the provices load and create a .ame archive but im stuck here
  16. thanks so much i ve waiting this map for so long you are my hero
  17. BRO IM LIKE YOU but the diference is that i not created a continent but an entire world and made even a comic showing the history of the wars and races of this world. (but im still doing it). i hope this project go far because i know how is to make a aoc2 map of something you created
  18. you dont need to make scenarios i cant wait
  19. thats the less provinces mod how can i download it idc if its not finished i want it
  20. what happened? i cant see the map progress its saying that i dont have permission. i was checking this great map progress since 2019 and never gived up the hope someday you could post this but now i cant do this please what happened

    1. cyka blyat mapper

      cyka blyat mapper

      just please let me just see the progress. if you canceled dont worry i will understand just let me see


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