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  1. Hello, i see you hearted my comment. Did it work for you?

  2. Ok so heres how to fix this. 1. Download mt manager from google play. 2.Get The original AOC2 3. Download --- extractor 4. Extract the --- from The original AoC2 5. Uninstall addon+ and then get the download file (Dont install the file for addon+) 6.go to mt manager. 7. On the right side of the screen go to the path to the original aoc2 --- and on the left side go to addon+ and press view for both apks. 8. Delete the file named assets on the original Aoc2 9.Copy The assets over from addon+ file to the original --- 10. Back out of the original --- and Then press the original aoc2 --- again and press function. 11.press sign --- (it might not say sign --- just pick the first option) 12. Press the original --- again and install. 13. Delete the addon+ --- 14.enjoy!
  3. You were a missed steak

  4. Get a new phone with more RAM.
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