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  1. Library Update! Release Download Now in Update Link What is Library Tool? - Second Method to create civ - Use game civilization(Game Editor) to add civ & import flag/flagH from CivEditor - This method you can edit civ without flag return(and support a lot of civ) - Import, Rename, Delete for Manage a lot of file
  2. Android Version - Release! - HotFix! Support - Full Features Working 100% Vedio Review & Tutorials on Vimeo: for Detail about this tool (Include HotFix! & Update) Plz go to main topic Download Go to main Topic & Download Python Source Version Required - Pydroid3 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.iiec.pydroid3 - MT Manager (for Import file to game) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bin.mt.plus Install Module - Read from Requirements.tx
  3. HotNews! - Android Ver. Is Back! - Now, I can fix permission and can run at full feature - Required, Android Version need Pydroid3 & MT Manager to Use - Support, Android Version Support HotFix! But not support "Library Tool" in Library Update - Remove, Stop NewCivPack & Focus to CivEditor Fix with Map Project (CivPack will back after Map Complete
  4. leader is only info - copy civ with create new leader - and set outcome of in-game civ to former civ like this - create(copy) siam with new leader - set outcome of in-game siam to siam(copy)
  5. Library Update! - Final Fix# CivEditor + Library Tool = Second Method( ) Ps. for Portable Version will Release after "Library Update"
  6. CivEditor - Update Coming Soon - Library Update! - NewCivPack Is... British-America My Workspace: https://repl.it/@CPUSkull/CivEditor-library-Update
  7. for Brazilian Civil Wars Change Log - Added Captaincy of Pernambuco & Grão-Pará - Added Captaincy of Bahia as Bahia Republic - Added Riograndense & Juliana Republic - Added Republic of Acre - Added São Paulo (Greatest extent in 1709) - Added Maracaju & Resize São Paulo to Half of Greatest extent
  8. RIP for Android Version - Because Android Permission... This tool can only write, cant read or edit folder - Android Version can use only Auto Resize & flag + flagH function - But you can use flag + flagH to Create Civ - To run Android Version need Pydroid3 & Need MT Manager for Import Civ to game ***If who want android version... I will config code for portable Dev Word: Im Sorry
  9. Scenarios with New CivPack - 47 New & Re-new Civ - Renew civ have new flag & color - Based on Rebel and Civil War State Download - Go to ***Scenarios Release in CivEditor Package*** Image: Mexican Rebelion United Province of Cental America New Granada Peru-Bolivian Commonwealth Argentine Confederation Brazilian Civil Wars
  10. CivEditor Write in Python & On top of libraries Features - Import Your Flag & Auto Resize for in-game image scale - Easy to Customize your civ & Easy to make a lot of Civ - Civilization Information Editor - flag & flagH function for Edit and Backup --Video Review-- 2019-08-19 16-16-41_1.mp4 How to Download & Install? 1. Python Source Version MegaDrive: https://mega.nz/#!eixg2KzC!liZDZaOpPvJGZ_zoiMV7SFhS69kU8dRYaT3nZcpigIo 2. PyInstaller (Execute) Version MegaDrive: https://mega.nz/#!nixiEC
  11. Final for Beta Version! Hot Fix! - Added Workspace Folder to Fix! - And FlagOut Folder for Easy import to game CivPack Is Ready with Special Scenarios use Civ form CivPack First Pack Is Hispanic(Pack) - 47 New & Re-New Civ - Re-New Civ have New flag & Color - Scenarios based on Rebel State in Iberian-America Ps. 2 Civ use from In-game (Mexico & Brazil)
  12. CivPack Ready! New & Re-New 45 Civ make by CivEditor -- White frame in Image? Yes, It Is Transparent But this is Portable Network Graphic Format( .png) transparent can show in white or black in Image Viewer -- FlagH Show
  13. Tool write in Python & Use Tkinter is hard to make android port and need 3rd-party tool, but file can use with android version FAQ: In Release version you can use flag & flagH function to change flag of in-game civ
  14. Python and C#/C++ is very different... but you know? - you can run Python in C# - you can convert Python to C#/C++ And Main Function Require - Gettext from CivName - Import Image and Resize for game - Create Civ Folder & Save CivName to file - Get file from Template and rename for Civ ***Full Version will Release with Open-Source (you can edit source and customize code)
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