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  1. Sign me in! Ideology: Monarchy Capital: Sevastopol Nation: Kingdom of Crimea Color: Grenish Blue Flag:
  2. Add more scenarios in the 19th century, it would be cool
  3. This is dead Probsi it'llnot launch until the next decade
  4. Make XIX century scenarios 1800, 1806, 1815, 1816, 1836, 1850, 1860, 1871 and 1890
  5. Try ask someone which they have the same problem as me It's on Diplomacy -> Release Vassal -> Select Civilizations
  6. I've downloaded in all three ways Correctly And still Crashing
  7. I didn't I'll try download it and see what happens
  8. In this update you fixed the problem of Crashing on "Select Civilizations"?
  9. I'm requested this a long time ago, and the problem still in the game, please fix the problem, thanks
  10. I'm quite interested You're also including cities in the Provinces?
  11. Giza Pyramids Ankgor wat Taj mahal Cristo Redentor Stonehenge Colossus - Rhodes Pharos of Alexandria That's all i know
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