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  1. Great! Keep continuing it! Is a scenario finished btw
  2. No i meant the rest of the cities on the map
  3. I wanted to know how much do i need to attack a province in the update in which suzema is making, in which @kokakolabrooooo already responded
  4. How much soldiers do i need to attack a province when the update is released? @Suzema
  5. Will there be cores on most of the scenarios?
  6. It's because it doesn't involves only one research, but rather various researches and only one atlas can't give all the info to make a strategy game like AoCII
  7. Post the link of android here,not everyone has VK
  8. Other part that is lacking of is scenarios between year 5 and the 700s, we need more scenarios between those
  9. That's cool, what about scenarios between year 5 and the 700s, there are no scenarios from between those, you could add new scenarios on between these years like 300s, 476, 500s, etc
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