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  1. Hello, I'm his fake

  2. Will you add more songs to the soundtrack? I think the one it has now is small
  3. I asked a question, but it was ignored so You'll add new paths to some Russian warlords? Some of them have different paths so, I'm asking that
  4. Will you add different paths for the Russian warlords like, Chita substituting Mikhail with Nikita or the death of Pasternak in Tomsk?
  5. You plan on do something with the Qing Empire, Japan and the states in East and Southrast Asia?
  6. Uhuh, sure go on, this'll be a stand-up comedy show now
  7. He said in Winter of 2021, so i guess January, February or even late December
  8. Hooray, the legacy of Addon+ was continued Also, you'll maintain the ideologies from addon+ or you'll change it?
  9. Thanks for answering (sorry the late response)
  10. If there was to have Unification events, i played as Igor Shafarevich united all Russia (central Asia included) but still didn't got the event, it's a bug or he didn't got any events yet? (I'll ask the same for the other Komi leaders)
  11. Thanks for answering, the response came earlier than i thought haha. I've been asking updates since the mod is getting scarce updates now so it's good to have an early respinse, you're making a great mod and i will sure play when released, Victorian era is one of my favourite parts of history and have a mod that detailed about this era is so great for me. About Kerem's post, that is because some things are happening lately in the forums, but you're focused with the mod so idk if that's of your importance. Anyway, continue this marvelous work and have a great day.
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