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  1. Well, medieval age goes from 470s to 1492, when started the age of discoveries, so you can do scenarios like the fall of Rome, fall of Byzantium, the rise of islamism, the start of the discovery era and redo 1440
  2. There's any activity since july 29 That's because
  3. Pretty much no
  4. And maybe fix 1440 scenario with the mod ideologies and other things
  5. Hej, you can make an type of ideology of Shahdom? And Colonial Nations Like in Eu4
  6. Ok, i likethis mod so i recommend to do this Fix brazilian State borders Add Jersey, Vatican, SM, Sealand Add more provinces in germany for purpose of HRE Add more provinces in France Add more Provinces in UAE Make provinces for pre corean war border Fix Canada and alaska Border Add more provinces in china for the purpose of chinese warlord eras and chinese civil war
  7. This mod is incredible, i want to ask: When releases? Can you give me the discord server link?
  8. Ahem, Aswell, can you make new tribal Ideology? And, when releases?
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