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  1. Add Parliamentary Elective Absolute Constitutional And Traditionalist Monarchies Because also exist Conservative Rep.
  2. Giza Pyramids Ankgor wat Taj mahal Cristo Redentor Stonehenge Colossus - Rhodes Pharos of Alexandria That's all i know
  3. @September So I've made a complaint about that crash at 98% of the loading sreen, can you please fix it
  4. So, i'd Like to see these scenarios here 470, 930, 1297, 1453, 1500, 1871, 1947 Aswell, please fix the crash when i go to Select Civilizations
  5. I want to make a complaint: So, when i go to Select Civilization, the Game Crashes but also crashes when i go to Game Civilizations, pls fix this
  6. i'd like to have the Permanent invite to the discord server please
  7. Can you implement a system of choose the ideology of vassal, because, you're a Monarchy, you don't want release a republic lol
  8. Who's he? And he has a separate topic to this?
  9. So, i installed the mod, but it's stoping in 98%
  10. What you're doing of new in this mod?
  11. Can you more scenarios of the Medieval age and 1500s?
  12. I want to resolve the problem with the keyboard, someone pls help me
  13. So, you'll launch to Android and when releases?
  14. ---.
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