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  1. 16 minutes ago, MegaKingDragon said:

    Another fricking mod that only adds a map and some sceanrios that's nothing special and add nothing actually new.This is the reason AOC 2 is so unpopular.It's mod community can't make mods properly.

    Uhuh, sure go on, this'll be a stand-up comedy show now

  2. 1 hour ago, Prophetthe1 said:

    he said he hasn't added superregional, national, or supernational unification events for Komi yet

    (also that's supernational unification, national unification is all of non-german Russia, and superregional unification is either all of non-german western russia, or all of siberia)

    Thanks for answering (sorry the late response)

  3. If there was to have Unification events, i played as Igor Shafarevich united all Russia (central Asia included) but still didn't got the event, it's a bug or he didn't got any events yet? (I'll ask the same for the other Komi leaders)

  4. 42 minutes ago, St.Chmnd said:

    Sorry for the late response, I was writing the previous update when the comment was posted, and I just now was able to answer to it.

    Well, the response went in the form of said update hahaha. After this part of India is finished, I'll try to add some more flavour to the Deccan zone, or maybe I'll add fix some details about China, Flags of some German States, or adding Native States from Australia and North America...I'm still not sure about what should I ask next.

    I don't understand why @Kerems2434 posted this screenshot; responding to a like of another account. But I'm not criticizing him.


    Thanks for answering, the response came earlier than i thought haha. I've been asking updates since the mod is getting scarce updates now so it's good to have an early respinse, you're making a great mod and i will sure play when released, Victorian era is one of my favourite parts of history and have a mod that detailed about this era is so great for me.

    About Kerem's post, that is because some things are happening lately in the forums, but you're focused with the mod so idk if that's of your importance.

    Anyway, continue this marvelous work and have a great day.

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