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  1. Reich

    Norrvägen | RELEASED

    it will be fixed in the next version of the mod, already for AoC(H)3 :>)
  2. Reich

    Norrvägen | RELEASED

    Check, the mod has been released
  3. Reich

    Norrvägen | RELEASED

    do you want release
  4. Reich Map editor 2.0 doesn't work for me any ideas how i can make it run I'm using it for another map so something is not working for me thanks in advance!

  5. Another fool stole something from addon. At this time UI. A
  6.  Hello

     in this time, i have a lot of things i want to talk with.

    So.... do you have discord?

    or invite me to the vk.

    i wonder if you accept my please.

    thank you

  7. Reich

    Norrvägen | RELEASED

    I decided to remake leaders again. It worth only to know about existence of Crusader Kings 3 portraits editor and learn it. Using CK3 editor, I will make all of portraits. Examples of ready-made portraits are below.
  8. hello, i just want to ask something. How do you guys make aoc2 look more softer? 

  9. Reich

    Norrvägen | RELEASED

    I don't want makes "spoilers" before the mod have been released.
  10. Reich

    Norrvägen | RELEASED

    Because I am not Jakowski and I prefer finish my work to logical end.
  11. Reich

    Norrvägen | RELEASED

    I can. But I will not.
  12. Reich

    Norrvägen | RELEASED

    Work on secondary lines of events not affecting to main plot. Micro-plot events in the scenario will provide an opportunity to learn something interesting from Scandinavian history.
  13. Иван Скурихин // Приемник Ивана Долганова
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