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  1. Just admit that you used that name for HYIP. As the Chinese make unoriginal clothes, so you made "your" mod.
  2. 📜A new global project from the creators of Addon+📜 "Kepler - Reborn" The essence of the modification: Remember those times when we enjoyed the first part of our favorite game? If so, I think you know that in the first part of the game besides if there was another card - Kepler 22b. It was bigger than Earth and had a few scenarios that weren't particularly interesting. The idea of the project "Kepler-Reborn" - a revival of interest in the game on this map, its complete processing, adding a variety of custom scenarios based on the imagination of subscribers and players, as well as adding other features on the type of new interface, sounds, music and other things. Advantages of modification: - New huge and elaborate Kepler-22b map for 5063 provinces!; - Adding a very large number of new countries that will come up with members of our group VK (https://vk.com/addon_plus); - A lot of scenarios, also based on the imagination of developers and members of the VK group; - Formed Nations; - Leaders; - Several new ideologies; - new interface; - New Soundtrack; - Processed sounds; And other things. At the moment, the map itself is completely ready, it includes 5063 provinces of which ~4500 are land. Now this is the largest map that has been made in the history of AoC. Below you can see screenshots of the map and see how it looks like the state. Note: the Scenario shown below is for demonstration purposes only. In fact, it will be different. Mod will be available on PC and Android. In development. We are working! More information in our VK group.
  3. Sorry, but events exist only in Russian and the letters on them do not appear when you play with English.( in the future we will try to localize events for English. P.S учите русский)))
  4. the us already has many provinces. More than Russia...
  5. Can i give some scenarios to you, and you add it to Addon+ ? 

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      Sure, that's fine with me 😄

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      I am russian, BoBa

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