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  1. Sorry, but events exist only in Russian and the letters on them do not appear when you play with English.( in the future we will try to localize events for English. P.S учите русский)))
  2. the us already has many provinces. More than Russia...
  3. Can i give some scenarios to you, and you add it to Addon+ ? 

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    2. Reich


      Sure, that's fine with me 😄

    3. Reich


      I am russian, BoBa

    4. panin1949vova
  4. Tomorrow the mod will receive an update.
  5. map on screenshot will be avaliable in update 1.2 - Final.
  6. We put the mod on Android, but the developer removed it
  7. Bug when creating a Union. The troops of the country with which the Union is formed remain and they can not be affected. P.S UI from Addon+ .
  8. Some screenshots of update - 1.2 - Final Major future innovations: 1) Adding new scenarios and fixing bugs in old ones. It is planned to make 3-4 large scenario event (2000, 1986, 1936, 1910); 2) complete replacement of sounds in the game; 3) New interface and improvements to the old (you will have the right to choose the interface); 4) New map of the Iberian Peninsula; 5) New soundtrack (+ about 20 tracks); 6) More flags for countries of different ideologies; 7) New 3D map; While this all tasks of the future updates. The work is long and painstaking. We will have to look through the Chronicles of historical events more than once. But we will do it and believe me, it will be a new step in the field of our fashion. The release date guessing will not, but the forecast for March.
  9. Update of mod will be released in 7th February. And Lukas, you promised to help me move to Android. Where are you???
  10. Yes. I would be only this glad
  11. Screenshot of the new interface, texture maps, as well as the new map of the Iberian Peninsula (260 provinces are ready) Besides you can see nice flags 😛 And sorry for Russian language on screenshots.
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