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  1. Work on governments. Here are the forms of government: ● The monarchy was divided into two forms of government: Absolute and Constitutional. I think there’s nothing special to be said. ● Chiefdom is the main ideology for the countries of the "ancient" eras. In fact, it is a collective image of various jarliness and small tribal unions. ● Tanistri is a form of government for the Irish and Scottish clans, of which there are a great many in some scenarios. ● Alting is a unique form of government for Iceland. Alting is one of the oldest parliaments in the world: at first, the word Alting meant the popular gatherings of the first Icelandic settlers, at which various issues were resolved and further plans of the communities were discussed. Now the Parliament of modern Iceland is called Alting. ● Theocracy is a form of government based on religious principles. It will be a unique form of government for the Teutonic Order, etc. So far, these are all forms of governments that we have added at this moment. It is worth noting that the default governments were not left aside and were rebalanced. What you see in the screenshots below is not the final form of the characteristics of governments, everything will gradually be adjusted. If you have any thoughts about the forms of government that can be added to the mod on logical and historical grounds, then be sure to write to us in the comments. W.I.P
  2. Divided Obotrites, remade Ireland and The Baltic states. Early there were only 12 countries in Ireland :0
  3. Check the first video about Norrvägen development! Enjoy your viewing. Work in progress 😄
  4. Thanks! No, there is still a lot of work to be done.
  5. 375 flags for new civilizations are ready. It is enough for main scenarios of mod.
  6. I have found more reliable source of information and remade Scotland region in 793 and 850 scenarios. Work in progress :р
  7. 😉look😉1856345260_Screenshot(63).thumb.png.3d61d0fb4500c872ab0a15ce84d1ec46.png

  8. hey Reich i am doing want project name  i wanna ask you what country you want to be and how big that country will be


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