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  1. Reich

    Recent update problem

    we need more updates sir (((pan)))
  2. Not everyone likes satellite-style backgrounds, which will initially be in the Norrvägen, and, to be honest, even I got tired of it during the time that I was working on the mod. So I drew a new candidate for the Tretyakov gallery - an alternative map background in a minimalistic style. When installing the mod, you will be able to independently determine the background that you like. Taking this opportunity, I say that I did come up with a name for the scenario with events, which begins in the middle of the IX century. To your attention is the Rage of Normans scenario with an alternative palette of colors of countries created specifically for the new background. Working on this background and "accessories" to it was a small respite in the work on events. Tomorrow I will return to work on it, and in 2 weeks, I hope, it number will approach 150.
  3. Are some copyright issues reason for renaming the game?

    1. Banana


      yeah, that was really out of the blue, man couldn't even fix the bugs while he was at it...

  4. @Łukasz Jakowski this is already some kind of trolling U P D A T E
  5. how do you modify provinces like in addon+?

    1. Reich



    2. Ern and Vaux

      Ern and Vaux

      really i want to know, i am making maps as well

    3. Ern and Vaux

      Ern and Vaux

      and also u know, knowledge is good when shared 

  6. in any case, the mod is not currently being developed
  7. I don't know what you're talking about. Besides, Addon is frozen
  8. Hello. Progress, but for now only on Russian. The first version of the mod will be released in winter.
  9. Hey bro, is your VK group still open?, i would like to join, Cause i like this mod (android vers), can U accept my Request?  If u see this. Thanks!

  10. Great news! Thanks to my friend-coder Mikhail Russkih we solved the problem of leaders in Norrvägen. Now it is possible to change the leaders of countries. This is feature we asked the developer about. This became possible thanks to just one new line added to the game code. It turns out that the developer was too lazy to add just one small line to the code in response to our requests. And at the same time, the developer tells tales about the new AoC 3! Now you understand how much he does not respect his audience. Recently, he seems to deliberately make players and modders feel a bitter sense of disappointment. And the fools keep liking tweets like "I'm glad I have so many great fans!" and they still lick the developer from head to toe. So, below you can watch a video where we show the test of our update. Enjoy your viewing. @Łukasz Jakowski aren't you ashamed?
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