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  1. I am working on another new mod
  2. google_aoc2_512x512_logo.thumb.png.7c1ab

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    2. Lipark Japanese modder

      Lipark Japanese modder

      in baidu, easytech announced the new update for wc4

      and they announved wc5 will never comes. 

    3. JoJoPlaze
    4. JoJoPlaze


      and just look at the vido

  3. it will be fixed in the next version of the mod, already for AoC(H)3 :>)
  4. Check, the mod has been released
  5. Another fool stole something from addon. At this time UI. A
  6. I decided to remake leaders again. It worth only to know about existence of Crusader Kings 3 portraits editor and learn it. Using CK3 editor, I will make all of portraits. Examples of ready-made portraits are below.
  7. I don't want makes "spoilers" before the mod have been released.
  8. Because I am not Jakowski and I prefer finish my work to logical end.
  9. Work on secondary lines of events not affecting to main plot. Micro-plot events in the scenario will provide an opportunity to learn something interesting from Scandinavian history.
  10. Иван Скурихин // Приемник Ивана Долганова
  11. Check updated description of the mod
  12. Yes. Events will be created too for Jelling, Halogaland, Wessex, Northumbria and Mercia. And a little for minor countries.
  13. The number of events in scenario Rage of the Normanns has reached 100. Several interesting micro-plots have already been worked out, which can lead to a variety of consequences. The further I go, the deeper I dig into the history of Scandinavia and England in the period 850-872, the more ideas come to the stories, that is, branches of events. I can say that the scenario is 20% ready. The mod should be released in February 2021. In the meantime, you can check the screenshots attached to the post, where you can see some insignificant events (Sorry, but for now only on Russian. Soon I will f
  14. I can't tell you. It's unique feature of my mod and you think I will just give it to you?
  15. Portrait of legendary Danish king Ragnar Lodbrock. Colored by me.
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