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  1. Work in progress. Recently, I rarely worked on a mod, as... I didn't want to. For a long time I thought about how to turn around and implement the desired change of leader in the scenario with events, but everything was in vain. Having rested and "calmed down", I still returned to work. Thus, several important decisions were made that greatly affected the overall appearance of the mod. First, I finally decided to focus on the Viking setting, which means a complete immersion in the history of the Viking Age, which resulted in the removal of some scenarios (the Modern World, 1939, 1836), and with them several forms of government (Democracy, Communism and Fascism). I won't write much about this, the final list of forms of government is still attached to the comment. The second solution is the interface. The minimalistic style seemed boring to me, and I decided to do something new and a little atmospheric. So I did a lot of work on replacing all the icons in the game. The new icons are carefully borrowed from Crusader Kings 2/3, which means that the usual style of minimalism is discarded. The result of the work done on your screens. Actually, what will happen next. Now the focus is again on creating events for a scenario that doesn't have a name yet, dating back to 850. Unfortunately, the developer said that he is not working on game, so our request for a small update that would bring the ability to change the game's rulers through events turned out to be a pipe dream. But despite this, I still decided to continue working on events, so you can probably expect a really interesting scenario. While I'm working on events, my colleague will take care of the formable nations, the number of which will exceed all expectations. Release of the mod - I don't know anything and I don't promise anything, but I really want to do it on 22.11.20...
  2. It is not so important parts of possible vision of map to waste time on making it.
  3. It's not about patience. I just can't realize simple events concept because of developer's unwillingness to finish the work to the end.
  4. I will definitely release the mod, you can be sure of that
  5. I will try to do something with leaders, but I cant promise anyrhing.
  6. Today events especially look fun after such posts. Hypocrisy.
  7. I am very disappointed with the developer's statements today.Today I fully realized how much @Łukasz Jakowski disrespects his audience. At first, he made a stupid joke about AoC3, then realized that he should not have done so and decided to turn the bad joke into the """""truth""""". You were asked to just work a little on fixing bugs in the second part, after which you could do whatever you wanted. But you chose the path of ridiculous promises of a new game that I'm sure will turn out to be as disappointing as AoC 2. I can't continue to develop the mod because of bugs and flaws in the events system (especially because of the irremovability of the leaders). And I don't want to say anything bad about you, dear developer, but you have condemned yourself to the negative from your adequate part of the audience. Let the naive fools continue to wait for AoC 3 (this is really a game that no one asked for, if you know what I mean). I, like many other modders, no longer want to feed your game mods that look a thousand times better than the""" updates """ AoC 2, which we have seen. Only one thing can change the attitude towards you and your game - the AoC II bugfix update. Let's dream and hope...
  8. I'm glad I have so many great fans! Without you guys the Age of Civilizations wouldn't be the same! Thanks
  9. because you're a mediocre thief without yourself ideas!)
  10. @Łukasz Jakowski Pease, make make an update. We would like to be able to change the leaders of the countries with help of events.
  11.  Please, make make an update. We would like to be able to change the leaders of the countries with help of events.

  12. @Łukasz Jakowski please, at least one such small update...
  13. No. I prefer provide finished product. Unlike @Łukasz Jakowski... @Łukasz Jakowski, please, make make an update. I would like to be able to change the leaders of the countries with help of events. Otherwise, the concept of the scenario that I conceived is broken.
  14. Great attention is paid to the leaders in Norrvägen. I decided that the portraits of the leaders should depict people, and not, as is often indicated in other sources, features drawn as if by a five-year-old child. For example, below are examples of several works. The first image is the "evolution" of the portrait of the leader, Harald Fairhair, the first king of all Norway. Most often, including AoC II, its image is represented by what you see on the left. This did not suit me, but I remembered that somewhere in Norway there was a monument to this character. I found a photo of the monument on the Internet (in the middle of the image in the post) and with the help of graphic editors I processed it, coloring the portrait and giving Harald a more natural look in the art style. The result is what we see on the right. I also created a portrait of the father of King Harald the Fair-haired - Halfdan the Black (both of them have a nickname due to the appearance of their hair). The progress of the work and the result can be seen in down of post. work in fremgang!
  15. The release of the mod is postponed to the fall due to a large amount of unfinished work. I want you to play the finished product, not the stump. It's easier to finish than to make excuses. Thanks everybody for support!
  16. Work on events has begun. I will tell you right away that I do not copy CK2. From crusaders, I will only take pictures of events (they are too beautiful), and the events themselves will be based on real historical events and characters.
  17. And developer of AoC think that this is worthy of being in fixed mods So @ Łukasz Jakowski, if you pinned such parodies, then why not pin, for example, Norrvagen?
  18. You didn't have to steal my work. Or you could just say that you borrowed something from someone. But you enrolled otherwise... So I have more important things to do than waste time on speak with your kind
  19. I only work with people who prefer to be original and admit their mistakes. Those who take something else's and pass it off as their own, despite the obvious evidence of theft, I do not respect, to put it mildly.
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