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  1. 2 hours ago, Commieslav said:

    (Not looking for an argument,just saying)

    I mean,I get Paul's point. A lot of games get pre-released in an alpha or beta phase and then develop further via updates or DLCs. But then again I get your point too,which makes sense.

    I don't want makes "spoilers" before the mod have been released.

  2. On 5/9/2020 at 12:46 AM, Reich said:

    Norrvägen is modification is dedicated to one of the most interesting parts of the World in terms of history - Scandinavia.

    Norrvägen will give you the opportunity to plunge into Scandinavian history, feel like one of the founders of the Viking Age and be the ruler of any existing state in Scandinavia at different times. It is planned to create at least 20 scenarios of different scales, whether it is the entire map, strewn with tribes and clans, or local conflicts, seasoned with events. Well, a few alternatives do not hurt.

    The main feature of the mod is a new map, currently consisting of 2261 provinces. The map province template was created by me personally, drawn by hand based on data from various historical sources, and includes a fairly accurate historical and modern administrative division.
    From the images below, you can see that the map includes not only Scandinavia, but also Britain, the Northern parts of Russia and Germany, as well as part of the Baltic States. These lands were added for historicity. For example, England and Baltica are present for the reason that the Vikings often organized campaigns in England and the Baltic States, which seriously affected the history of these peoples.
    In addition to the typical work on the map, I will create an atmospheric soundtrack, thematic interface, and other nice "accessories" to the mod.

    Innovations of mod:
     New worked map of Northern Europe (2263 provinces). There are borders for 10 centuries of history on this map;
    • About 1700 cities;
     Two backgrounds: Minimalistic (main) and Realistic (alternative);
    • 11 Scenarios:

    - Regional Conflicts (2017);
    - Great Northern War (1700) ;
    - Swedish War For Independence (1521);
    - Kalmar Union (1397);
    - 1164;
    - William The Conqueror (1066);
    - New Millennium (1000);
    -  Christianization Of Denmark (980);
    - Rage of Normanns (850);
    - The Beginning of The Viking Age;

    • Great scenario "Rage of Normanns" with a lot of events;
     95 formable civilizations;
     Edited and new added terrain types;

    ► Gameplay innovations:
     New leaders with portraits (some of them were colored by me);
     New Ages in game timeline system;
    • New Governments:

    - The monarchy was divided into two forms of government: Absolute and Elective. I don't think there's much to tell.
    - Chiefdom is the main ideology for the countries of the "ancient" eras. In fact, it is a collective image of various jarldoms and small tribal unions.
    - Tanistri is a form of government for the Irish and Scottish clans, of which there are many in some scenarios.
    - Althing is a unique form of government for Iceland. The Althing is one of the oldest parliaments in the world: at first, the word Althing meant people's meetings of the first Icelandic settlers, where various issues were resolved and future plans of the communities were discussed. Now the Althing is called the Parliament of modern Iceland.
    - Theocracy - a form of government based on religious principles. It will be a unique government for the Teutonic Order, etc.

     Edited game code. For example, we added feature of changing leaders (check here).

    ► Other innovations:
    • More than 500 new civilizations;
    • UI was changed. It is still original UI but in pleasant black and white shade. Also a new font;
     Atmospheric music (40 tracks) and changed sounds.

     Pleasant Pallet of Civilizations Colours.
















    Norrvägen will be released in february 2021. You can also find some information in our VK group.


    Check updated description of the mod

  3. The number of events in scenario Rage of the Normanns has reached 100. Several interesting micro-plots have already been worked out, which can lead to a variety of consequences. The further I go, the deeper I dig into the history of Scandinavia and England in the period 850-872, the more ideas come to the stories, that is, branches of events. I can say that the scenario is 20% ready.

    The mod should be released in February 2021. In the meantime, you can check the screenshots attached to the post, where you can see some insignificant events (Sorry, but for now only on Russian. Soon I will find a interpreter to help me in translation to English).







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