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  1. problem

    help me

    NO NO NO I meant that i cant find leader in LEADERS folder not LEADERSIMG folder
  2. problem

    help me

    I can't find my created leader. How to find him?
  3. alien invasion scenario Aliens.zip
  4. This scenario is like the United States scenario Poland.zip
  5. 3 scenarios : - First Punic War - Second Punic War - Third Punic War Added 3 new civilizations if something is wrong, report it to me Punic Wars.zip
  6. Alexander the Great scenario Alexander the Great.zip
  7. Recommendations - play on hard level ( Extreme, Legendary) -fog of war : discovery other options set as you like 1562613378504acgmgixj 1562613378504acgmgixj_A 1562613378504acgmgixj_C 1562613378504acgmgixj_D 1562613378504acgmgixj_HRE 1562613378504acgmgixj_INFO.json 1562613378504acgmgixj_PD 1562613378504acgmgixj_W 1562613378504acgmgixj_E
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