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  1. Andrija

    pnc beta

    FULL version!? i well upload in next month news!? 30 new scenario 5 new map new army Warships & tanks realty map & mod new tool for war and more (FOR U GUYS) i remember when i upload aocII v2 some one told me can u upload v2 in google drive i said nha i can't but now for u dude aoc v3 beta its in google drive You said there were going to be tanks and warships in the game, I downloaded it, and they weren't in the game
  2. It's on phone, I also noticed that the bug is showing only on Modern Day. I don't know what phone you have, I have Samsung J3 2017
  3. Is it going to be on mobile as well? Since I believe that around 50% of players here are on mobile. And I know that this is too much to ask, but are you going to add resources so you could trade and add industry to make guns/tanks planes etc? And that industry to bring you money and guns? Just like in hoi 4? Also there is a bug in game that when you end the turn it takes like 3-5 minutes for AI to do their turn, I saw that we need (for some unknown reason) to click on "allow colonialization" and colonization. And then it rules smoothly. Would you be able to fix that? Also another extremely stupid question, can you please add generals? Like when we recruit Army we can put them to some general and he have some attributes, like attack, defence, (since you said earlier that you will be adding tanks, airplanes and navy to the game), attack and defence against tanks, enemy air superiority, and all that... I know that it's WAY too much to ask for, but I want to know if it's possible to make/ if you could make it. Thank you, and again I apologize for asking so much.
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