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  1. FULL version!? i well upload in next month news!? 30 new scenario 5 new map new army Warships & tanks realty map & mod new tool for war and more (FOR U GUYS) i remember when i upload aocII v2 some one told me can u upload v2 in google drive i said nha i can't but now for u dude aoc v3 beta its in google drive You said there were going to be tanks and warships in the game, I downloaded it, and they weren't in the game
  2. It's on phone, I also noticed that the bug is showing only on Modern Day. I don't know what phone you have, I have Samsung J3 2017
  3. Is it going to be on mobile as well? Since I believe that around 50% of players here are on mobile. And I know that this is too much to ask, but are you going to add resources so you could trade and add industry to make guns/tanks planes etc? And that industry to bring you money and guns? Just like in hoi 4? Also there is a bug in game that when you end the turn it takes like 3-5 minutes for AI to do their turn, I saw that we need (for some unknown reason) to click on "allow colonialization" and colonization. And then it rules smoothly. Would you be able to fix that?
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