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  1. Well I'd like to say that there will be over 200 events in one big scenario starting from 2000 or 500 BC. (Meaning there will be history for all of the nations) Also forgot to mention that for custom nations just message me on discord.
  2. It is done. Map is done 444 provinces. (Note this is minimum version for lower computers such as Vista and XP but you can play it on all other versions of windows) Maximum version will be released sometime in October or September with a whole entire different map.
  3. Well. The map was supposed to come out in October but the release date was moved to 8.14.19. Map will be done today scenarios will be out Tuesday and Wednesday EST
  4. Alright here is the map of 206 provinces with the name Michel (not Micheal due to me putting the big old x)Jackson at the bottom
  5. So there is this website https://azgaar.github.io/Fantasy-Map-Generator/ where you can create your own maps or even import maps using a image converter in the generator Now I made a map which I will be making into a Age Of Civilizations map. It will be released in I don't even know lol here is a picture of that mapFinished where I need to place provinces and stuff. Now after this I hope the provinces will look like how I want them! Above is the normal map Above is the regional map _________________________ I remembered about nations honestly I am super retarded. Well if anyone wants they can send in custom nations (name) and custom flags. That's it really photos of the provinces will be uploaded soon... and what I hope the provinces to look like
  6. Creating crowns, research, create own ideology, or making flags. And now scenarios
  7. NotSoAmerican


  8. Development on this mod has changed. I am as of now the only dev on the mod besides from stuff Kelvin has introduced.Making it way harder than it was. I'll try to fit some of my freetime into this so it isn't "Dead" If you accutally wanna help join the new discord link I will be releasing new crowns and more ideologies. Sorry for slow production. https://discord.gg/2Vz5m6z -------------------------- Ideologies that are added -------------------------- Liberalism Libertarianism Social Democracy Stalinsim Maoism Trotskyism Leninism Islamisc State, Republic, Theocracy Anti-Capitalism Anti-Fascism Elective-Monarchy Constitutional-Monarchy National-Socialism Imperialism Left Wing Radical Right Wing Radical Anarchy Socialism Aristocracy Conservative Full Release : Beginning of 2020 Status : Done (Isn't all the way done though) Version : 1.0.0 Custom Ideologies are allowed first one being Maxism (From Kelvin) Way more ideologies, Crowns, and flags will be added in later versions -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenarios are being made the first should be out sometime between this week and next week Final version of the mod will be out around January-February 2020. Governments.json
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