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  1. (The Image i am using for the map is not made by me but rather somebody who edits/works at the Imperator Wiki, Another thing this Mod/Map will not be accurate to everything that can/and does happen in Imperator Rome, if you would like to play an actual game that would play more historically to Imperator then I would suggest buying Imperator or buying Xbox Gamepass for Windows and getting it. (P.S getting it on the Microsoft store is a bit strict so I suggest buying it from Steam) Thank you and that is all) I am restarting it right now since I have found a better map for it!, this may be negatively received but I will try my best to get it done by March 31st. This is the new map below im using, and this time im focusing on Europe first (specifically Greece and Italia) (Map im using)
  2. NotSoAmerican

    Unions limit

    You can have a multi-union. I do not know the limits but if you are in one union you can make another and so forth but I say again, I do not know the limits
  3. so like this? I made this flag huge. also if im added then East Coast and capital is Charlotte.
  4. NotSoAmerican

    Hueteland Mod

    So, uh, basically a fantasy map I made that will literally have 7000+ Provinces, which means it will barely work on my potato so unless you have a decent computer than it will probably crash every five minutes. Here is the map maker I used: https://azgaar.github.io/Fantasy-Map-Generator/. So here is the map and if you open image in a new tab and look you will see thousands of outlines which I will use for the map, scenarios will be made when I figure out a history for this. Signed, NotSoAmerican's 3 brain cells on life support. Map of Hueteland Release Date: TBD Current Status: WIP Below is map progress! I sold my soul to the devil
  5. Darn it I got the time wrong. Check for Crowns around 11:30 EST
  6. I felt like making a North American Map, So that is what i'm doing. I'll need a person to use AOC2 to turn into a map, I can make the provinces but someone needs to add it to the game and add colors. ran into an error which is that the smaller states will probably have either two or one provinces or at most 4 Images will be coming soon: South Carolina and the Tail Of North Carolina (30 provinces) Carolinas done and ect (99 provinces)
  7. NotSoAmerican


    BTW there is no made ocean provinces. So you got something to do
  8. NotSoAmerican


    And also PS I deleted AOC2 it really got boring after playing with the same mods and base game then different mods and then my MOD so imma give the MOD to the first person to reply also when I say MOD I mean map. I had also added a few provinces to Europe in the other MOD but I just gave up so goodbye uwu for the day
  9. NotSoAmerican


    Also like to say that I am now on tik tok worse place for me to be but it is fine here see ya next year uwu
  10. NotSoAmerican


    hello people I was working on a mod that I have gave up on. I may continue and I may not but here is one thing. I will be alive. Not here though. I will be on Town Of Salem as anything that has to do with UwU I'm useless. BTW this game is dead so I'm going to MOD Minecraft and EU4 peace
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