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  1. Not Belgium. a satellite of Germany and it's either Flanders or Wallonia
  2. yeah im lazy and didn't want a Fascist China. I am going to fix that.
  3. The Dying Empire Update will be coming out some time this week and will focus on events for Austria-Hungary, France and Russia. What is planned after this will possibly be named Flames of Tibet, wanna guess what that's about? edit: can someone tell me about the google drive thing i dunno how it works danke
  4. Event's has been scrapped for beta. (There maybe two or three events that happen but there won't be more until "The Dying Empire" Update) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fP68BV9LujFBVsmhfXKUZGixJxY_l4mS OH another thing someone test this and see if it works im not a 100% sure it works. Download all the scenario files and put it into, well, in the scenario folder in your AOC II folder
  5. List of Nations that will have Events The German Empire France Austro-Hungary England Scotland Wales Russian Empire Puyi Clique National Republic of China US of A Northern Republic of America FlOrIdA CSA Mexican Empire Brazil Argentina Peru Poland (if the Democratic path is went down in Germany and Belarus) Belarus Ukraine Finland Hungary (if German Empire goes down Democratic path and then the Free The World, or if Austro-Hungary Falls) Japan Korean Empire Ottoman Empire Greece Bulgaria AlBaNiA Serbia (free the world and AH falls) Bosnia (free the world and AH falls) Croatia (free the world and AH falls) Slovakia (free the world and AH falls) Greece Bulgaria _________________ That is the list thank you for reading
  6. UPDATE: Restart! I have decided to restart the mod but this time I will make my own map, (I will try not to lose confidence or become over stressed and stop.) Oh yeah need a satellite image of earth (Antarctica can be in there but it isn't necessary )
  7. NotSoAmerican

    Unions limit

    You can have a multi-union. I do not know the limits but if you are in one union you can make another and so forth but I say again, I do not know the limits
  8. so like this? I made this flag huge. also if im added then East Coast and capital is Charlotte.
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