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  1. This is a quick guide for the problems, however the result varies. Editor (Maps,Scenario,Civilization,Etc): For Android users, when you join the game you can see the editor option Click in and you will see this From here you will choose the option depending on your need, for example you want to create new terrain/unions etc, go to game editor and you will see more options. Feel free to explore those options! Game Crashing: I have rarely face such problems, however if your game keeps crashing, you might want to clear all the game data, then uninstall the game and reinstall. It works for me so you might wanna try out However you will lost all your old save games Questions regarding development, happiness, etc Development might not looks important, however they are very useful. Increasing the development level will allow your provinces to grow faster in terms of economy, which will be important lategame as you will need a strong economy to support your military expeditions Happiness are also important, it determines how efficient your tax collector can get from your people. The lower the happiness, the lower tax you get. Guides on how to become a dominate power as small nation I usually play as small nations, since its very satisfying when you grow into a great power. I usually do that in two ways, i will explain it down below: 1. Wealth over blood Thats my tactic when im surrounded by similar or stronger strength nations when im very small in size. I will invest all the tech on Population growth and economix growth, while spendinf money on developing economy. When my economy reach certain points, i would starts expanding. 2.Blood before wealth Basically investing all tech on military (but spending some on others) and starts expanding. Usually do this when have weaker neighbors. But i also use this tactic on great powers in early games but with the help of distraction (like paying people so they attack and distract) Heres some examples: 1. Papal States, Victorian age (Blood before wealth) 2. Mongolia,1200 AD (Blood before wealth) 3. Brandenburg,1200 ADs (Wealth over blood) 4. Granada,1440ADs (Wealth over blood) Tell me if you want more or if i missed anything.
  2. You can just make a custom scenario at the editor option i did myself and its fun to explore your own custom world
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