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  1. So, we can say that people are complaining about your game... And I am confused since you are working on the mobile versions mostly since that's what the game was made for and more people have a phone than a computer... And I will just state, that they say the game is unfinished... I have over 400 hours in it, I have yet to get bored with it.

    Anyways, long story short people want your game to be taken off steam because they are saying it's a scam, so I guess you should maybe do something about that.
    (I do not care if you do or do not)

  2. These are statistics from 2 weeks ago on just steam alone
  3. Worse ideology, but.. This did make me realize I can contribute more to the community
  4. I'm just gonna say.. this would actually be something good, like for example with the leaders to events. The event can be the election and the person can choose a leader depending on political party, for democratic and republic nations.
  5. Get ready.. Get set.. RACE!
  6. I want to see a world conquest as a tribe
  7. This is basically a guide on how to easily conquer the world in 1440
  8. I guess this was a good history lesson, definitely better than most schools teach it.
  9. I am happy.. NOT



  10. Danm.. at this rate you'll have it done by early to mid June
  11. I have A suggestion Łukasz Jakowski I kinda think that when at war on the PC version, there could be a way for players to ally with other nations if those other nations are at war with the same nation you are.
  12. Incorrect, over a thousand people play it at any given moment, and from what I have seen, at least 5,000-10,000 players play it at least once a week.
  13. Who asked for it? Well, it was the many thousands who don't own a computer but own a phone. Also, the many players who play the game want a mobile version so they can play it while out and about. Because this game is fun only because you can actually easily understand the concepts.
  14. Well done amigo... Remember this: Lukasz is literally a single person working on the game, so it can take a long time to add anything, so updates rarely happen. So saying the game is dead is also an understatement, this is because there is over a thousand people playing the game at any moment. Including several decent sized youtube channels that play this game on a regular basis.
  15. Age of Civilizations for PC will most likely, if things continue, get an update by the end of the year, most likely it's just gonna be a scenario.
  16. Still Existing like normal


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