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  1. It's interesting because it is an ideology, it can spread and in this game this can be or not be exclusive of México, u can spread it by send a ultimatum to someone, then annex and then free the vassal, then u got a nation with your ideology. It's interesting atleast for me
  2. I know. The synarchism was exclusive of México and it may be useless, but at my opinion it's interesting
  3. I did this based on Synarchism ideology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Synarchist_Union National Synarchist Union Governments.json Put the crowm_a.png in these folders: Age of Civilizations 2/UI/H/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/XH/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/XXH/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/XXXH/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/XXXXH/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/icons/crowns
  4. I did this ideology based on Mexican Synarquism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Synarchist_Union No flags, just Ideology Governments.json
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