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  1. SortexTV

    Peace Conferance

    to buy a province it is very important to see if it's a core or not, you can buy a province that isn't a core, but noth the core ones, alright there is your answer, you can buy non core provinces but cant buy core provinces, it sucks but its atleast something
  2. Hi im Sortex TV and i made mexico a super economy, 2 million in economy, 0% poorness and super developing, surpassing all of europe in economy and developing in just one country, ive made no wars, columbia declared war on me but i kept offering peace until they accepted, also im playing in a version of the game wich is in 2019 in actual word where NATO and CSTO exist, the CSTO started a world war III lol, ive also made an alliance to make the U.S. not declare a war to me, it is called Axis Defense Alliance or something like that and it's Me (Mexico), China and Brasil, i've also built a wall in
  3. It's interesting because it is an ideology, it can spread and in this game this can be or not be exclusive of México, u can spread it by send a ultimatum to someone, then annex and then free the vassal, then u got a nation with your ideology. It's interesting atleast for me
  4. I know. The synarchism was exclusive of México and it may be useless, but at my opinion it's interesting
  5. I did this based on Synarchism ideology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Synarchist_Union National Synarchist Union Governments.json Put the crowm_a.png in these folders: Age of Civilizations 2/UI/H/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/XH/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/XXH/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/XXXH/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/XXXXH/crownsAge of Civilizations 2/UI/icons/crowns
  6. I did this ideology based on Mexican Synarquism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Synarchist_Union No flags, just Ideology Governments.json
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