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  1. the best thing is to email him directly and if he likes it he will upload it
  2. Hi, I need help on 2 maps, please 1. I am making a new map but its crashing when I go on the map editor https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tl8rr1o7xi75dl/AAAhNmybU8OW7Rr81ANgqDk6a?dl=0 map 2.when I was editing the earth map my province was covered by the original province so I couldn't edit it or create connections, unfortunately, I don't have screenshots thanks
  3. I think Lukasz will implement full modding capabilities with steam workshop
  4. I know have been asking for a lot of help lately but when I have made my new province, the old province still covers over it despite updating the province data so it would show the id but not the borders or connection lines.
  5. yes, i think aoc2 should have an update folder for mods like paradox games
  6. How do you download Bloody Europe II without replacing the main game files
  7. When I exit and reload AoC2, when I load my game, it starts off as a random country in 1440. I tried revalidating files and deleting the saves but it's not working.
  8. If you were in g+, you would know I wanted an aoc2 map which replaced aoc2 provinces of Australia, Africa, and the Americas with eu4 provinces. How can I first transform the eu4 map on the map of the aoc2 map editor and then edit so many provinces?
  9. I updated the game I made a new province on earth I edited the provinces number in config for earth Now my game crashes while loading What did I do wrong? There should be a step by step instructions on how to add or edit a province
  10. There should be in game folders to organise custom civilisations incase you have many
  11. If I edit the map, as in make a new province or edit a province, if the mod structure is wrong it might mess up because other scenarios will have empty gaps and you might want to edit the provinces for only one or more of your scenarios It's a valid question
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