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  1. colt374

    Autosave issue

    HI there, I'd like to report an issue I am encountering regarding saving (PC version) : My current game gets stuck attempting to perform an autosave, and just keeps trying to do an autosave each turn. However the save does not happen, and if I quit back to the menu and attempt to load the game, it shows it has not saved since the last autosave attempt fifty turns previous. As such, I lose a lot of progress when this occurs. Only once did I see an error message appear : It said "Save failed : Device is out of memory." (or words to that effect). I checked my ram usage and found it only about 75% used of 8GB. I re-loaded a couple of times when this happened (three times now on the same games) and found the same issue occurred again after a few more autosaves. This occurred even after rebooting the device. I've zipped up the save directory and attached it here in case it helps. EDIT : I'm trying to persist with the current game but the issue keeps reoccurring every 15-25 minutes after re-loading the last save. I've tried changing the frequency of saving from 50 to 25 to 10 turns, but that didn't help. I also tried the method to increase java's allocated memory using the -Xmx4096M -Xms4096M parameters : first using a batch file to call javaw.exe to start aow2.exe using those parameters, and then by using those parameters as launch options from Steam. Neither of these helped. Also there's another symptom I've noticed that only occurs on the turn that the saving stops working : After successfully conquering a territory, the options to move/recruit/more/moveto no longer appear when clicking on ANY territory. The only way they will appear again is to end the turn. However saving then stop working, and it gets stuck in the loop of trying to save every turn until you reload the last save. BTW reloading the last save does fix the issue, but only until the next time it occurs.... and then you have to reload again. As a workaround, setting the "Turns Between Autosave" to 5 or 10 turns means you don't lose too much. Earth.zip
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