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  1. Wow very cool, gotta play it now.
  2. Nay

    1858 *UPDATE*

  3. Nay

    AD772 V3. Vikings

    I will do, when it is ready - when it's not just a scenario
  4. Nay

    AD772 V3. Vikings

    Nah, I need only one two If I need, It's weird to make people download civs separately.
  5. Nay

    AD772 V3. Vikings

    AD772 V3. Vikings -More Historical Border! -Tribal Celts! It's a custom civ but you dont have to download, It is a just filler. -Three Viking countries! They have special invasion system(WIP) -Inuit Development Lowered! -Conquering->Colonization -No uncolonized land in Ireland -Gwynendd and Powys! -Now Iceland is tribal! THIS MOD ALWAYS PURSUE HISTORICAL ACCURACY AS POSSIBLE AS I CAN YOU CAN GIVE ME HISTORICAL DATA IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING
  6. Editing population number for province in Scenario Editor should be cool. I want to make metropolice and rural area. I know growth rate, but what I want is real population.
  7. Nay

    AD772 V3. Vikings

    V1. 769 Isles Saga V2. AD772 Isles Saga So What's the difference? -Beothuk is Inuit now Because Beothuk culture was formed around AD 1500. -Iceni is Angles now No East Anglia in vanilla civs, So I chose Angles. Iceni was removed because It is ancient civ. -Historical Border Change For Inuits I couldn't get map for Inuits in this period, but I estimated its border with AD900 map. At least It's more accurate than former. -Now civs have 0.25 tech level To make castle+port available. And civs make more money with less population.
  8. AD772 V3. Vikings Experience Early Middle Age -Age Between Savage and Civilization. Now it has some events. It is wip, but don't remove it - it does its job. Scenario file only - you dont need any custom civs or leaders pack. but you can download urban scenery addon if you want. -Scenario File download 1546082250680jchnkszz.zip and right click -and click extract to 1546082250680jchnkszz. Urban Scenery Addon For AD772 How to install -go to game folder/UI/H/ -backup terrain folder in H folder. -go
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